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Swift Expansion
JD Sports Fashion PLC has long been known as the leading specialist multiple retailer of fashionable branded and own brand sports and casual wear in the United Kingdom. The JD Group now has more than 800 stores covering both sports and branded fashion, but it started when John David Sports was founded in 1981 with just one shop at Bury. It soon expanded and developed its reputation as the most ground-breaking visual merchandiser of sportswear with the best and most exclusive styles. In 2002, the JD Sports Customer Service acquired nearly 200 shops and in 2005, purchased over 70 stores from Allsports. In 2009, more of the expansions came with 75 smalls shops in France.

The JD Sports Customer Service had been supplying the United Kingdom and around the world with the latest and the greatest branded street style from the best brands around the world. You can choose from 1000s of JD exclusives and official stocks of top brands, such as, Adidas Originals, Nike, McKenzie, Converse, Lacoste, Carbrini, Fred Perry, The North Face, The Duffer of St. George, Reebok, Supply & Demand, Timberland and EA7. The JD Sports Customer Service are always proud to bring you the best of the bests footwear for men, women and kids. Customers may pick their sports, fashion and street styles that are always in demand.

JD Sports Customer service

How can I contact you?
In every business, it will always be possible for a customer to connect to the Customer Care. The JD Sports Customer Service will be glad to help the customers to respond to their queries as quick and efficient as they can in all possible ways. To contact the JD Sports Customer Service lines, you may call them on their phone number at 0161 393 7055. Alternatively, you may contact the JD Sports through social media and send them a tweet at @jdhelpteam. The other way of getting in touch with the JD Sports is by filling out the contact form on their official website at www.jdsports.co.uk/.

More to Know
You have to refer to your mobile network providers for the call rates, because calling the JD Sports Customer Service lines are not free of charge. Please, be aware also that during your session, your calls may be recorded for training purposes and to check the quality of the service. Another useful tool for you to learn about the services of the JD Sports Customer Service is the Frequently Asked Questions page that is also provided on the official website of the JD Sports. If you wish to talk to the teams of the JD Sports online, you may use the Live Chat tool on the website.

JD Sports Live Chat

JD Sports have human team can help you with live chat technology, to start JD Sports live chat go to JD Sports Chatting page.

JD Sports Complaints

JD Sports Email: [email protected]
JD Sports Full Address: Unit 60, St. Enoch Shopping Centre, St Enoch SC, Glasgow G1 4BW, UK
Contact: JD Sports Official

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JD Sports Customer service

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34 comments on “JD Sports Customer service

  1. Kyle Spencer-halsall says:

    HI there can you please contact with more information on how to get my 15 pounds for chip and pin that jd sports has charged me not only that av bought a trracksuit and wearing the trousers once has split the bottoms??

  2. Ria Cartwright says:

    I would like to speak to someone regarding a refund that I’am still waiting for I refuse to phone because I have had to phone your team 5 times already this week and its still not sorted

  3. kyran says:

    wondering where my order is.

  4. Natasha says:

    Hi I ordered a pair of trainers on the 1st of December but it says there still in warehouse

  5. wayne underhill says:

    hi still requesting to were my order is as its allready been aweek since order was palced ,the online tracker seems to no lack of results order number is 140003088

  6. karen sinclair says:

    I have ordered a north face top on 4th dec and have not received yet. the payment has been taken and it is not showing on the tracking service. JD140290113 is the reference. i have an email confirmation,

  7. Andy Yap says:


    Coould you please assist to check my this order no 139050474 where it has been shipping ? I received email it has been despatched on 25/11 but i’m yet receive my item.


  8. Jo says:

    Hi, I’ve tried ringing customer service but keep getting cut off. I have been charged twice for an item of clothing and would like to have the 2nd payment credited back please

  9. Jack says:

    I placed an order on the 5th December.
    I received a conformation email. I’m yet to receive a dispatched email. Could you please update me? Iv tried to use ‘track my order’ but its not working.
    Thank you

  10. Jude Dawson says:

    Please help
    I have 1 item in my basket: a £25.00 gift voucher, but the invoice says I must pay £53.99, instead of £28.99.
    This error occurred when I accidentally ordered 2 gift vouchers and then deleted 1 of them.

    Please fix this up so that I can pay.
    Many thanks
    Jude Dawson

    My Basket Reference: A0D69

  11. Sheila holdnall says:

    Hi I received my item today order num 141555542 size m I thought I was getting 2 pairs free when ordered it said they would chuck some others for free not only that but I ordered the same items in an extra large just a different colour I have not received those , I can not find a email for those but the money has came out of my bank sorry for being a pain s holdnall

  12. mrs Sharon OBrien says:

    I have cancelled an order with you nrkiosk ref. nr 139565410 but I have not yet received a refund of 53.99. I also did not get confirmation of having cancelled by phone. Can you email me to confirm the refund will be paid soon. Thank you

  13. jordana scott says:

    Ordered a supply and demand leggings and body suit on 3rdndecember havent had a dispatched email, and also ive been refunded only money for hodysuit, as I still want both could I have thenbodysuit in a size 6 instead of 8 as that I presume is ehy it has beennrefunded bcouse now there is no 8 in stock, I dont want to iust order the body suit again because I dont want to pay twice for delivery and have 2 diffrent delivery times could get back to me asap ive tried to ring 47 times and still havent got through, thanks jordana

  14. courtney says:

    please could you inform me of any of the nike air max half zip chevron jackets. green and in medium. and stores that have them in currently or when they will be in stock asap. thankyou

  15. Sian lewis says:

    Hi just wondering I placed a order yesterday and was suppose to receive a email as I usually do , but haven’t received one as yet but payment has been taken

  16. susan says:

    I placed an order on 13th Dec and have not yet had an email confirmation although you have taken my payment? Can you confirm that my order will be dispatched in the next 24 hours as that will have been 5 working days, if you dont include saturday.. but i imagine you are working 7 days a week this time of year… my order number is 141670912

  17. Sharon lydon says:

    Hi there I have received a text to come and pick up my order on the 3rd December, I went into the store on Friday and it wasn’5 there. The lady phoned customer service but was on hold for ages she told me they would get back to me but haven’t I really want to know wat is happening please as I order this ages ago thanks

  18. Debbie says:

    Order trainers last Wednesday they have took the money out my bank but I haven’t received a email saying it’s be despatched can’t track my order so I don’t even know if it’s going to turn up been told on the phone to wait a week

  19. Sheridan Durose says:

    Good Afternoon,
    Over the weekend I placed an order with yourselves. This was order 142055261. I received an order confirmation email and on this email it stated that I would receive an email when the order would be delivered. I have still not received this email and I have noticed that the money has been taken from my account but when I go onto my online JD account it says that I have no orders. Could you let me know what is happening with this please?
    Kind Regards

  20. Kevin Arias says:

    My name is Kevin Arias and my order is the number 142164273.

    The last Monday, I required the order and at the moment It is still waiting to be dispatched. Is there any problem? because my order is my family Christmas gifts and I’m very worried to receive them on time. Please, Can you help me?.

    Kevin Arias.

  21. Jessica says:

    Hello i placed an order monday,

    which stated in time for xmas delivery if order now,
    still not even had dispatched email, cant track it cant get through on the phone

    just wondered what is happening??

    i never have any issues normally as i always order online i understand its the christmas week but why advertise and keep sending me emails advertising the fact to order now for xmas if i cant even get an update on my order from monday??

  22. sophie says:

    i will never order from JD Sports again it is ridiculous!! i phoned before placing a order to ask if it would be with me in time for christmas – i have only just recieved an dispatched email to be told it will be with me in 3-5 working days which mean it will not be here!! i have tried contacting 20 times this morning to be told my call can not be taken you have given me no tracking information!!!! so upset by this

  23. Jennifer says:

    Regarding my order placed on 18 December – am waiting for an update. According to your website I will receive before Christmas . I cannot get through to customer services. This is unacceptable. Look forward to an urgent response. Going to vent my disappointment on Twitter to see If I get a response.

  24. Ryan says:

    Ordered a pair of LA trainers on the 17th of december, got my email confirmation and despatch confirmation, apparantley delivered on the 22nd, to a secure location!!! Where might that be??? Ive asked all my neighbours and nothing. Rang customer services xmas eve, and i was practically fobbed off. Can i please have some answers to where my trainers have been put please. Bang goes one xmas present. Order number
    JD 142038326

    Look forward to your response


  25. Tasha says:

    Hi my son got a Christmas present but he needs a size bigger but unfortunately we have lost the dispatch letter would it be possible to use a bank statement and the debit card used to get a bigger size

  26. Nicola fulton says:

    I ordered a pair of dragon trainers kiosk ref…
    141688968 on the 13/12/16 from a store to be delivered to my home address. I have returned to the store 3 times to see where these trainers are. All I got from JD was, they might take a bit longer due to been Christmas, bearing in mind, these were a present for Christmas…
    I’ve just contacted customer service, to be told that these trainers are no longer in stock and for me to return to the store to get a refund.
    I’m disgusted that I haven’t even had an email regarding these or telling me that they are out of stock. All I have done for the past week and half is chase up these trainers. I’m a big shopper at JD and I’m appalled at how this has been handled. I now have to trail again to JD to go get a refund now.
    Nicky Fulton

  27. Sara Cummings says:

    I’ve being trying to find out what has happened to my order, I’ve looked on track my order but it says there is no order, however the money has been taken. Are you able to help?
    S Cummings

  28. Natalie Mitchell says:

    Order no 141824206

    Please reply to my enquiry regarding the above order. Money was taken from my account for £75 on 16 December for an order I was told was despatched then for me to call again and be told there was no trace of my order and a refund would be given straight away. I am still waiting for this refund. Has it been done? Can never get through to anyone please reply asap or I will have no choice but make a complaint.

    Thank you.

  29. claire dopson says:

    im waiting on a delivery which i have missed 2 days in a row, i cant get in touch with the delivery driver as they havnt left a number, i got in touch with hermes they said get in touch with you!ive tried several times to ring you and get cut off, the delivery is coming back tomorrow and i need to tell her when i shall be in as not to miss her again or the delivery will be sent back, hermes said jd will be able to contact hermes to arrange a time.

  30. pennie walker says:

    Hi. i purchased a venom zip hoody from your inverness store a while back when i got home (i live on an island south uist ) this item did not fit so i took it back to one of your stores when i was back on the mainland and i was told your didnt do refunds on the 28th dec ..how can you help pennie walker

  31. Olga says:

    Hello, I would like to claim a price for Polo shirt, which I have ordered few days ago. Today I saw a price on the receipt is higher than I have ordered. When I have added product to basket i came doubled- non sale, but this was on sale and currently is.

  32. Jason Blenkinsop says:

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    My order 144127950 was accepted on 7th January and since then I haven’t heard anything. Can you assist?

  33. Mary Mason says:

    Rubbish, rubbish, rubbish online service. I rang up to cancel an order and was told to ring back half an hour later. I rang back and then was asked to ring back half an hour later again as the order hadn’t been fully processed (even though I had had an email). I asked if they were shut and they said they’re opened 24/7. They didn’t give me the 24/7 number so I ended up not being able to cancel my order on time and now its been dispatched.. Rubbish service – obviously couldn’t be bothered as it was near closing time.

  34. Tyenisha says:

    Hello Hello, you guys over charge my debit card my order came up to 295.99 and you charge me 370.00 I want to cancel this order immediately and I want all my funds returned to my card. I’m calling my bank right now to stop transaction!
    Please fix this now!!
    My order number is 148314071