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020 7756 1000
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The ASOS Story
In 1999, ASOS Customer Service started, when the founders, namely, Quentin Griffiths and Nick Robertson brought out the idea of establishing an online business, where customers could find the wardrobes or accessories they had been seeing from the celebrities. So, they registered the website named in 1999, which was launched in 2000 and later on bought a new domain called, to make it shorter, then later in 2001 followed. From 2002, the name ASOS as a brand name was used. In 2003, the AsSeenOnScreen Holdings PLC was changed to ASOS PLC and the AsSeenOnScreen Limited to Limited.

Fashion Destination
Customers may shop from the ASOS Customer Service, having the best 850 women and men’s brands and that includes the own label of the ASOS for men and women. Aside from that, you may also get your daily fix of the newest style, celebrity and music news. You may also follow the ASOS Insider for shopping edits and advice designed for you. Shop directly from your favorite independent labels and vintage boutiques. ASOS as an international fashion destination are selling a new style of fashion and an assorted items of fashion-related products, making the ASOS the center of the fashion community.

Connecting to the Customer Service
The best way of getting in touch with the ASOS Customer Service is by reaching them online through their official website at, which you may find available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. It is through their website, where you can get some answers on their Help page or ask the ASOS Customer Service your questions, you just have to fill out the form provided and send it. The Social media is another way of letting the ASOS know about your complaints and general enquiries. You may catch up with the ASOS via Twitter and Facebook.

ASOS Customer Service

Important Information
You might be thinking about calling the helplines of the ASOS Customer Service to find answers to your questions, but you can’t do that on the phone because the ASOS does not have a call centre, so unfortunately it is impossible for customers to reach them out via phone calls, but if you wish to talk to them, you have to let them know and they will be calling you. The ASOS Customer Service can only be connected with their customers online and that is through their official website using the Live Chat, Ask a Question link, Facebook and Twitter.

ASOS Refund

To get more information about how to get ASOS refund you should: Claim ASOS refund.

ASOS Complaints

Contact: ASOS Official

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ASOS Customer Service

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