LG Customer Service

Phone Number

0844 995 1262
UK Operation Hours
Monday-Friday: 09:00AM - 06:00PM
Saturday: Close
Sunday: Close

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Overview and the Key People
On October 1, 1958, the LG Electronics was established in Seoul, South Korea by Koo In-Hwoi, having a global sales of US$55.91 billion under the management of Bon-Joon Koo, the CEO and the executives, namely, Seong-Jin Jo, the President & CEO for Home Appliance & Air Solution Company; Jun-Ho Cho, the President & CEO, for Mobile Communication Company; Do-Hyun Jung, the President & Corporate Business Administration Officer; Bong-Suk Kwon, the President & CEO for Home Entertainment Company and Woo-Jong Lee, the President & CEO for Vehicle Components Company. The LG Customer Service controls 119 local subsidiaries around the world with approximately 83,000 executives and employees.

Business Units and Online Services
An energy partner producing units in 4 different areas: First, Home Entertainment, which includes TVs, Audio & Video, Monitors, PCs & Accessories and Commercial Products; Second, Mobile Communications and that comprises the G. Series, Vu: Series, F Series and L Series II; Third, Home Appliance & Air Solution, which embraces Refrigerators, Washing machines, Dishwashers, Cooking appliances, Vacuum cleaners, Built-in appliances, Air conditioners, Air purifiers and Dehumidifiers; Fourth, Vehicle Components that includes In-Vehicle Infotainment, HVAC & Motor and Vehicle Engineering. A wide range of LG Customer Service are also available online, such as Live Chat, Email and other services found on the Support page.


LG Support
For a more detailed information about the wide range of the LG products available online, simply visit the official website of the LG at www.lg.com/uk. The LG Customer Service is also available via Live Chat, so you can chat with the LG Support representative on their website in real time. You may also send a message through email and you can find the Email link on the website, you just have fill out the form needed. Customers who would like to contact the LG Customer Service through their phone number in the UK may dial 0344 847 5454 and IE at 01 686 9454.

Be Notified
The Live Chat support of the LG Customer Service is open from Monday to Saturday at 9am to 5pm and they are closed on Sundays and Bank Holidays, while the Customer Care for Phone Calls from Monday to Friday at 9am to 6pm and they are also closed on Sundays and Bank Holidays. Customers who sent a message through the Email link online, expect for the LG Customer Service representative to respond to your queries by email within 24 hours. You may also connect with the LG via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram accounts. For other help needed, you may visit the Support Page of the LG.

LG Complaints

LG Full Address: Velocity 2, Brooklands Dr, Weybridge, Brooklands, Surrey KT13 0SL, United Kingdom
Contact: LG Official

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LG Customer Service

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  1. G.Ransom says:


  2. Janet lang says:

    Hello I have had a smart tv model no. 39LN575V for a few years during that time I have waited patiently for you to update the softwearvand provide an app for ITV hub/player and channel 4OD. Instead I get apps for other things that have no interest to me. I am amazed at this point in time you cannot stream the above the only way is to go through the Internet which is slow time consuming If Roku and other platforms can provide this facility why can t you?
    If I can now do this please email me instructions.
    I look forward to your reply

  3. cowdrey patrick says:

    Re: 2x new lg 55 inch tvs 3d smart tvs that have static web pages and no flash support and lg 3d blu rays that cant add web browsers to add to existing youtube app

    Despite testing the linux flash from site “4 alternatives to flash” the usb pen sees the file as a tn file. download and install not supported despite repeatedd message “your linux browser is out of date.” If you have some u niversal way of solving this problem to make linux behave like windows please post the system install rom with installation instructions to 38 crown st telford TF4 3NR so that both tvs will act the same way and a browser can nbe added to youtube on the 3d blu ray instead of hoping Ill pay to join netflix. Looking forward to hearing from you soon

  4. Mr Ricky Brown says:

    Customer service….Hmmm. That usually means Customers get a service to rectify issues they have. I cant even get through to customer services because your so busy. LG G4…I’ve had nothing but issues since my move from apple. 1st Android and what a let down…honestly. I-phone 7, here I come thanks. Although I still need this fixing….