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03448 224 224
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Monday-Friday: 08:00AM - 06:30PM
Saturday: 08:30AM - 05:30PM
Sunday: 09:30AM - 03:30PM

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How it started
In 1911, the Hotpoint Customer Service started and the Hotpoint Electric Heating Company was officially founded with the iron as its first major product and that iron got hot at the point to help get shirt collars firm from that point, the company never looked back and the next years saw the first Hotpoint washing machines, Vacuum cleaners, refrigerators and other home products. Today at Hotpoint, appliances are sold every 19 seconds in the United Kingdom and you will always find a Hotpoint appliance in 2 out of 3 homes. This is why the Hotpoint was voted as a Consumer Superbrand in the United Kingdom in 2015.

Quality products
With over 100 years of existence in the business, the Hotpoint Customer Service, who is always making a point to maintain their communication with the customers for their home repairs, aims to make life at home easier. So, the Hotpoint has developed a variety of products for customer’s needs that always brings an outstanding performance with the latest innovation in technology and a functional fashionable design of different appliances, such as the washing machines, tumble dryers, washer dryers, dishwasher, cookers & ovens, fridge freezers, fridges and freezers. All products of the Hotpoint come with a 12 month standard warranty and the fact that tumble dryers are made in Britain.

Hotpoint Customer Service

Support Connection
For your questions about your Hotpoint product, please talk to the Hotpoint Customer Service for help and support by calling 03448 224 224. You may also tweet to the Hotpoint through their dedicated social media team at @HotpointSupport and you may also follow Hotpoint through Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest. You may also send your queries online to the Hotpoint advisors by filling out the form provided on the Contact Us page of the official website for the Hotpoint Customer Service at To find the nearest branch in the neighborhood, you may simply use the Store Locator link found on the website.

Please, be informed that the Hotpoint Customer Service lines are open from Monday to Friday at 8am to 6:30pm, on Saturdays at 8:30am to 5:30pm and on Sundays at 9:30am to 3:30pm. You must also be aware that calls to the 01733 or 0344 numbers will be charged at your local rate from a BT Landline, mobiles and other network provider may differ. Customers may also find the Safety Information page on the website of the Hotpoint Customer Service regarding the current and ongoing safety campaigns of your machines. If you need an engineer from the Hotpoint, you can get one from your locality by simply checking out the Repairs & Services page of the Hotpoint.

Hotpoint Complaints

Hotpoint Full Address: Morley Way, Peterborough PE2 9JB, UK
Contact: Hotpoint Official

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Hotpoint Customer Service

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20 comments on “Hotpoint Customer Service

  1. Debbie Lawson says:

    Just an enquiry if your washing machine breaks down and only 8 months old after 28 days and no repair done are we entitled to a new machine.

  2. Marion Steele says:

    Today at approximately 12.30 we pulled out on to a mini roundabout as there was nothing coming from the right. The driver of one of your vans AK64XTE nearly ran into us. We stopped and when I was telling him that he should have looked to see if anything was coming from his right he actually started moving the van as if he was going to ram us. This happened in our village and because he was behind us I managed to get his registration number in my mirror. He is needing to read his highway code and see that mini roundabouts are treated in the same way as any other one

  3. Mrs Rosalind Stewart says:

    Dear Sir/Madam, I have recently bought an Aquairius Washing machine from AO.COM.
    I had an older Aquarius that had given up after about 10 years. I had no issues with that one in relation to how the washing came out. I am with the new one. On program 14, the delicate load, it doesn’t rinse the powder off properly and I have to rinse it a second time as there is powder marks on the clothes. I then spin it separately as the delicate load has no spin as you are aware. Could there be a fault or something that needs reprograming, i.e. the rinse cycle being too short perhaps (shows 55 mins when delicate selected)? I also have the same happen when I use cycle 11. Can you advise me please.
    Regards, Rosalind Stewart.

  4. John Cook says:

    An email to your customer contact has resulted in no response after a week. A telephone call today to your customer service number resulted in no help at all. My enquiry was about the failure of a part on a cooker, which on inspection I believe may be a manufacturing problem. I acknowledged during the call that I may have to purchase a new part. Your advisor informed me that unless I renewed or took out insurance cover he could not discuss the problem, advise or forward me to your parts department.
    I believe if this is correct you may have a trading standards issue as none of these pre-requirements are shown on your website. With no help at all from your company I will seriously consider any future purchases very carefully. Absolutely the worst customer service received from any major company. I only asked for help and information, If I had a serious problem I realise it is unlikely ever to be resolved by Hotpoint.

  5. ronnie may says:

    Just had a chat with your customer service person Ryan, I wanted to know why the engineer was 90 minutes late for his eta – why hadn’t we been kept informed. Snow and traffic – well the traffic isn’t any different in London and the snow went overnight – he wouldn’t say why we didnt’ get a later eta and only got me a ‘he will arrive in an hour’ after contacting the engineer. I have waited all day and will be at work tonight but still have to wait until 17.30 when the eta was 14.45! Not good enough and I should be updated simply because I complained!

  6. Linkson says:

    I have brought a £800 fridge which due to bad the advertising on Currys part I then needed to pay £365 for two stainless steel drawer fronts and two handles paid extra for next-day delivery they turned up but the handles are wrong they are about 4 inches too short I contacted Hotpoint up till now I’ve been on the phone to Hotpoint for about three hours one time I was put on hold for 45 minutes I ended up putting the phone down I spoke to another lady who said she would sort the problem out and get back to me the same day it didn’t happen I spoke to another lady who said she would put it in her emails she would chase this up because she didn’t understand what was happening she promised me she would safely ring me back Monday it didn’t happen at the moment I’m left with a fridge with no front and no way of knowing what’s going on I think the Hotpoint customer service is disgusting it looks like I might have to take this up with Currys because they say on their website that the front can be bought from Hotpoint but I’m not getting anywhere if I haven’t got any front I don’t want the fridge I wish somebody would get back to me when they say they will

  7. Kate jones says:

    My daughters oven door exploded yesterday. Glass all over the place. She has been trying to contact you but being out from department to department. And as it’s 2 days before Xmas no one seems to care.I would include photos but cannot seem to be able to do this. My daughter is a mess as she had just been feeding her 9 month old baby in the kitchen. When I say it exploded i mean just that. Please help her sort this out. She needs a cooker for the baby

  8. Tyrell says:

    @HotpointSupport @HotpointUK What at Joke of a company. Not impressed. Poor customer service and support. 2.5 weeks without a washing machine 2 failed appointments and 1 supposedly fixed issue as soon as left same fault occurred. Plus no call backs from management about complaint!!! 😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬 @dandg_uk just as bad.

  9. sheryl mccartney says:

    Very dissapointed with the lack of continuity with the information related to customers from your contact centre staff.

    Initial call was today made after two engineer appointments and not being able to repair my 2 month old washer dryer. Spoke with a lovely gentleman’ “David” who processed a replacement cancelling my further repair order and advised “John” would return my call by the “end of play today”. (No call received)

    Second call was to see if I could speak with John to see whine the replacement would be arranged. Male advisor couldn’t put me through, didn’t know if the the CSD department where open of weekend, didn’t know what time that department closed. When I asked to speak to a amanager he didn’t put me on hold, and advised me the manager would not speak to me? Can I ask why you have managers in the centre if they refuse to engage with upset customers relieving the pressure from their contact staff?

    Third call was due to second call advisor advising you have 600 staff in 4 buildings not being very helpful. To speak with a female advisor who now claims the CSD department is closed of a weekend and I won’t get a call back until at least Tuesday of next week?

    To pay over £500 for a washing machine to break 2 months in and not be able to be repaired, refusal to assist with laundry fees and complete disregard to how upset and angry I was due to the conflicting information, still refuses to put me through to a manager.

    Awful customer service

  10. Marilyn Rennie says:

    Please see complaint from me earlier this week. Our Hotpoint dishwasher stopped working properly some weeks ago (taking 3 hours to complete the normal cycle, which usually takes 2 hours and not reaching its correct heat.) We had an engineer come out on 10 January 2018. We were told that there was a problem with the sensor and that it had been fixed. For a few days the machine worked properly but then played up again, in exactly the same way it had before. An engineer’s call was booked for 22nd January but after I complained to you via FB messenger, you arranged for someone to call today. This morning the engineer called and after working on the machine, assured us that the fault had been repaired. We have used it this evening and to our horror the machine has again taken 3 hours and not reached its correct heat. PLEASE SORT THIS OUT FOR US AS A MATTER OF URGENCY. As I told you before, this machine was given to us as a replacement for our old model which caught fire in 2015, in spite of having two modules replaced previously.My postcode is SS5 4UZ

  11. Richard Green says:

    Our less than two month old cooker’s main oven door bottom hinge came away as I was removing some food, the hot door fell against my arm which caused a very painful burn. My wife contacted your repair department on Monday 22nd of Jan, a very helpful ‘Gareth’ booked a repair for yesterday 25th of Jan. We received three text messages to remind us of the appointment and as stated a man turned up yesterday, used a laptop to inform us that the repair is now booked for 30th of Jan, he was not here to carry out any repair and swiftly left after five minutes.
    Quite naturally we were infuriated and so again contacted your repair department who informed us that the engineer that was allocated to carry out our repair was off sick, this was despite us having a text that very morning advising of the time your engineer would attend. We now have to wait until the 30th so will of been unable to use our literally brand new cooker for over a week.
    We have paid nearly £600 for what we consider a premium quality cooker but have received second rate service and an physical injury to my arm, I would very like to know how we are going to receive redress or do we need to seek legal advise ?

    Regards Mr Richard Green. ref L7V145250

  12. Mrs T Dobson says:

    Absolutely fumming! We have been without a washing maching for 4 weeks now and you have just said you can’t do anything until next Monday. Our washer is still under guarentee and fault reportd to you Sat 13th Jan. Engineer came out Weds 17th Jan and found fault with drum. He arranged for a repair to be completed the following Monday 22nd Jan. After arranging to be at home, I was contacted to say thet drum was damaged and you had none in your warehouse, so couldn’t give me any timescales for repair. We then waited until Fri 2nd Feb before anyone contacted us to say they could arrange the repair but not until today Mon 12th Feb. Again a after arranging to be in, at 12 your engineer called to say he didn’t have the drum, it had not been ordered!!!! My husband called this afternoon and all you can do is reorder part and rebook repair for next Mon! This is not acceptable. We will have been without a washer for 5 weeks. I want a new washer to be delived on Weds and compensation for all the inconvenience.

  13. alan ball says:

    We had a repair booked and were given a 3 hr. slot, the engineer did not turn up or contact us, when I inquired with the service centre they could not contact the engineer. I contacted the service centre the next day and they told me the call had been cancelled by us which was not the case, I asked to make a complaint and was told that the ‘Resolution Team’ would contact me within 48hr. it never happened. We had a new date for 6 days later and then this was changed for an extra day and again when I inquired thy said we had cancelled again. I believe the Hotpoint Service system is not fit for purpose and the calls are routinely cancelled to clear the records.The complaint system does not function and someone should be called to account.

  14. Chris says:

    We bought an oven on 1st October 2017. It broke on Wednesday last week. An engineer can out on Friday and had to order the part, to be fitted today Monday. The part was broken upon inspection, we can’t get a replacement until Friday. My child has special needs and needs food cooking in a particular way. We cannot do this, we will loose the food as it is perishable and no one can contact us as there are no phones in customer service as they can only be contacted by email. What a joke.

  15. Fiaz Khan says:

    Absolutely awful repair service, I had a repair booked and whirlpool/hotpoint decided they would call me or email me to cancel. Despite me having taken a day off work!!! And losing money as I will now need to take another day.

    Advice to potential customers think first if your budget can stretch buy a Bosch or Amelie washing machine the customer service will be far superior.

  16. Gillian parker says:

    Ref : repair 2827450272
    I purchased my washer dryer on 31/3/17 . I experienced problems with drying cycle at the beginning of 2018. I have dated photo of the problem as evidence. I had planned to book an engineer, but sadly my father passed away and my attention was diverted to organising his funeral and my washing machine problem was forgotten.
    Recently the door of my machine would not open and an engineer came out on 8/6/18 , the earliest appointment being a 6 day wait. The 2 faults were successfully resolved at a cost of £145.
    I do feel that a machine of 14 months old should not be experiencing such issues.
    As a gesture of goodwill, bearing in mind my exceptional personal circumstances, I appealing for you to refund the £145 charge.
    I look forward to hearing from you .
    Many thanks

  17. Jackie Ballard says:

    Re: Domestic and General Insurance Replacement. New machine: BHWDD74 Washer Dryer.

    I have had the machine installed on Saturday 7th July 2018. I paid for an installation of an integrated appliance. However the installer could not fit the door to the washer dryer as the holes did not line up door to machine.

    I paid £95.00 for installation. But it has not been installed properly.

    Please advise.


  18. Kathleen freeman says:

    A week ago I phone your customer line which got now answer to my enquiry,on the 7 June hotpoint delivered me a washing machine, they unloaded the item went to pick it up and drop it on the path ,as I was going away the following weekend, I said needed it ,the chap call customer service which they offer me a discount of £40 which I agreed to accept the back of washer was scuffed up ,they said I would received it with in 5days to which I have not receive it ,the phone call that I made was 35minutes, to which I was was passed from one department to another couldn’t here them ,the order was put through Ambrose Wilson, I’ve checked my account they have put any refund there either ,so wonder if you could looked into this please find all numbers as follows delivery was 7th June, ref number2890328710, delivery number is 489928 model numberwmaqf 641p UK.m it was delivered to 31 old hall close thurmaston Leicester le48ar many thanks k freeman

  19. Karen Murray says:

    Tumble dryer fire risk. Absolute abisimal customer service. Been without a dryer for 3 weeks now. Waited in All day today after being promised a define call back from the claims team. No call came. Last week l was advised because of the seriousness of my complaint an advisor would call me within 24-48hours, again no call to date, over a week later.

  20. Linda Prange says:

    My dishwasher blew up last week and I’m having trouble finding a freestanding full load graphite dishwasher, I replaced my tumble dryer a couple of months ago and my washing machine last year si I need graphic to match those preferably with a delicate and half load buttons.
    I do hope you can help as I cannot afford to replace all of them.
    I think it’s very unfair that you discontinue things when people still need them, I have been a loyal Hotpoint customer for many years .