First Direct Customer Service

Phone Number

03 456 100 100
UK Operation Hours
8:00AM - 10:00PM

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The Break Through
On October 1, 1989, Mike Harris founded the First Direct Customer Service through the Midland Bank, which is a telephone and an Internet-based retail bank in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England that has been under the division of the HSBC Bank PLC in 1992. There were 1000 calls taken in the first 24 hours when the First Direct was launched, had 100,000 customers in 1991, then 250,000 customers in 1993 and gained 500,000 customers in 1995. SMS notification about the account balanced was launched in 1999 followed by its Offset Mortgages in 2001 and Internet Banking Plus in 2004. First District Arena had naming rights secured in 2013 until 2018.

Product Directory
Banking services include the 1st Account that is a current account and the First Directory designed to work with the 1st Account for services and benefits. Mortgages are made simple with the help of the tools such as to compare rates available to the customer and the tracker. Apply for Personal Loans that you may access immediately through your bank. Credit Card and Gold Card without annual fees. Open your Savings Account, Bonus Savings Account, Cash Isa, Regular Savings Account and Fixed Rate Savings. Investments Funds, Child Trust Fund, Share dealing services and the First Direct Stocks and Shares ISA for you and your family. Insurance cover for Home, Travel and Life. You may also order for a Travel Money with the First Direct Customer Service.

First Direct bank

Keeping in Touch with the Customer Care
For those who are not yet a client of the First Direct, you may call the helpline at 03456002424 or 0800242424 for your queries. Existing customers of the First Direct Customer Service may call the phone number 03456100100 for any query, but if you have questions regarding your existing mortgage, dial 03456100103 and 03456100103 for new mortgages, with the Credit card matters connect with 03456100100 and for Minicom 03456100147. Customers who are calling from abroad may also get in touch with +441132345678. Of course, for more information regarding the First Direct Customer Service, simply visit the official website at

Advices to Customers
Customers who would like to ask for assistance from the First Direct Customer Service about the mortgages, the mortgage team is open seven days a week from 8am to 10pm and the rest of the contact numbers of the First Direct is always available 24 hours a day. You may also tweet the First Direct via Tweeter @firstdirecthelp and you may send your messages through the website, but if you have a question regarding your accounts, you have to make sure that you have logged into your accounts and your messages will be secured. Please be reminded that 08456 numbers of the First Direct Customer Service are no longer available, instead use the 03456 code.

Firstdirect Complaints

Firstdirect Email: [email protected]
Firstdirect Full Address: Leeds LS98 1FD, United Kingdom
Contact: Firstdirect Official

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