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Expedia, Inc. is an American-based parent company and is one of the leading ravel companies of several global extensive travel brands including one of the most trusted online travel brands, which is the Expedia.com, which was established by Richard Barton in 1996 in Redmond, Washington, United States. The Expedia Customer Service was headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, United States under the management of Dara Khosrowshahi, the Chief Executive Officer of the Expedia. The Expedia is globally present, having more than 200 travel booking sites in over 75 countries, over 150 mobile websites in nearly 70 countries and 35 languages with over 18,000 employees.

Global Experience
With the Expedia Customer Service, you can search for over a million flights, hotels, deals and different packages available in the most popular destinations in the United Kingdom, Ireland and around the world. You can secure an incredible value with the Expedia’s best price guarantee. Collect valuable Nectar points when booking with Expedia to redeem and exchange. Expedia makes it easy to book cheap flights, so simply choose your preferred dates and airline to find the cheapest flight available in thousands of destinations throughout the world. You can also find excellent last minute deals to luxury all-inclusive holidays to different countries.

Expedia Customer Service

Need help
After reading the helpful information on the Support page found on the official website of the Expedia Customer Service at https://www.expedia.co.uk/, for your Flight booking, Hotels, Flight + Hotel, Car, things to Do, Loyalty Programmes, Your Experiences, Travel Alerts, and Other inquiries, you may give Expedia a call through their helpline numbers at 020 3788 0445 or +44 20 3024 8211 from abroad, and +44 203 684 2910 for your pre-trip and mid-trip complaints. For your post-trip complaints, you must send an email to the Expedia Customer Service, where the form is also provided on the Support page of their official website.

Did you know?
Please be aware that charges will be applied from the calls outside the United Kingdom. If you are looking for help from the Support page of the Expedia Customer Service online, some helpful related information may be suggested for you to read. Every question that you have in mind and all your worries can have clarifications by simply checking out the Customer Service page of their official website because tips are already provided for your information and from there alone you will know what to do. If still, you find it complicated to follow and understand, then it is a must for you to call the lines of the Expedia Customer Service.

Expedia Complaints

Contact: Expedia Official

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Expedia Customer Service
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3 comments on “Expedia Customer Service

  1. francine whittaker says:

    Hi. I made a booking on Sunday evening and was shocked to be charged £18.50 for using my debit card. Under new rules airlines can only reflect the actual cost to the retailer of processing the card transaction. This should have been around £8.00 as the booking was for £1,596.01 (total price including your fee). I have been in touch with my bank and also my debit card helpline who suggested I contact you. I think this is a shocking amount to charge me and have never ever been charged for using my debit card. I tried calling you but gave up after 10 minutes. Please reply asap. Also, I put my NESCTAR card details into the relevant box during the booking process, but the number was not accepted. I would be grateful if you can sort both these things out for me promptly. I will give you my booking details upon receipt of your reply. Thanks

  2. dan spott says:

    Booked room but you system changed dates. I booked for 10th Oct. using your calender and for some reason it came out as 28th.. Now talked to my phone provider and he said ee system was hacked today and that may have been part of the problem. I attempted to cancel but system would not let me in to use then told me I do not exist now would not work at all. Help.. Will not even be in the UK after 23rd of October.

  3. Sara Readman says:

    Bookings #7307385659071 and #7305201352582
    Trips to Brussels from 8th to 11th December for Rod & Sarah Ulrich (first reference) Pete 7 Sara Readman and Chris & Dawn Mckee on second reference.

    Flight home BRU to LHR cancelled on 11th Dec due to weather conditions. Alternative flight given 10.00 on 13th December. Did not accept and did nothing such as checking in. Have got home by train. Now try to cancel flight and have had no luck. Will apply for compensation later.

    Note – going through your booking system it says that alternative flight given was 7.45 from Brussels on 13th Dec but BA app gave 10.00 flight out of BRU

    Sara Readman