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Philosophy of Google
On September 4, 1998, Google was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. A few years later, they wrote 10 things they know to be true with the Google Customer Service. First, Focus on the user and all else will follow. Second, It’s best to do one thing really, really well. Third, Fast is better than slow. Fourth, Democracy on the web works. Fifth, You don’t need to be at your desk to need an answer. Sixth, You can make money without doing evil. Seventh, There’s always more information out there. Eighth, The need for information crosses all borders. Ninth, You can be serious without a suit. Tenth, Great just isn’t good enough.

What Google do for everybody?
Google provides a variety of products and services for every individual and for business. What Google Customer Service want to do for you is to make it easy for everybody to find the information that you are looking for and get things done as you needed them. A variety of tools are provided to help business of any kind to be successful online and offline, which is beneficial to entrepreneurs and publishers. Advertising also helps business find customers and publishers to make money. Products such as Chrome and Android are built for the web to have a better web experience.


Google Helpline Connection
Individuals who would like to write to the Google Customer Service for general enquiries and complaints may post their mails at Google UK Ltd., Belgrave House, 76 Buckingham Palace Road, London SW1W 9TQ, United Kingdom. If you would like to contact the Customer Care of the Google, you may call +44 (0) 20 7031 3000 phone number or you might want to send a fax at +44 (0) 20 7031 3001. You may also report your issues and concerns online at the Contact Us page of the Google Customer Service, which is found on the official website of Google at

Keep in Mind
For all the users of the Google who would like to ask for assistance about the use of the Google, please be reminded that there is a Help Center page provided by the official website of the Google Customer Service, where all topics you need are available and if you have a serious issue to discuss with the Customer Care, then you may always call their phone number. From the Contact Us page alone, you may already report an issue about the products of the Google. For your safety online, feel free to visit the Safety Center page provided by the Google pages.

Google Complaints

Google Full Address: 123 Buckingham Palace Rd, Belgravia, London SW1W 9SH, United Kingdom
Contact: Google Official

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Google Customer Service

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58 comments on “Google Customer Service

  1. Ken Crabbe says:

    Hi, let me start by saying, thus far I have been a big fan of google. I have purchase books and apps, regularly, from the Play store overy the lat few years. Unfortunately, due to the fact that I am now about to return my third Nexus 7 in the same number of years, I feel I have no choice but to move away from your hardware. 1st gen Nexus 7 lasted only 2 or 3 months and was replaced under warranty. The second lasted slightly over 12 months and my third (2nd gen) is stuck on the Google logo after just 11 months. I’m hoping I can get a refund rather than a replacement! I don’t think I’m being unreasonable here if I suggest that a life expectancy of less than a year, for a device costing well over £100, is a pretty poor show! Ken

  2. David Bolton says:

    I am having problems trying to watch movies purchased from Google store it asked me to update sideline from but does not help me do so. I have tried various ways to get information but it is at the moment I points to update. What can I do now? This is intensely frustrating and extremely difficult and most information given is useless?

  3. kevin Duffy says:

    regarding remote reset of my phone on 26/6/16this was neither requested or authorised by me and as a result have lost all data and files downloaded at a cost to me.

  4. Zsoltne Harangozo says:

    I don’t have a google and gmail account. Somebody used my bank account, and I need to pay £199.55. I made a report for my bank. it was not me, they will contact Google. I didn’t buy nothing from google!!!! How it is possible?

  5. Sara Mckenzie says:

    Hi I have a hard reset my phone and it is now asking me to verify my account and when I put my email address and password in it takes me back to the start

  6. Wm Ritchie says:

    I have been receiving emails from people claiming to be from the FBI, the United Nations the Nigerian government, etc can you tell me what to do about this as they appear to be fraudulent

  7. Christine Hill says:

    Good afternoon Google

    I have somehow managed to delete all of my emails in my inbox on Friday evening! It wasn’t deliberate; they just disappeared in front of my eyes. For a short while my entire inbox was missing although I managed to get this back. Please could you help me to restore the emails that I had in my inbox back to my inbox or advise me where they are and how I can access them? I have had a look at the different options on my email account but cannot work out how to do this.

    Thank you for your help.

    Best wishes


  8. steve says:

    hi i do hope you can help. my 8 year oid daughtr was diagnosed with a brain tumer at the age of 3 after her treatment we were lucky enough to be treated to a trip to disny land paris.cut a long story short i have lost all photos of this trip and others. i now at some point they where on google but not being verry tec saviy i lost them is there any way of recovering my lost history. please please say there is some way of doing this. thanks steve

    1. Ismail Uddin IT in training. says:

      Hi steve , if you are on a phone and them pictures were stored inside it , it is possible to find the missing files but it may take a lot of effort.

      Go on Youtube ans it’ll explain it all and hopefully you will retrieve it.

      Thanks , Ismail

  9. Matthew says:


    I was wondering if you could help me, I sent up an account for my girlfriend to play Pokémon GO and can’t remember the password, so it not allowing us to update the game / sign in. I have tried to recover the password from the back-up email address but got the address wrong. I’m unsure what to do next after following the help questions to recover the password and following the help forums. Is there anything I can do to recover the account?

    Thank You,

    Kind Regards
    Matthew Adams

  10. Jake Collinson says:

    Dear Google
    I have been trying to find out who to contact about a graphic design job for google

    1. CustomerServiceNumber says:

      Hi Jake, if you want to contact Google you can use the phone number shown above and talk with the department to take care of your issue.

  11. mrs berks wiggins says:

    Trying to get a printer to except our account number MG5750 and all it keeps coming back on the small screen is it dose not reconize our email could you please help us.
    Thamk you

  12. Anthony Debski says:

    Sir… yet again, you have denied me my access to my gmail account, put me
    in a loop “we’ll send a verification code….” but as I can’t access my mail, WHAT IS THE POINT!!!!!
    I’ve entered my password, it’s NEVER accepted…..this keeps happening,round and round I go, I urgently need my in-coming mail…WRITE ME!!

    1. CustomerServiceNumber says:

      Hi Anthony, you always can use Google Recovery page to get new password and get access to your account back to you.

    2. Dirk Mahon says:

      I am writing this for my wife who is disabled. On her old android phone she has a google address which we do not believe we created. Hence we do not have a password. We have followed the instr. on yr website and failed. We have tried to create a new email address but the phone keeps coming back to the first one i.e. we have failed. yr tel ctc no. is like yr website i.e. simply drives you nuts going round in circles. Appreciate the need to protect security but pls can we talk to a human being.

  13. Alan gregory says:

    This morning I wanted to use the Google search engine, for something, but before I could do this I needed to respond to your “request” to review your privacy and handling of data, (I think it was this anyway).
    I read your explanation and then there were buttons saying “I agree” or otherwise, but it didn’t actually say what I would be agreeing to.

    However, there was an option to sign in to my account, so I attempted to do this, but I was told that I had a “conflicting account” and that a company had reserved my email address in some way.
    This is the only email address that I have and it is in constant use, and I have been sing it for many years, so I can’t see how someone can just come along and reserve it.

    The help page suggested that I sign in with another email address.
    Well I don’t have one and I don’t wish to create one, which I will never use.

    It also talked about google apps, but I think that apps are something used on smartphones, which I don’t have.

    In the end I went back and clicked the “I agree” button, although there was no explanation of what I was agreeing to, which at least let me continue to use Google.
    (except that I’d got so frustrated trying to find a way around the signing in problem that I’d forgotten what I wanted to search for.

    I use Google mainly as a search engine, and I also use Google maps.
    I occasionally use “YouTube”, and I can access this by looking at things that I’ve put on there, but if I attempt to sign in I’m present with an incorrect email address, which bears some similarity to mine.

    So would someone please contact me, preferably by email, and explain to me, clearly why I cannot use my own email address to sign into my account and how we can get around this issue.


    Alan Gregory

  14. Diane simpson says:

    Can you tell me why my new phone is showing as Netherlands?

  15. karen says:

    I have requested that my company details be changed and the has been no update as yet. Can you tell me how long this process takes.

  16. Robert Johnson says:

    I have tried to contact this company and their contact details do not work. The email address they give does not exist and the following email – the one I tried to send – will explain the nature of my complaint.

    Dear reader, I see from your website that you have registered Lockituplocks of which I am the proprietor.

    Your website however have highlighted my Private address – via postcode.
    I would respectfully request that this advertisement be removed from your site as it constitutes a violation of privacy, not withstanding, no one from your organisation has contacted me for permission to use and publish my personal details.

    Should you have any questions about the authenticity of this email and its request I can be contacted of either telephone number of your site to discuss the matter further. Meanwhile, I thank you for your cooperation, and in doing so, prevent any instigation of further actions.

    Thank you. Robert

    Having tried all day to find and reach this company without success I decided to contact Google.

    Thank you for your cooperation
    Please acknowledge receipt of my email

  17. Ken says:

    Sir, Ms.
    Google intends to dump flash player,
    I have tried every whichway to download this item. Will I be able to view the features missed then. Regards :
    Ken Cox.

  18. stuart lawler says:


    I’ve setup a Gmail account for my daughter but have forgotten the password. When I input the security code issued by Google it states the account cannot be accessed.
    How can I sort this out ?

  19. nicole laidlaw says:

    i am locked out of my gmail account because my phone has brocken can you help me unlock it please!!

  20. Kipling Brown says:

    while working yesterday I accidently lock myself out of my mobile This a Samsung s4 now it believes that it’s lost but the words SHOWING FOR ME TO OPEN MY MOBILE I CANNOT PUT THEM IN SO TO OPEN MY MOBILE not even getting these words on my laptop and open my mobile

  21. lynn labrum-harvey says:

    I cant seem to find where to change my email address. I use Google on Chrome on my laptop andG5games on my tablet -do they both use the same email address and password? ie, if I change it on Google chrome will it automatically change it on my G5games?

  22. SHEILA DAVIES says:

    please can you amend my address as all my customers are being given wrong information on your pages. Maps especially you have Roman City Guest House 18 Raby Mews it is NOT MEWS it is 18 Raby PLACE Bathwick Hill Bath BA2 4EH.
    Raby Mews is the next street and the mapand information needs to be corrected.
    Please confirm this has been taken care of. Thanking you in advance. Sheila Davies

  23. John King says:

    I managed to delete the above email account by accident and cant recover it I had to set up an new email, however I cant access this on my other laptop and cant remember the password for this account and cant get a reminder as the account has gone. can you help please??

    John king

  24. Scott Read says:

    I’m not able to change mobile number on this account using my tablet as previous number which is being sent recovery information is now obsolete???

  25. Paul Stanney says:

    Hello could you please remove a coupe of things I put on google in a chat ,and foolishly pressed share on to google ,and I put my phone number ,which when I give my number to people ,they always google it ,and it throws up this on screen ,which is not only embarrassing ,it’s holding me back from everyday things .i know it was my fault when me and my wife was joking about . It stays on Google forever . It was in 2014 I put it on a site and pressed share with Google not thinking it would stay on . One was to do massage ,and the other was about wife watching . I’m truly sorry that I did this silly act ,and could it please be removed .Kind Regards Paul Stanney

  26. ady cross says:

    Please help, I cant sign into my gmail account or google

  27. Danny O'Brien says:

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    Firstly, I would like to have the freedom to access content on chrome, but I cannot seem to do that!!

    Please can you help me, I have a chromebook toshiba CB30-102.

    I cannot turn off safesearch, in either supervisor or my login details for the chromebook.

    Also, I have another issue, I do not have a stable mobile number, as I am still trying to get a mobile, and have changed my number a few times, and my real account, I cannot access it, as I’ve changed my number.

    Thank you. This is very irritating, my current new temporary number is available. This may change again, as I am hoping to get a new phone today or tomorrow.

    Thank you kindly,
    Mr Dannie O’Brien

  28. Jonathan Parsons says:

    Cant access Google Scholar. Get error message re the IP address. have followed all options with no joy. Why am I blocked?

  29. Natalie Smith says:

    I have recently started a new business and set up a new email account with google. I am trying to set it up adding my social media sites onto my email signature which is not working. Also when I type my business address into google my company name comes up, however there is a message underneath as follows:
    ‘This is a great space to write long text about your company and your services. You can use this space to go into a little more detail about your company’
    I have sent a number of messages to the search console. This has not been rectified after a number of weeks and its effecting my clients and business.

  30. Carol Taylor says:

    Hi my account is all gone wrong no emails cannot get password to work
    again i am stuck new hard drive

  31. Mrs Jillian Perry says:

    Hi. my email app on my Samsung Gallaxy ace 4 ( came installed on phone) has been “blocked by Google”
    Up until last week the app was working fine. Now it will not send or receive emails for the above gmail account. I keep receiving emails from Google saying it has been blocked. “Someone maybe trying to access you account” YES it’s me !!
    Please advise by return, it’s very frustrating !
    EE could not even help me. I have changed my password but it will still not allow me to use it.
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Kind regards.
    Mrs Jillian Perry

  32. Saleena says:

    when will the read receipt be available in the UK, it is driving me mad!

  33. RICHARD KNIGHT says:

    Afternoon Google,

    Turning to Google this afternoon the browser celebrates Mary Seacole fair play to Google! for bringing her to everyone’s attention

    Never thought would write Google “fan mail” but there you go………….

    have a good day


  34. Walter Braun says:

    Hi folks,

    I have noticed recently that in Google search more and more media outlets falsify the date of their news.
    For instance, I restricted my search for “last months” and there appeared an entry by US magazine Fast Company, time-stamped “10 hours ago”. In reality, the article was from April this year.
    This has become a common practice with media outlets.

    Any idea how to circumvent the falsifications?


  35. g p poole says:

    can not turn my phone on i think it has been locked by my google account.
    can you help?

  36. Toni says:

    I got iPhone 6s and yesterday I deleted all my gmail by accident there gon from bin trash not anywhere to be seeing can you help please .

  37. Liza says:

    I’ve received an email from [email protected] stating that i’ve won GBP950k for actively using google service.I’ve been asked to provide details name, telephone num and etc. Is this fake email?

  38. Jeannette says:

    I am having problems accessing either Google or my Gmail at home.
    I can access them in different computers from the ones I have at home.
    Could you help me with this?
    Is this a problem with the server?

  39. jaroslaw Rosowski says:

    I would like to ask how difficult is to brake into gmail account. Is that possible?

  40. Robert Jones says:

    Why is it that whenever I try to phone one of your listed numbers on the internet (I have tried 6) it says that I am not authorised to do so??? Please help me get my account back on track. I have a NEW Mobile Number and since then have lost the ability to get back on track.
    Regards Robert

  41. carol fulton says:

    hi i have an account with Pay Pal,and i thought it was pay pal that asked for my details or my account would be blocked so i passed it to them,next day there was £449.99. taken from my bank account i did get it back, as it was a Pay Pal fraud,the name of the person that did it was Mr S,Asu can you tell me how these people are aloud to do this, i was sent a message on hot mail which my grandson opened and that is how he got my details

  42. Leoinegenta says:

    I was given this tablet by Mary brisland as she explained problems she had had with it! I’m so sorry but now I’m locked out of the account and it’s not fair to her or me in any way. Can u help us get her off this device? So she can have peace of mind! Thanks.

  43. adam Sherwood says:

    hi i need to change my business info for premier sports education but can’t remember what account it was verified with but it needs to be changed urgently

  44. Carl Dixon says:

    The number you give on your website as being “24/7” support is wrong. It is for Google AdWords who are only open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

  45. Mrs Mary peacock says:

    I am currently unable to receive my emails. I cannot connect to download them yet my broadband is functioning properly.

  46. David Clarke says:

    I have just been scammed on your web site.
    I realise that as an old person it might happen one day but I have just tried to renew my ESTA visa for the USA, it looked like a US gov web site but to find that the site that offered to renew my visa was just a drop box (money has been taken already from my bank account) and no visa has appeared.

  47. Margaret Colledge says:


    I forgot my password for my google account and I have changed my cell phone provider from o2 to sky My cell phone no ended in 777.
    I am desperately wanting to access this account but can’t.
    Please can you help by giving me a password.

    Thank you.

    Margaret Colledge

  48. Andy says:


    is it possible to request help setting up my google account

  49. Graham Price says:

    I am concerned that a company appears to still be taking orders via a site reachable via Google searches and is not honouring them. There are indications the firm is failing or has ceased trading, yet I can still place an order in a cart there, and there seems to be a risk that unwitting people may lose money. I know of a prospective customer for goods aimed at sight-impaired users has now been reimbursed by Paypal after a no show of an order. I hope you can stop the firm being reachable via Google. As this means of communication says “DO NOT write sensitive information” I have not included details here, but I’m happy to supply these if you contact me.

  50. Howard Hockney says:

    I have received an email supposedly from google informing me that I have won a sum of money, a large sum of money, & to claim this money I have to supply a lot of personal details.
    The sender of the email is a Kathy O’Leary & names a claims manager as a mr. Kennedy Watson, there are a trio of number codes with guk at the start & gk at the end.
    Is this genuine or is it a scam perpetrated in your name, I can forward you the email if you need it.
    Kind regards (& in hope) Mr. Howard Hockney.

  51. Gillian Thomas says:

    Please could you change my gmail account on my iPad back to black and white. I can’t cope with the coloured version, there’s no way to delete suspicious e mails without opening them first and when I press reply to e mails it doesn’t do this. This means I can’t use my iPad for e mails. If you can’t change it back please send me a link to another email provider so that I can get a new email address with someone else.
    Thank you.

  52. Magda says:


    We have registered a company name change from Bubblelicious Tea to Boba Box with Companies House, however, I have found that our company is listed twice.

    One listing with the correct company address and one listing with the wrong company address.

    I would like to delete the listing with Hanover Square as the address.

    For the listing under Bubblelicious Tea – 3a Lower James Street W1F 9EQ listing.
    I would need Bubblelicious Tea Name to be changed to Boba Box Limited.

    I am not sure if I have contacted the right people to do this so please can you send through email or contact number.

    Thnak you!

  53. George says:

    I am currently receiving around 5 spam emails a day on a variety of unwanted and unsolicited subjects. They purport to come to me because they say I am a member go a Google news group, which I have never been. How did the spammers manage to get my email address from Google Groups that I have never subscribed to. Also, why is it impossible to find an email address for Google support rather than spend 40 minutes in a telephone merry-go-round

  54. Michael McLean says:

    I regularly contribute to google maps commenting upon and rating places I have visited. I answer all of the questions as honestly as I can; however, as a UK citizen commenting upon UK enterprises I am saddened and somewhat annoyed when each time I am asked: “does this place have a restroom?” In the UK such US euphemisms are frowned upon, even disliked. If you mean TOILET say toilet, no one will be offended and for visitors from the US, well as they say’ when in Rome do as the Romans do’.