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About the ASDA
ASDA Stores Limited is an American-owned market retailer online that is headquartered in ASDA house, South Bank, Leeds, West Yorkshire, England, founded by J.W Hindell and its founding members, Peter and Fred Asquith. The company became a subsidiary of the Walmart. In February 19, 1949, the ASDA Customer Service was founded, having 621 locations as of January 31, 2016 and 180,000 people are employed. The management is composed of Andy Clarke, who is the President and the Chief Executive Officer, Alex Russo, who is the CFO, Hayley Tatum, who is the SVP – People, Glenn Bowles, who is the SVP – Retail.

Products and Services
Besides its main supermarket retail format, the company also deals a number of other products, including are the financial services and a mobile phone business using the existing network of EE. Customers may go shopping online with the ASDA , Groceries and George. News & Blogs are also found on the webpage for the ASDA’s updates and promotions. Help & ASDA Customer Services online are also provided via the official website of the ASDA. It is an advantage for busy working parents and plain housewives to have a grocery delivered to your house. Saving promotions are extended to customers, such as the ASDA Price Guarantee, Click & Collect and ASDA Delivery Pass.

Asda branch

Contacting the ASDA
For feedbacks, questions and concerns regarding the products and services offered by the ASDA Customer Service, you may keep in touch with the ASDA helpline through their phone number at 0330 777 1804 especially for ASDA Call Time Customer Services and for the ASDA Groceries, you may call the phone number 0800 952 6060. The best way to keep in touch with the ASDA Customer Service is by checking out the variety of options to choose from when it comes to the help and assistance that the ASDA Customer Service have for the customers, and the official website that you must find is

Tips to ASDA Customers
Telephone Services provided by the Customer Care of the ASDA Call Time is always ready to help and their line is available from Monday to Sunday at 8am to 6pm and for the ASDA Groceries, you have to be aware that the Customer Care is available from Monday to Sunday at 7:30am to 10:30pm. Customers who would like to find the nearest shops around them must check the ASDA store locator page that is found on the website of the ASDA Customer Service. Customers are lucky enough to have a Help Page found on the ASDA website that contains all the help that you need.

Asda Complaints

Asda Full Address: 20 Rothes Dr,Glasgow, Glasgow City G23 5EZ, UK
Contact: Asda Official

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Asda Customer Service

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2 comments on “Asda Customer Service

  1. Mr. Vincent O'Hamara says:

    I have been banned from your Asda shop in Mitcham, Surrey CR4 for something as innocuous as refusing to push back an empty melon basket outside. The empty basket was one of the two empty melon baskets in front. It was slightly separated from the other three baskets certainly to enable access to the two other baskets behind which still contain melons.I used that small access to pick two melons from the two baskets behind. Your young black security officer commanded me to push the basket back together with the others. I refused and told him that I found it that way because he was so impolite. He confronted me, pushed me and endeavoured to take my trolley from me but I held unto my trolley and told him “son don’t put your hands on me again”. He then asked me to leave the shop but I refused.So he said that I won’t be allowed to pay for my shopping and instructed the Tills accordingly. He followed me around whilst shopping and at the end my shopping (more than £100 worth of shopping) followed me to the Till, commanded the young Lady at the Till not to serve me and to close her Till. She did exactly as commanded. I was very mortified and called the Police for advise. The Police advised me to leave the shop and make a civil complaint and/or contact a Solicitor if I want. However I think it is more appropriate to complain the Office first. Before contacting the Police I did ask if I could speak to the Shop manager but no one responded to me. And I could not see the ID of the security Officer in question.

    I am 50 years old, married with four children the eldest being 17 years. An Economics graduate of the University of London. I spent not less £500 every month shopping at Asda because it is my favourite shop.Usually I shop at your supermarket at Beddington lane, Croydon, surrey and I they can attest to my good character. Occasionally I shop in Mitcham because my Office is located there.

    This incident took place on Thursday 8/9/16 at 19:11 and the case reference from the Police is CHS35515.

  2. Lesley Gaff says:

    I waited half an hour for click and collect at leith store today that’s after going to customer service desk twice
    Not good service at all