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020 8736 2000
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What’s the Story?
Way back 2001, a group of gorgeous, young Danes has decided to take a stand. They said no to the world of figure chef-hood and confusing recipes. They later realized that they were better off letting the experts do the cooking and all they had to do was to handle the ordering takeaway that is a little bit easier and JUST EAT was born. Since then, JUST EAT Customer Service has become a champion of takeaway ordering online. They have set-up shop in 13 countries and opened more than 30,000 restaurants and have over 7 million members worldwide. JUST EAT UK was launched in 2006 and today with over 30,000 restaurants open to public.

How JUST EAT works
Customers may find JUST EAT Customer Service on the internet or on their smart phones by downloading the JUST EAT app, they may also enter their postcode to find the restaurants that offer delivery services to their area, customers may order from the online menu, they can manage the payments by card or cash on delivery and the JUST EAT restaurants receives the order for a printed copy straight to their JUST EAT terminals. As a leading takeaway online website in the United Kingdom, the JUST EAT Customer Service work hard for you with a highly dedicated customer care team.

Just Eat Customer Service

Get in touch
You can speak to any of the takeaway-loving team members of the JUST EAT Customer Service by simply dialing the phone number, 0344 243 7777. You may also send your messages through their email by filling up the form provided on the Contact Us page of the JUST EAT official website, which you may always visit at www.just-eat.co.uk/. It is also possible to reach out and get in touch with the JUST EAT Customer Service by staying online and chat with the JUST EAT team via Live Chat that is made available on the official website of the JUST EAT.

Other Information
Seven days a week, you may talk to the JUST EAT Customer Service from Monday to Sunday at 10 am to 12 midnight, so make sure that you have all your order details ready and the Customer Care will be able to sort things out a lot faster that way. You may also keep connected to the JUST EAT Customer Service by simply following them through Social Media, such as Facebook, tweeter and Google+. You might also find it interesting to browse and read the most popular questions that you may find on the Help page of their official website.

Just Eat Complaints

Just Eat Full Address: Imperial Place IP4 Maxwell Road, Borehamwood WD6 1JN, UK
Contact: Just Eat Official

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Just Eat Customer Service
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3 comments on “Just Eat Customer Service

  1. Charlotte Glenister says:

    I have just ordered from spice kitchen In blackpool. The food has not arrived and they have charged our card £20.26. We have tried to contact them by telephone and it says this phone line is not available. They have since gone offline on just eat. Can we please have a refund?

  2. carole says:

    Ordered fish & chips was delivered quicker than expected. Delivered by very polite young man, very happy.

  3. Del bartlett says:

    Ordered a meal on the iPad app, had an email from you giving me 25%off my order code number G8VJ-KPHC there was nowhere to input the code so had to pay the full price, rang up and was told to do the order on the web site and not use the app,whole idea of the app is for ease of use ,can’t believe this ,very poor, so out of pocket.