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020 3510 0444
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Seizing up the Groupon
One of the electronic commerce leader in the industry, connecting about 48.1 million of active subscribers in more than 28 countries, 150 cities in North America and in Europe, having 100 cities, actively facing over 425,000 deals worldwide, launched in 2008 in Chicago, Illinois, U.S., founded by Andrew Mason, Eric Lefkofsky and Brad Keywell; is the Groupon that is headed by Eric Lefkofsky, the Chairman and Rich Williams, the Chief Executive Officer, which is under the ownership of the Groupon, Inc. and having more than 10,000 people employed. The Groupon Customer Service will continue redefining the traditional way of interacting business with its customers.

Explore the Products
You might want to explore the products available at the Groupon Customer Service. Food & Drink, Things To Do, Beauty & Spas, Health & Fitness, Local Services, Electronics, Women’s Fashion, Home & Garden, Goods and Getaways are the list of categories you can find on the Groupon Customer Service. From the website itself, you can have a view of the Good Deals, Top Deals and Recommend Deals that you might be interested with having the discounts and promotional offers for everybody. Events are also available for you to get your tickets to the Live shows or concerts. List of Discount Codes from different establishments are also offered online.

Groupon Coupon

Asking for support and assistance
When you are ready to shop online or you would simply want to have a look and find products, you just have to visit the official website of the Groupon Customer Service at and if you have any questions and complaints regarding the products or services of the Groupon Customer Service online, you may write, then send the Customer Care an email at [email protected] If you would like to talk to the helpline of the Groupon, you can contact their phone number at your convenience at 020 3510 0444 for assistance, which is available every day at 8amto 8pm.

Customers must be aware of
Aside from the official website of the Groupon Customer Service, where you can find all the products, special offers and deals, you may also check them out via Facebook and Twitter accounts. You may also download and install the Groupon Mobile Application for your explorations through your mobile phones. Frequently Asked Questions found on the Customer Support page of their official website is a must to read for all customers to be aware of the voucher, codes and other issues concerning the use of the Groupon products and services. A Help Wizard page is also available for some topics that you might need help with.

Groupon Refund

To get more information about how to get Groupon refund you should: Claim Groupon refund.

Groupon Complaints

Groupon Full Address: Seal House,1 Swan Ln,London EC4R 3TN,UK
Contact: Groupon Official

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Groupon Customer Service

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  1. Nilesh Suchak says:

    I recently bought CKIN2U which was suggested on the Groupon page to be 150ml, I have today received the
    Product however it is only 50ml. The product is supplied by Innox Trading Ltd. I cannot l cannot locate the
    Company’s telephone number so ask you to look into the matter and arrange for the correct size to be sent to
    be sent to me.