Lebara Customer Service

Phone Number

0844 995 1302
UK Operation Hours
Monday-Friday: 09:00AM - 08:00PM
Saturday: 09:00AM - 06:00PM
Sunday: 09:00AM - 06:00PM

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Who Lebara are
In 2001, the Lebara Group was founded to offer a tailored advanced telecommunications solutions for the families and friends in the community to keep in touch, both at home and in other countries. The vision of the Lebara Customer Service is to be the leader in providing a low cost, a high quality mobile service in the world, to bring each and every member of the family and friends get closer. The Lebara offers a mobile service that is easy to use where there are no complicated codes, has great quality calls, hassle free, you will have the peace of mind and offers low cost international calling rates.

What we do
The Lebara mobile provides pre-paid mobile SIM cards that are customized to meet the needs of the customers in the worldwide communities, particularly the migrant workers. The Lebara Customer Service strongly believes that the Lebara mobile services are always given to customers with the very low charges, instant connections, great quality networks, multilingual customer services, dependable service, without access codes, no hidden charges and zero lost minutes. Lebara mobile always works with the best partners to ensure the production of SIM cards and airtime available in every country. At the Lebara Customer Service, they understand that service mean more to customers and that staying in touch is important, so they stick to their values.

Lebara Customer Service

Contact Lebara
For your comments, problems or questions to the Lebara Customer Service, please feel free to use the form provided on the Help page of the official website of the Lebara at www.lebara.co.uk/. For those customers who are switching to Lebara, you may call the Lebara Customer Service on 0870 075 5588 and provide your Porting Authorisation Code, it normally takes around a day to get your number from your previous service provider. If you would like to write to the Lebara for your questions, you may post your mails at Csutomer Care, Lebara Mobile, 25 Copthall Avenue, London, EC2R 7BP, United Kingdom.

Tips for you
Please, do not fail to fill up the mandatory fields of the form for your queries, which is in asterisk. Please take note that if you would like to get your free SIM, it will be very easy and quick; you just have to provide your name, surname, email and your home address in the United Kingdom and the Lebara Customer Service will deliver it to you in 3 to 5 working days. Customers who are planning to switch to Lebara must advise your provider that you are switching to Lebara and you have to make sure that you will tell them that you are taking your number and ask for your PAC.

Lebara Live Chat

Lebara have human team can help you with live chat technology, to start Lebara live chat go to Lebara Chatting page.

Lebara Complaints

Lebara Full Address: Lebara Mobile, 25 Copthall Avenue, London, EC2R 7BP, UK
Contact: Lebara Official

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Lebara Customer Service

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21 comments on “Lebara Customer Service

  1. jana says:

    Good afternoon, I lost my phone with sim card. Thank you

  2. Shriram Kamat says:


    Initially i had 138mb of data and i have jus started video calling. within 2 minutes the data balance became “0”. Can you please check and help in this.

    1. Lumi says:

      My bundle wasn’t reactivate and instead take off money from my top up.
      Thank u, Lumi

  3. MARIUS says:

    hello i try to charge whit 5 £ my lebara number bat don.t work bicauses i dont use mor 2 mond. my number it 07990156156 tx

  4. John says:

    Can tell me.i have 2 payasyougo sims

    I am traveling portugal with 1 of the sims .l was wondering how much it will cost to call the other sim in the uk

    Thank you john

  5. Harshila says:

    Hi, Every month some amount is deducted from my balance. I would like to know what it is

  6. Dheeraj says:

    Hi,I wish to get the adult content filter off my number. Could you please help?

  7. Edyta Nowicka says:

    Unable to use my phone. Despite having a package from Lebara – my whole credit have been depleted and I am unable to use my phone – very unhappy

  8. Purnima says:


    Few months back my SIM got deactivated. When i asked the customer care, they informed me that when the sim was inactive for three months, it will be deactivated. Yes, i was only recieving calls, neither outgoing calls nor recharged. So I was forced to get another number. I have a small question, when the Sim will be inactivated. When no outgoing calls or when recharge is not done? I have enough balance now. Around 10Euro. i recharged it by Nov. Is it ok to just make an outgoing call, to avoid becoming inactive again. Waiting for your reply.

    Thanks in Advance,
    Purnima A T

  9. sruthi says:

    I lost my sim card almost an year ago. I would like to get a new sim card with the same number.

    Kindly do the needful.


  10. Wilfred Martin says:

    I have balance of 488 minutes UK calls and 481 minutes International calls – but I am unable to place a call to a UK number. It says credit not available.

    Kindly resolve.

  11. Ahmed Alrubaiy says:

    My sim card expires, I need to reactive it again, please.

  12. Anthony Smith says:

    Why is it that I can’t get my problem solved?

    Worse, I have gone through almost £10 of credit in days….and why?

    Chat line doesn’t work !!

  13. Marie Fernando says:

    i would like to get my PAC code please.
    thank you

  14. Aneta says:

    hello, I have a problem with my iPhone because I was send iPhone to Poland and the sim card reader is blocked and I can’t use polish network. how I can fix it?

  15. brigita says:

    hello,i have lebara top up sim card,but now i get contract with wodafone,so i want leave this numbet,i need code.

  16. Babar Jamal says:

    Hi there, I was trying to reach my number and somehow couldn’t. A friend has called me and answering machines says, my number is expired
    May I know how can I reactivate my number while I am abroad and unable to call customer services in country

  17. emi says:

    IFSC Code means?

    Account number means?

    am trying to open an account to get a lebara money account card

  18. Adrian says:

    Hello! I need to change my old sim lebara with a new sim. I want a trio pack (nano,micro,etc.) but i want to keep my number. What can i do? Thanks

  19. MR Kristof szoregi says:

    Hi I just wanted to top up my phone with 10 pounds. A tried to do it with PayPal and with my bank card as well. Both time it failed but it seems you guys have taken the money from my PayPal account. There is nothing wrong with my card or with my PayPal account. However you guys don’t have free call center and I didn’t manage to find a proper e-mail adress where I can make a complaint. Very poor cusomer service as you charge for phone calls and don’t provide contact e-mail adress. Shame on you!!


  20. Paloma says:

    Question about buying iPhone free sim