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0203 137 8268
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Responsible Operations
A promise to customers to deliver quality products that needs to be made responsibly at the best possible price is what the Aldi Customer Service is aiming for so that products to be sold are produced with respect for the environment and workers. The Aldi Customer Service is committed to reducing the environmental impact of the business by continually decreasing carbon footprint, maximizing the energy efficiency of the business, reducing the impact of refrigerants to meet the global ideals for green buildings and lessening, reusing and recycling waste materials. As a growing discount retailer company, simplicity, steadiness and accountability have internationally inclined the Aldi to make a difference.

Sourced Products
To source out the products in a sustainable way that protects the environment is the aim of the Aldi Customer Service. The Aldi is working with the suppliers to minimize the resource intensity of the products, such as award-worthy range of Wines with great value with special offers; new released quality Specialbuys at an amazing value every Sunday and Thursday are available online with exclusive offers on different items; range of in Store Groceries and great British suppliers offering unbeatable quality and great value; and totally delicious inspirational main course Recipes for all occasions, so join the experts in the Taste Kitchen online.

Aldi Customer Service

Ways to Contact Aldi
The fastest way to connect to the Aldi Customer Service for your queries is to complete the Contact Form found on the official website of the Aldi at, where you just have to select the type of feedback you need for Online Orders, Product, Store, Careers or Aldi Photo Service. Another way of getting in touch with the Customer Care of the Aldi is to send them a message through their email at [email protected] you may also give Aldi Customer Service a phone call on 0800 042 0800. Customers may also post their mails to Aldi Stores, Holly Lane, Atherstone, Warwickshire CV9 2SQ.

Tips to Add up
You have to know the availability of the Aldi Customer Service for your convenience in calling the representatives, their lines are open from Monday to Saturday at 8am to 9pm and on Sundays at 9am to 7pm. please note that the Aldi Customer Service may monitor or record your calls to help them deliver the best possible service. Customers may also follow the Aldi through Social Media via Facebook and Twitter. For other links to get assistance from the Aldi, you may check out the Customer Service page of the Aldi located on the official website and to find the nearest branches, you may use the Store Finder page.

Aldi Complaints

Aldi Email: [email protected]
Aldi Full Address: 286 Euston Road, London, NW1 3DP, UK
Contact: Aldi Official

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Aldi Customer Service

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4 comments on “Aldi Customer Service

  1. Frederick Styles says:

    on 24 June, 10.00am bought a Workzone cordless screwdriver from your store in Margate, Kent. When I got home I opened the ‘sealed’ packaging, to find there was no charger included. the store had sold out so unable to replace. Have tried various ways to e-mail Workzone, with no success. I would be grateful if you could forward to me the charger.

  2. albert henry says:

    I sent a letter accompanied by some photographs getting on for two week ago this was at your request and the photographs were of some racer bars these bars were showing some racer bars that had been contaminated with some unknown white powder like substance. You did ask me to send it back on the understanding you would write and inform me as to what this actually was I am still waiting for a report!I am hoping that you would be so kind as to what the substance was. This letter was to jog your memory as it were I await your response.

  3. Bharat Pancholi says:

    I bought couple of bottles of “UNIQUE STYLE” Eau de Toilette for men in your Leicester store. Please is it still available from your outlet ? If yes , may I order six bottles. please advise. Thanking you.

  4. Derek Wilkes says:

    March 25, 2018 at 1:12 pm
    Dear Sir/ Madam
    I am writing to complain about the large chickens you retail, withing the space of one week I have purchased two large chickens, one Saturday 17 March and another one Friday 23 March. These two chickens appeared to be fresh when cooked on the day of purchase, all the chicken was not eaten the day of cooking yet on the following day they had gone off, this has now happened both times and I am not satisfied. There was a programme on TV some weeks ago highlighting the company in LEICESTER that supplies your chickens and in that programme it pointed out that chickens that were returned were being repacked and relabelled as fresh chickens, I can understand this happening once but not twice, may I suggest that you either oversee the production or change supplier because to me it is obvious that this practice is still being carried out by that company, as of now I won’t be purchasing any further supposedly fresh chickens from your store in Pemberton, WIgan. Previously I have had no problems until now and for this to occur on two occasions is unacceptable.I look forward to hearing from you in due course. Thank You
    Derek Wilkes
    21 Martindale Crescent