Barclays Customer Service

Phone Number

0800 282 390
UK Operation Hours
7:00AM - 11:00PM

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History of the Barclays
On November 17, 1690, in London, England, the Barclays was founded as a goldsmith banking firm and James Barclay became a business partner in 1736 and later stretched as a nationwide bank. In 1995, the Barclays were the first financial establishment to launch multiple websites. They introduced transactions via online banking and created PINsentry in 2007. Barclays’s launched their mobile banking application in 2009 and launched Pingit in 2011. The Barclays Customer Service still continue to innovate, investigate and experiment to redefine around 37 million customers, under the management of John McFarlene, Chairman; Jes Staley, Group Chief Executive Officer; and Tushar Morzaria, Group Finance Director.

Products and Services
The main products of the Barclays Customer Service focus on Retail Banking; Commercial Banking; Investment Banking, which provides financial advisory, capital raising, financing and risk management; and the Investment Management. Banking services of the Barclays cover everything across the globe from the credit cards to Personal Banking, exclusive Premier Banking, Business Banking and Corporate Banking. Other products of the Barclays Customer Service are Cashback and Saving Offers, Mobile Banking Application, Online Banking, Travel Insurance, Home Insurance, Life Insurance, International Banking, Current Accounts, Savings Accounts, Investments, Loans, Estates and Bereavement, Mortgages, Premier, Savings, Barclaycard, Pingit, Rewards and Internet advice from a Digital Eagle.

Barclays Bank

Contacting the Barclays
There are various ways on how a customer can get in touch with the Customer Care of the Barclays Customer Service. One way of learning about the Barclays products, offers and services, is by simply visiting or logging on to the official website of the Barclays at, where you can find all the possible links regarding your questions and it is also where you can get simple steps about how you are going to manage your worries, but if you need assistance about stolen or lost cards, you may then call the Barclays Customer Service phone number 03459454545 and if you are calling from abroad, dial +441928584421. For your complaints, you may dial 0800282390 from a UK landline, 03332002196 from a UK mobile and from abroad, call +44(0)2071167488.

Tips to Customers
You will not have worries in calling the Barclays Customer Service because the helpline is always open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, so you may call the team of the Customer Care at the most convenient time for you and be reminded that calls are recorded. If you are looking for the nearest branch of the Barclays Bank or an ATM, you may simply go to their official website, and then go to the Branch Finder Page for you to get the location that you need. Through the Twitter, you may also send the Barclays a question.

Barclays Complaints

Barclays Full Address: 133 High St, Dunfermline, Fife KY12 7DR, UK
Contact: Barclays Official

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Barclays Customer Service

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  1. natalia says:

    if there is a possibility of talks with the customer service center in Polish?

  2. william r. gelling jr says:

    I am very upset at your card company..I have always paid more on my credit card and was never late..Then you decided to cancel my card because of my credit rating..I guess paying it every month means nothing to you..Sorry I am going threw credit counseling..But i thought i would keep up your card..Then you cancelled me..So tell me why I should pay you?..Treating people like you did is wrong..I am on social security disability now and paying this card every month.Why should i even pay it now..