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001 650 543 4800
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Monday-Friday: 9:00AM - 5:00PM

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Facebook Moments
Mark Zuckerberg and classmates namely, Andrew McCollum, Chris Hughes and Dustin Moskovitz; gave way to the birth of the most popular social network website, called Thefacebook, but today it is already called Facebook. It started when the team launched Facemash, which was shut down by Harvard executives for violating the law. Later on, Zuckerberg started writing the code for Thefacebook, which was launched on February 4, 2004 and users extremely grew fast. In 2005, Facebook gave the users an unlimited storage for uploading photos. News Feed was launched in 2006 and then in 2007, developers got their Facebook platform. Finally, Facebook Customer service goes public in 2012.

Features of Facebook
The Facebook Customer Service has various services or features that made it one of the most used social media sites. Photos are the most widely used features of Facebook that made Instagram gain money. Another feature is the News Feed in your walls. Clicking the Like button of the photos, comments or any posts. The Facebook Messenger that serves as a chats platform. Other features are Relationship Status, the Turn off Push Notifications, Embed-in-Post, Social Plug-ins, Timeline and the Events. Some of the updated features are the Live Video, Professional Services, Facebook at Work, Improved Search, Uber or Lyft Integration, Shopping Tab, Instant Articles Non-profit crowdfunding and the Music Stories.


How to keep in touch with the Customer Service?
No emails for you to send messages and no phone numbers to call. All you have to do to keep in touch with the Facebook Customer Service is to login to your Facebook accounts and visit the Help Pages available on www.facebook.com. Everything that you need to know about the Login & Password, Getting Started with Facebook, Managing your Account, Privacy, Security, News Feed, Sharing, Messaging, Connecting, pages, Ads, Facebook Mobile, Popular Features, Report Something, Safety Tools & Resources, Apps, Games & Payments, Profile & Timeline, Other Help Centers and Help Community are all found on the Help Center page of the Facebook Customer Service website.

A must for Facebook Users to know
You might want to know if the Facebook Customer Service has a phone number to contact for any issue regarding the use of your Facebook, especially if there is something wrong with the features. For the information of every Facebook user, please be informed that the Facebook do not have a phone number to call and they does not have an email address for the users. If a Facebook user needs to complain or needs an answer for a particular question, the Facebook user must learn how to use the Desktop Help or read the topics from the Help Community Page.

Facebook Complaints

Facebook Full Address: 10 Brock St, Kings Cross, London NW1 3FG, United Kingdom
Contact: Facebook Official

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Facebook Customer Service

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18 comments on “Facebook Customer Service

  1. chris swanston says:

    hi my name is Chris and I am trying to access my facebook page.
    I keep been told to get a code and then when I do it tells me to do a new password which I do but still can not get onto my facebook page.
    can you please tell me why this is happening and why are you wanting driving licence birth certificate and bank statement.
    Thank you

  2. Gail Crowe says:

    Good Morning

    I was approached on Messenger by a gentlemen; who I naively befriended. We were chatting then moved over to Whatsapp everything was fine and chatting was great and felt a connection (although in my head was telling myself too good to be true) then yesterday I got a message asking me to take receipt of money into my bank account and then transfer money via international transfer. Alarm bells are now ringing and not sure whether someone has hacked an account or set up a false account.
    Can you please advise as dont want this happening to anyone else.I have blocked the account.

  3. Becky Peare says:

    I wish to report a business which is advertising catering online when they are a scam & have taken money from us/ not given us the service they claim they can offer. Please can you report this business so other people aren’t scammed as we were. Please advise if you require further information. The business name is Katie’s kitchen. Many thanks Becky

  4. mark webber says:

    I have certain friends on notifications to when they do a status update I have checked and they still have the notifications ticked but I’m still not getting and notifications can you help me please.

  5. Jacqi westerman blackmore says:

    Hi- My dad passed away in April this year and I used to manage his facebook account for him but i have forgotten the password i changed it about four years ago – he had parkinson’s and dementia and i used to make sure that his account was running smoothly . I’d just like to keep an eye on it again but like say i have forgotten the password i used . Can you help me get back into it – the problem also is that i used to manage his hotmail account and can’t remember the password to that either so no use sending a code to it i can’t access it . i can prove he is my dad and could even get a copy of his death certificate along with my id if needs be .

  6. Thania Martinez says:

    In home we h vae a problem . My partner posted something form his memories, person No1 did coment, was not nice one, my partner reply that and clarify things, subsecuently I posted my opinion and person No 1 turn nasty, the things got ugly then. My partner wanted to see the whole conversating but it is not there!! how come??? Person No 1 can only delete her intervention but not the whole thing , is it because has been reported or somenthing ???

  7. graeme williams says:

    i tried to purchase coins to play bubble co co the payments of £7,55 +7.55+7.53 a total of £22.63 which has been taken from my account but I have no coins added to the game please refund my bank account the money which I have paid in good faith


    I just joined Facebook last October 2017, literally I’m new to social media. Two days ago I was chatting with my friend using messenger all of a sudden the communication was lost and I can not access my FB account anymore. I tried to reset my password but still the message saying that I wont be able to log in due to security reasons. So I don’t know what’s going on. This is the time to send messages and greetings to families and friends but due to this issue I can not do it. I sent email earlier to customers FB service but no reply from them. I hope you can help me with this problem. Thank you.

    Kind regards,

  9. billavergo says:

    Has Facebook ever distributed, enabled anyone else to distribute or sell, used or adapted any of my photos posted on Facebook? Why does Facebook have a comprehensive list of my contacts and their telephone numbers? Has Facebook ever distributed, enabled a third party to access my friend list and their telephone contact numbers for any reason whatever? Please delete the contact telephone numbers permanently immediately.Thank you.

  10. margaret jenkins says:

    for the last 2 weeks got a problem, i play bingo bash bingo blitz and candy crush the only 3 games i play, however i am having to delete the games completly then reinstall every other day, i am up to date with upgades both on my ipad pro and the games, got no problem on my imac so what is causing this?
    hope you can solve it for me

  11. Margaret McGarvey says:

    Dear Sirs. I am horrified to see that you have removed a facebook page for you baby called Cayden A Warriors Tale. The page being accused of fraud. This is not the case. The family are raising funds for a very very sick baby and his mother to enable them to provide for him and his mother whilst a long way from home. They have never hidden this from anyone and I have donated willingly. The person who no doubt informed on them has been trolling them for a while under different names (and even admitted that on facebook) and sent pm to people for no reason other than hatred of the family. I trust that you will look and see the abuse this poor family have suffered and I and others can confirm if need be that we know exactly what the funds are being used for and why. I have no connections to the family concerned – I am just a grandmother who wants to help another family not go through what Alfie Evans went through but sadly it seems trolls win on facebook. I await your reply.

  12. Michael BERWICK says:

    I have paid for a Mizuno golf bag two weeks ago paying via a bank transfer within 20 mins of the guy Oliver agreeing to my offer of it’s listed price and postage £50 English pounds , I have waited nearly two weeks after messaging him for him to say he forgot to send it !, then still forgetting to send it . Then he said his brother had sold it on so I then said I would like my money paying back too me. After several numerous messages to him all he says sorry I’ve forgotten I shall do it tonight one night after another etc. Where do I stand on this please?. He is obviously taking this as a joke but believe me I’m not so he better beware !!!!!

  13. Mags Rutter says:

    I’m not quite sure who to turn to, I’ve blocked my husbands ex wife on Facebook and also my settings are on private, but my husbands ex wife has managed to hack into my account and take copies of my photos, I have great concerns for the safety of my children, who knows what she’s capable of doing, I’m considering in going to the police to report this incident and thinking of shutting down my Facebook page, please could you advise me on what I should do next. I have got loads of photos on Facebook of children, families and friends, I feel like I have been violated and my safety breached and feel that I have to deactivate my account because it has been hacked and possibilities of identity theft and now I’m petrified to put anything sensitive especially my children on my timeline, there is also the violation on my friends and families personal details,

  14. DEL COOK says:

    Hi, I have recently been told that my friend request has been excepted by 3 people which is very surprising, annoying and extremely embarrassing because I did request friendship with any of them. This is a security risk and I do not want it to ever happen again, if it does I will leave Facebook and tell as many people as possible about this risk.

  15. John Porter says:

    Hi Facebook, I am looking to close my fathers account, He die 2 years ago but yesterday the 29th June was his birthday and some folks don’t realise that he is dead and post lovely well wishes but my brother and I have decided that it’s time to close his account, we don’t have his log on details so I am keen to find out how to close his account. His name was Daniel Porter. Please can you advise me the best way to solve this problem. I know my brother has tried before but it it’s starting to become more painful as the years go by please help us to close this chapter in our lifes. Thanks John Porter.

  16. Mary hurst says:

    My sister joyce gibson has been contactedesigned by Andrew Williams on face book out of the blue he has no friends but this happened before to my sister as this man asked for money and when she said no he got verbally aggressive and I reported it to cyber fraud. This is going the same way. He has a false account I’m sure about that. It smells like a rate and I don’t want her hurt. Please stop this man who ever he his and I bet 5he pictures are false. Stop this man preying on vaunrable women please. Thank you.

  17. Lisa Challenger says:

    Hello My daughter (who is 18 but has autism) has a facebook account under the name Lolly Challenger. A person she trusted has been on and changed her passwords and is blocking her friends etc on this. I am wondering if there is any way of getting the access to the account back and getting him off her facebook friends when this is done so he can’t try and do this again. She no longer has any access to this account and we can’t change password as she doesn’t know what he changed it to and he is on trusted list for recovering the account.

  18. Claire says:

    Dear Sir/Madam
    I hope that you can help me because right now I feel that Facebook and Instagram have both failed me.
    My problem is that I cannot get the highlights feature on instagram to work. I have downloaded the newest version I have contacted instagram and no luck. I believe it’s very unfair that I’m not getting any answers can you please help me because I’m headed away on holidays and I would like this feature to work for me
    Please please come back to me