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001 650 543 4800
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Monday-Friday: 9:00AM - 5:00PM

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Facebook Moments
Mark Zuckerberg and classmates namely, Andrew McCollum, Chris Hughes and Dustin Moskovitz; gave way to the birth of the most popular social network website, called Thefacebook, but today it is already called Facebook. It started when the team launched Facemash, which was shut down by Harvard executives for violating the law. Later on, Zuckerberg started writing the code for Thefacebook, which was launched on February 4, 2004 and users extremely grew fast. In 2005, Facebook gave the users an unlimited storage for uploading photos. News Feed was launched in 2006 and then in 2007, developers got their Facebook platform. Finally, Facebook Customer service goes public in 2012.

Features of Facebook
The Facebook Customer Service has various services or features that made it one of the most used social media sites. Photos are the most widely used features of Facebook that made Instagram gain money. Another feature is the News Feed in your walls. Clicking the Like button of the photos, comments or any posts. The Facebook Messenger that serves as a chats platform. Other features are Relationship Status, the Turn off Push Notifications, Embed-in-Post, Social Plug-ins, Timeline and the Events. Some of the updated features are the Live Video, Professional Services, Facebook at Work, Improved Search, Uber or Lyft Integration, Shopping Tab, Instant Articles Non-profit crowdfunding and the Music Stories.


How to keep in touch with the Customer Service?
No emails for you to send messages and no phone numbers to call. All you have to do to keep in touch with the Facebook Customer Service is to login to your Facebook accounts and visit the Help Pages available on www.facebook.com. Everything that you need to know about the Login & Password, Getting Started with Facebook, Managing your Account, Privacy, Security, News Feed, Sharing, Messaging, Connecting, pages, Ads, Facebook Mobile, Popular Features, Report Something, Safety Tools & Resources, Apps, Games & Payments, Profile & Timeline, Other Help Centers and Help Community are all found on the Help Center page of the Facebook Customer Service website.

A must for Facebook Users to know
You might want to know if the Facebook Customer Service has a phone number to contact for any issue regarding the use of your Facebook, especially if there is something wrong with the features. For the information of every Facebook user, please be informed that the Facebook do not have a phone number to call and they does not have an email address for the users. If a Facebook user needs to complain or needs an answer for a particular question, the Facebook user must learn how to use the Desktop Help or read the topics from the Help Community Page.

Facebook Complaints

Facebook Full Address: 10 Brock St, Kings Cross, London NW1 3FG, United Kingdom
Contact: Facebook Official

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Facebook Customer Service

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4 comments on “Facebook Customer Service

  1. chris swanston says:

    hi my name is Chris and I am trying to access my facebook page.
    I keep been told to get a code and then when I do it tells me to do a new password which I do but still can not get onto my facebook page.
    can you please tell me why this is happening and why are you wanting driving licence birth certificate and bank statement.
    Thank you

  2. Becky Peare says:

    I wish to report a business which is advertising catering online when they are a scam & have taken money from us/ not given us the service they claim they can offer. Please can you report this business so other people aren’t scammed as we were. Please advise if you require further information. The business name is Katie’s kitchen. Many thanks Becky

  3. mark webber says:

    I have certain friends on notifications to when they do a status update I have checked and they still have the notifications ticked but I’m still not getting and notifications can you help me please.

  4. graeme williams says:

    i tried to purchase coins to play bubble co co the payments of £7,55 +7.55+7.53 a total of £22.63 which has been taken from my account but I have no coins added to the game please refund my bank account the money which I have paid in good faith