Flybe Customer Service

Phone Number

0371 700 2000
UK Operation Hours
Monday-Friday: 8:00AM - 6:30PM
Saturday: 8:00AM - 4:00PM

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Flybe Innovation Years
In 2005, the Flybe Customer Service introduced pre-assigned seating facility, celebrity endorsed foods and launched Fair Deal on Baggage. In 2006, All In premium business offer was enhanced, Scheduled Airline Failure Insurance was offered and flight changes online functionality was introduced. In 2007, Flybe acquired BA Connect, eco-labelling scheme and Rewards4all were launched. In 2008, received the Air Transport World Regional Airline of the Year and Jim Frenchman who was the CEO received a CBE award from the Queen. In 2010 Flybe with the Air France signed a deal covering 85 routes in the codeshare agreement and a deal with the Embraer was also signed to support the European progress.

Online Services Offered
There are a wide range of services offered online by the Flybe Customer Service. You may find flights, cheap and fair enough and you may manage booking. Passengers may check-in by typing their booking reference, forename and surname. You can also find an alphabetized list of Special Offers to different places that suits your budget. Other options are also offered such as the Bags & Ticket type and the Hotels & Car Hire Services. Through the official website you may also seek for Flight Info & Help from the Flybe Customer Service by visiting the FAQ section of their official website.

Flybe Flights

Connecting with the Centre
For more information and inquiries about the services of the Flybe, especially those who would like to find flights and check-in, you may visit their official website at If you would like to write to the Flybe Customer Service, you may post your mails at Flybe, Customer Care Centre, PO Box 795, Exeter, Devon, EX1 9UL, United Kingdom. You may reach the phone number of the Flybe Customer Service in the UK at 03717002000 and from abroad contact +44(0)2073080812, which is open from Monday to Friday at 8am to 6:30pm, on Saturdays at 8am to 4pm and on Saturdays at 10am to 6pm.

Points to Consider
Customers who would like to join the conversation about the Flybe Customer Service, you may find them via Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn. You may also subscribe to the Flybe Newsletter for you to receive news and updates about the Flybe, promotions and packages or you may just read the Latest News links found on their official website. You may also check out other Flybe sites such as the Flybe Aviation Services, the Flybe Training Academy and the Flybe XML/API; so, if you are interested to read them, just click the links that are found on the website of the Flybe.

Flybe Complaints

Flybe Full Address: PO BOX 795 Exeter Devon EX1 9UL,UK
Contact: Flybe Official

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Flybe Customer Service

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12 comments on “Flybe Customer Service

  1. Ron Clow says:

    I am a regular flyer to the UK from Jersey. I have used Flybe in the past. I receive regular emails asking me why I have not used yourselves. Firstly I use Easyjet as their prices are much better. Secondly I refuse to pay your exhorbitant credit card charges. I hope this enlightens you!

  2. David Griffiths says:

    Flybe whats going on
    I got a just fly voucher 2N3WVW2RPD for 2 flights.
    I try to use this online but your system just keeps giving me this:

    The promotional code you have entered: Does not apply to this many people.
    Spoke to your helpline and they say its because I selected unavailable flights. THIS IS NOT THE CASE. It comes up before flights selected. Even tried to use it on flights your operator said were available did not work. YOUR SYSTEM IS NOT WORKING. Yes I was offered phone booking service but I need to see available flights. If I select 1 person flights shown as soon as 2 persons selected no go. Just fly is a pain in the arse & not worth having a Flybe credit card for this. This is the second report submitted & I suspect this one will be ignored.

  3. Laura Turner says:

    My husband and I travelled on the 14.55 flight BE891 from Glasgow to Southampton yesterday. The flight was very busy and as we boarded according to seat numbers we were amongst the last to board. Consequently, the overhead lockers were all full. My husband managed to squeeze my case into the locker but there was nowhere for him to stow his bag. Several people had put their coats/jackets in the lockers and when we asked the flight attendant if it would be possible for people to put their coats under the seat in front he told us no and that my husband would have to put his bag under the seat in front of him. This was my husband’s only piece of luggage and it wouldn’t fit properly under the seat resulting in him having a very uncomfortable journey. The flight attendant was most unhelpful, made no apologies for the situation and, in fact, was verging on being rude. Had he been more pleasant and accommodating we would not have been so upset about the situation.

  4. beryl sharp says:

    Could somebody please get back to me, I keep trying to call you too.
    I have been trying to change my flight but your system is completely nuts! Three times it didn’t recognise my booking, and when it eventually did it shows two different flights out and only one back, and when I try to change it, it again says does not recognise the booking. HELP


    Booking Reference: BF7F2T
    hello—– Im having the problem I always have with Flybe,–I have booked and paid for a hold bag —but it isnt showing on my manage booking page. please can you once again reassure me that Im not going to face another charge at the airport …[it would also be very nice if the online booking screen reflected what one had actually booked …and that one could check in earlier as with other airlines ] Carol Stratton

  6. Gerard Donnelly says:

    I had a flight cancelled from Birmingham to Glasgow (9/4/18) and requested a refund through your website. The reference was BM6K02. I still have not received a refund or any correspondence on the status of the refund.

  7. Allan S eymour says:

    Not very happy about my first ever experience with Flybe. had to go to Manchester on 09.00am flight BE1032 from Aberdeen on the 18th May, this was delayed for two and a half hours. this was an inconvenios to me as I had an appointment at 12 noon. Very Very Disapointed. Will have to think very hard about using your service again. Regards Allan.

  8. David Penberthy says:

    Hi .. my son is due to fly to Jersey today but has been taken ill. He is currently recovering from an appendix removal and subsequent peritonitis. He has recently had a drain removed from his stomach but has now contracted an infection. Please could you let me know his options of cancelling and rescheduling his flight.

  9. Adela Heaney says:

    Still waiting on my luggage which FLYBE lost on Saturday 23 June.
    Came to France for a painting holiday – all materials in my case. FLYBE have ruined my holiday. Utter incompetence and now being told I will not get case until tomorrow afternoon!! 2 friends in the same position – no cases, no materials and no medications. Shocking service.

  10. Tracy says:

    Hi there,

    I am due to fly on Thursday 5th July 7:05am from ABZ-LHR and wondered if there are meals served and therefore if I need to contact Flybe to request a vegetarian option?

  11. Christina Mills says:

    Hi I am flying tomorrow with my mum and thought I had only booked one lot of 23kg baggage. However when checking in it looks like I’ve paid for 2 x 23 Kg. Will you be able to check this for me?

  12. Rosemary Devine says:

    I flew yesterday on BE4437, Ref DTLLQ7 from Doncaster to Alicante. I had prebooked a bag for the hold and had a cabin bag, which I have used at least twice before, this year, on your flights, which weighed 5kg and this was refused. I was forced to pay £40 for this 5kg and was not pleased.
    I will certainly think twice before I book Flybe again,

    Rosemary Devine