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When you have income, you pay your tax and that is called an Income Tax, but not all types of income are paid. When do you pay taxes? You pay tax on things such as money earned from employment, profits made from self-employed jobs, some state benefits, pensions, interests on bonds, rental income, benefits from a job, trust income and dividends from company shares. You do not pay taxes on income from tax-exempt accounts, some state benefits, premium bonds or lottery and the first 4,250 rentals coming from your lodger at home. When dealing about the taxes, the ESA TAX Customer Service is always mentioned.

State Benefits
There are state benefits that are taxable and those benefits include the State, War Widow’s and Widow’s Pension; Jobseeker’s, Carer’s, contributed Employment and Support Allowance so ask for ESA TAX Customer Service, Bereavement and Widowed Parent’s Allowance; Incapacity and Industrial Death Benefit. There are state benefits that are tax-free and included are the Housing, Industrial Injuries and Child Benefit; Disability Living, Guardian’s Attendance, Maternity, Severe Disablement, Young Person’s Bridging and Employment and Support Allowance from income; Income Support; Working Tax, Pension, Universal and Child Tax Credit; Winter Fuel Payments and Christmas Bonus; free TV license for over – 75s, lump-sum bereavement payments.


Income Tax Assistance
If you need more information about the ESA TAX Customer Service, you may refer to the official website of the ESA TAX Customer Service at For general enquiries regarding your Income Tax, you may connect to the phone number 0300 200 3300, textphone number 0300 200 3319 and if you are outside the United Kingdom, you may call +44 135 535 9022. Calling time of the helpline is open from Monday to Friday at 8am to 8pm and on Saturdays at 8am to 4pm. You may also write your queries and post them at Pay As You Earn and Self Assessment, HM Revenue and Customs, BX9 1AS, United Kingdom.

Information for Tax Payers
People who are paying taxes must know that they have to be a responsible citizen. When it comes to paying their taxes, read about the ESA TAX Customer Service and how people are paying through Pay As You Earn system, you have to be mindful about the National Insurance and your tax code so that you will know if your employer is deducting the right amount. You must also study about the Self Assessment tax returns regarding your financial affairs and seek for the ESA TAX Customer Service. You must be conscious that interest on savings and investments are automatically taxed. You must also know when your income, pension or wage is taxed or untaxed.


ESA TAX CREDIT Full Address: 199 Roundhay Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS8 5AN, United Kingdom
Contact: ESA TAX CREDIT Official

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