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HP Inc. UK Limited is a registered company, addressed at Cain Road, Amen Corner, Bracknell, Berks, RG12 1HN. The HP Customer Service is a registered producer under the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations of 2007. The HP commits to 100 percent renewable electricity under the management of Dion Weisler, the Chief Executive Officer of the HP. They are creating the future through actions, solutions and technology that makes life better for everyone, everywhere. To strengthen communities and the sustainable development of the society, improving the environmental performance of the customers, operations and supplies and acting with integrity and respect are what makes up the HP.

HP Products
The Hewlett-Packard has a very long list of products available for home and business use. The printers come with different features, designs and functions that range from black and white laser printers to the network print servers. Software products and HP Converged Cloud products are also available for your use and convenience. Digital cameras come with original line and the E, M and R series. They HP Customer Service also provides Scanjet series and film scanners, tablet computer, mobile phones, pocket computers, desktop calculators and computers, think clients, personal desktops, business notebooks, personal notebooks, workstations, servers, enterprise storage and other devices.


For customers who need assistance regarding their HP products, you have to go online and visit the official website of the HP Customer Service at www8.hp.com/uk/en/home.html, from there you can go to the Support page and let the HP Customer Service recommend you the possible solutions, and from the same page you may check the status of your HP products in for repair. For a business support, you may chat or call the HP Customer Service for your business products at 0207 949 0416. Call 0345 604 2921 to get help with your home product order’s status and +442079490230 for financial services.

More to Go
Live Chat provided by the HP Customer Service for business support is available from Monday to Friday at 8am to 9pm and the phone lines are open from Monday to Friday at 8am to 6pm. If you need to ask the HP for press enquiries in the United Kingdom, you may call 020 7853 2200, which is open from Monday to Friday at 8:30am to 6pm, except on Bank Holidays. The free web support is also provided online for you to find solutions & support for your HP products through the HP Total Care page. For your comments, simply fill out the form provided on the Connect with HP page of their website.

HP Complaints

HP Full Address: Cain Rd, Amen Corner, Binfield, Bracknell RG12 1HN, UK
Contact: HP Official

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HP Customer service

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2 comments on “HP Customer service

  1. Thomas Mathew says:

    I purchased an Envy laptop on 14th September online
    Since we have received it we have had a lot of trouble accessing wi fi.
    We contacted our internet provider who is sky and they suggested we get a new router which we have done.
    This has not helped at all and all our other devices connect to wi fi without any problem ( phones and I pad )
    Our laptop connects for no more than about 5 minutes and drops out every time.
    Do you think this is a problem with the laptop itself or with our wi fi itself.
    We have tried all the trouble shooting guides online to solve this without success.
    I would appreciate your advice on this as we are not able to use the lap top.

  2. lorraine wilson says:

    Today 11/04/2017 I telephoned the technical team as i had a problem with my printer. After one hour on the phone and trying to get my printer to work the technical guy on the phone think his name was Adrian or Aiden took my details and email address as he decided to send me another printer and asked me to return my old one. He said i would receive an email with a returns label but iv never received it.
    please could i hve a returns lable sent to me. Thank you.