Capital One Customer service

Phone Number

03444 812 812
UK Operation Hours
24/7 Availability

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The Ambition
The mission of the Capital One is modest, and that is to bring straightforward and civilization to banking. The existence of the Capital One Customer Service aims to help the customers succeed with the instinctive tools, products and services, where the customers can feel that they are confident enough about their financial future and have to live a life that they want to. Since the Capital One started opening their quarters in 1996, they had been in the top ten card issuers. In 2015, the Capital One became the first card issuer to gain a four star rating from the Fairbanking for their Classic and Balance Plus credit cards.

The Card in your Corner
Before a customer start having a card, the Capital One Customer Service needs to make sure that he is eligible to have a card issued by the Capital One and to which type of Card is the customer eligible to have for. The Classic Credit Card is the most popular credit card builder with over 4 million people accepted. The Capital One Customer Service believes that they can find the right card for the right person and that is what the Capital One team would like to do as a help to their customers. They give advices on what to do, especially if you would like to know about bad credit and on how you are going to build your credit rating.

Capital One Customer service

Connect by phone
Customers who have queries and needs to call the Capital One Customer Service may dial 03444 812 812 or, about general accounts and reporting fraud or problems with a transaction; 03444 814 000 for online accounts, to report a card lost or stolen, dial 0800 952 5267; 0800 952 4966, if you are struggling with payments and need help; 0800 952 5252 for existing applications; 0800 952 5068 for extra cardholders; for customers who are calling outside the United Kingdom, you may contact +44 115 993 8002 for your enquiries; and for customers with disabilities, call 0344 481 4814 for support.

For Your Information
All customers must be aware about the availability of the Capital One Customer Service lines, so that it will be sure that they can connect to the Capital One for their queries. The lines for the General accounts, Online Accounts, Lost and Stolen Cards and Fraud or Transaction problems are open 24 hours a day. For the payment assistance, the lines of the Capital One Customer Service are open from Monday to Friday at 8am to 9pm and on Saturdays and Sundays at 9am to 6pm. Existing applications and Extra cardholder lines are open from Monday to Friday at 9am to 5pm.

Capital One Complaints

Capital One Full Address: P.O. Box 5283, Nottingham, NG2 9HD, UK
Contact: Capital One Official

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Capital One Customer service

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4 comments on “Capital One Customer service

  1. Carole Joyce spring says:

    Customer service is appalling, they try to ring you in the evening, or dawn o’clock to talk absolutely rubbish. It would help if they could provide you with the correct information to begin with.

  2. ruth mackay says:

    I am enquiring about a remittance cheque I received from you regarding ppi, I contacted you mid sept as the cheque was in my maiden name of Jones, my surname is now Mackay. I had a phone call mid sept (2017) saying I would be sent another cheque in my married name, as of today I have not received anything.
    The card involved was cancelled and has been out of use for approx 13 years so I do not have an account number.
    All I can provide is
    Yours sincerely
    R W Mackay

  3. michael carter says:

    I cannot gain access to my online
    account.I am trying to arrange my direct debit. I have telephoned and I have tried online without success.
    My password is not accepted and I find myself asked to repeat the signing in process again and again.
    Please help.

    Michael Carter.

  4. gary glaysher says:

    hello can you please help I trying to make a payment and I cant get on my page all I get is a white blank page and I also want to check if u received my £100 last week and I would like to make another payment can you please tell me why I cant get on to my page I been seriously ill in hospital so today I home but can not get on my page to make regular payments can you please help thank you