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0344 892 8979
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Company Facts
In 1886, Robert Bosch founded a workshop for Precision Mechanics and Electrical Engineering and that was the birth of Bosch. From the very beginning, the Bosch history has been categorized by advanced determination and social commitment. Essential capabilities in automotive and industrial technologies as well as products and services for professional use are the emphasis of the Bosch Customer Service. As a prominent technology and services company, in 2015, Bosch has £70,600 million sales revenue, 80 shares outside Germany as percent, 375,000 number of associates, 132,000 located in Germany, 243,000 located outside Germany, £6,300 million Research and Development cost and profit after tax.

Products and Services
Auto parts and accessories, Bosch Car Service, Classic cars, eBike systems, Engineering services, Mobility Solutions, Workshop World, Garden Tools, Heating & Hot Water, Household Appliances, Power Tools for DIY enthusiasts, Business Process Outsourcing Solutions, Customer interaction and services consulting, Drive and Control technology, Energy Services, Large thermal plants & system solutions, Packaging Technology, Power Tools for professionals, Security Solutions, Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions are the wide selection of products and services provided by the Bosch Customer Service in the United Kingdom. Mobility, Home Tools, Industry and Trade Services and Solutions, and the Software Solutions are what to expect with Bosch Customer Service.

Bosch Customer Service

Get in touch with Bosch
For your issues, questions, requests or suggestions regarding the Bosch services, the Bosch Customer Service is looking forward to your call and they will be pleased to assist you. You may contact the Customer Care of Bosch by calling their phone number at 0344 892 0115. Customers may also send a message by completing the Email form provided on the Contact Us page on the official website for the Bosch Customer Service at if you wish to write the Bosch a letter, you may post your mails at Robert Bosch Ltd., PO Box 98, Uxbridge, UB9 5HN, United Kingdom.

Additional Information
Please be informed that your calls to the Bosch Customer Service will be charged at local rates and the charges may vary depending on your phone network service provider. The helpline of the Bosch Customer Service is open any time of any day. You may also follow the activities of the Bosch by joining the growing Bosch community on the social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. If you would like to know more about the products and services of the Bosch, all you have to do is go online and browse their official website to satisfy your curiosity.

Bosch Complaints

Contact: Bosch Official

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Bosch Customer Service

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7 comments on “Bosch Customer Service

  1. sarah Parkman says:

    I have just had the Bosch BID630N.1A warming drawer delivered and would like to know if I can put the single oven straight on top of the drawer or if it needed a shelf/support fitted between. They are both integral in a cupboard at eye leve.

  2. Joan Pritchard says:

    Having problems with my food processor. The power is working ok. Blender is working. However as soon as I attach the whisk to try to make cakes, nothing happens.. Could you help me with this problem please.

  3. Lionel Johnson says:

    Further to my email dated 4th February and completed form requesting a Shelf for my newly bought Bosch Fridge Freezer. I was delighted to receive without notification the Shelf Free of Charge. Thank you very much for actioning my request so promptly.
    Our existing cooker hob has lost its personal Touch Control, so we must use a covered finger to operate it.I have been told it would be cheaper to buy a new one than have it repaired. I will be looking soon to replace it with a Bosch Touch Control Hob.
    Your excellent service in supplying the additional Fridge Shelf was First Class.
    Best Wishes, Lionel Johnson

  4. Alan Keane says:

    Hi I have tried to contact your customer services twice but having great difficulty no response. Yesterday my Bosch iron a sensixx x DA50 edition rosso set alight kitchen and there was black smoke filling the kitchen. This was scary and very dangerous as it just caught fire no warning or NOTHIBG then

  5. Alan Keane says:

    Yesterday my iron a sensixx DA50 caught fire and filled my kitchen with black thick.smoke. this was dangerous as Then it blew up WHUCH was very dangerous. The iron was on fire as I had to unplug it and take it out in the garden. This was a very scary and frightening thing can you advise. I

  6. jackie says:

    Good afternoon, I wonder if you could help me with the following query. Can you please explain how to get a HAND WASH on my new bosch washing machine.WAN28050GB/23 as once you turn the dial all information disappears. I am really pleased with this machine and it lives up to all expectations. Thank you J.Flower

  7. sandra says:

    Hello I’m looking for some advice please.
    For a number of years I have had an integrated Bosch Microwave Model HBC84E653B.
    As you will know this has the appearance of an oven with shelf and grill/meat/ cooking tin. It can also be used as a microwave. I have been very pleased with this appliance. Unfortunately it has broken and cannot be repaired so I am looking for a replacement. I understand that particular model is no longer available. Could you please advise me which appliance currently manufactured by Bosch is the closest replacement in terms of size, functions and appearance.
    Many thanks