Disney Customer Service

Phone Number

+44 (0)800 014 9648
UK Operation Hours
Monday-Friday: 08:00AM - 07:00PM
Saturday: 10:00AM - 03:00PM
Sunday: 11:00AM - 04:00PM

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The Disney site is owned and operated by the Walt Disney Company Limited that is registered in England and Wales. With the leadership team that copes with the world’s largest media company and the dreamers after the most respected brands, the Walt Disney Company stick to the mission to be one of the leading creators and suppliers of entertainment and information in the world. Using the collection of the Disney Customer Service brands to differentiate their content, services and customer products, the Disney seek to develop the most creative, advanced and profitable entertainment experiences and related products in the whole world.

Variety of Choices
A TV site that includes Disney Channels, recommended Games and Apps that are free online games to play, Collection of Videos, DisneyLife, Movies to relax with where you can watch videos and trailers and then book tickets online, Competitions, Disney Store with various Disney stuffed toys and characters, Holidays to Disneyland and resort, Disney Live Show and Musical Events, Disney Favourite Characters Collection, Disney Baby, Disney Inspired, Disney Create and a DisneyLife where you can watch unlimited video streaming are your categories to choose from that are offered by the Disney Customer Service. So, start joining the magic and enjoy.


Connecting to Disney
Kids and customers who needs help and assistance must ask their parents to connect with the Disney Customer Service for their queries by sending a message through their email address at [email protected] For the widest choices of products offered by the Disney Customer Service, feel free to visit and browse them on their official website at disney.co.uk/. Customers who need some help from the Disney Customer Care with their enquiries regarding the DisneyStore may contact the Disney helpline at +44 (0) 800 014 9648 or send them a message through their email address at [email protected] Customers are also welcomed to visit their local stores for general enquiries.

More to Know
If you would like to write the Disney Customer Service of the DisneyStore, you may post your mails at The Disney Store, Ltd., Guest Services, Mail Code 2922, 3 Queen Caroline Street, London, W6 9PE. The Guest Service Centres of the Disney Customer Service for the DisneyStore are open from Monday to Friday at 8am to 7pm, on Saturdays at 10am to 3pm and on Sundays at 11am to 4pm, excluding Bank Holidays and Public Holidays. You will receive responses to your emails at the DisneyStore within 24 hours, so you may send them your emails at any time of the day.

Disney Store

Disney Complaints

Disney Full Address: Mail Code 2922, 3 Queen Caroline Street, London, W6 9PE
Contact: Disney Official

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Disney Customer Service

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7 comments on “Disney Customer Service

  1. Richard Bertram says:

    On 4th Jaunuary we sent back by signed for post a TOY STORY swim bag that was corroded and faulty and whichwas bought at your Euro Disnet store as aChristmas present
    We are still awating acknowledgement of the receipt of the item which has been signed as received by yourselves
    Could you ples check the progress and we look forward to replacemnt item


    Richard Bertram
    8 The Warens
    Frinton On Sea

  2. marg billingham says:

    Can you please confirm that I have registered correctly with the Disney channel on my fire stick. amazon says it has nothing to do with hem.

  3. Sandra reilly says:

    Hi we were wondering if you would be kind enough to give us a small donation for a raffle for Glasgow sick kids hospital as we are raising funds for the cancer ward as my little granddaughter has neuroblastoma cancer and we want to give something back to the hospital for all their treatments and support in this difficult time we have official letter for fund raising if you would want to see it any little thing would be most appreciated yours sincerely Sandra reilly

  4. Delia searle says:

    Hi, further to our telephone conversation on the 25th November in which I should send you pictures of four cups that I purchased. I. Tried to send you the photos with the emails address you gave me which was guest services @ Disney store.co.uk but unfortunately I have had an email saying it could not be delivered.I wonder if you have another way which I could send these photos to you. Yours faithfully,Mrs Delia Searle.

  5. Mrs Horley says:

    Hi please could you tell me if orders from Black Friday will be delivered by Christmas my grandsons. toy box still hasn’t arrived

  6. Paul syer says:

    I own Star Wars films on video DVD Blu-ray and I pay for Disney life why is it they are not on I don’t understand why it’s supposed to be streaming service for Disney why isn’t every think you own on it what’s the point of me paying you now own LucasArts Touchstone and many other film franchises including Marvel why aren’t they on their

  7. Jenny Arnold says:

    My self and my family will be visiting Disneyworld Florida later in the year. Included in the package was free Disney Quick Service dining. Can you tell me if we will be entitled to one or two snacks per day? I have looked at different brochures and sites and have found differing information.