Lidl Customer service

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0844 995 1318
UK Operation Hours
Monday-Friday: 8am - 9pm
Saturday: 8am - 9pm
Sunday: 9am - 7pm

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In 1930s, the Lidl history started and the Lidl Customer Service was established in Germany as a wholesaler grocery store, but then the Lidl has grown and expanded to be one of the biggest retailers of grocery products in Europe. The first Lidl stores were opened in 1973 and during the 1980s, the Lidl was a household name in the whole of Germany. In the 1990s, the Lidl started expanding and opening their stores outside Germany and now you can find the Lidl in almost every country in Europe. The Lidl has grown up as a major retailer of food in Europe.

Lidl Surprises
Lidl Customer Service is a pride in top quality products offered at the lowest possible prices to all customers in Europe. The Lidl stores are operated by a network of dedicated store staff, helping to establish and further develop the success of the Lidl Customer Service in more than 600 stores, providing the Lidl Wine Cellar; meat; fish; vegetables; pastries; recipes from the American, Asian, British, French, Greek, Iberian, Italian and Mexican delicacies; sensational deals and offers are also available online for garden care, kitchen pro, plants & flowers, city cycling, sweet dreams, home tech, bathroom, spring clean and basics.

Lidl Customer service

Friendly Customer Care
Consumers who have questions, comments and requests to the Lidl, you may contact the friendly telephone service of the Lidl Customer Service at 0800 977 7766 or 0370 444 1234. You may also write to the Lidl service team by sending them an email at [email protected] or you may fill in the contact form on the Customer Service page of the Lidl, which is provided on the official website of the Lidl at If you feel comfortable chatting to the Lidl Customer Service, then be at ease and chat with the service team through the Live Chat tool found on their official website.

More for Assistance
You may subscribe to the newsletter of the Lidl Customer Service for you to receive updates about their promotional offers and news releases regarding the Lidl. Please be aware that call charges to the helpline of the Lidl Customer Service varies depending on your landline or mobile service network provider. Always take note that the lines of the Customer Care for assistance are open from Monday to Saturday from 8am to 8pm and on Sundays at 10am to 5pm, where exceptions may apply on Bank Holidays. When you are connecting to the Lidl lines, you are agreeing that the Lidl UK GmbH may use and keep your details as necessary when managing your request in accordance with Data Protection.

Lidl Complaints

Lidl Email: [email protected]
Lidl Full Address: Brooms Rd, Dumfries DG1 2DZ, UK
Contact: Lidl Official

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Lidl Customer service

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17 comments on “Lidl Customer service

  1. Kevin says:

    Hi, I would like to buy one of your Lidl SilverCrest Nutrition Mixers, is there any way I can purchase one of these even though you sold them in August?
    Kevin Downs

  2. robert jennings says:

    purchased a multi cooker from your newly opened mablethorpe store on the 03/04/2017 only to find when opened the actual brown lid handle was broken telephoned your customer service people who put methrough to the manufacturer in Germany they have said they have no spare handles or lids and will have to order one but do not know how long this will take to arrive to us,telephoned your customer service team back they said this was old stock that they were selling in the new mablethorpe store and that they have noine left as it was old stock I find this very disturbing as this unit hasa 3year warranty with it,how could you exchange it if you have none your help in this matter would be appreciated,thank you robert

  3. Marta Clare says:

    I just sent you an email on your contact us form. I do not know whether you received it because when I clicked on “send” nothing seemed to happen. I was complaining about flimsy packaging on Lighthouse Bay Haddock fillets which tells you that cooking instructions are on the reverse. The wrapping tears and the instructions are illegible.
    I experienced this on several occasions. It would be great if the cooking instructions were on the front of the package. If they have to be on the back then the packaging would have to be more sturdy so it does not disintegrate when torn.
    Thank you, Mrs. M. Clare

  4. Mrs Barbara Maher says:

    Hi,have to say I really like Lidl,great store,I have just visited the one at Acomb/York and checked by bill to find I have been charged for 2 bags of cat litter @ £1.55 each when I actually only had 1,and also I was wondering what the item on my bill as mini veg might be,as I don’t seem to have 1 of those either.
    Mrs B.Maher

  5. Keith green says:

    Many thanks please can you help, I have a chainsaw sharper FSG85B1. IAN72648.
    Where can I attain a new cutting disc for itv .
    Regards keith

  6. James Alexander Dunning says:

    Hi, can we request that you re-stock coffee beans please. These appear periodically and the brands offered are always excellent, but you appear to have stopped stocking beans, which is a great disappointment.
    Otherwise our local store in Sowerby Bridge, West Yorkshire, is excellent with hard working, cheery staff.
    It is always a pleasure to shop there – but we need the beans back pse!

  7. Wendy Smith says:

    Can you please tell me how to get a replacement battery for florabest hedge trimmer FAH 18 A1 model 18MC01 INPUT 230-240V – 50/60Hz 67W
    Grizzly Gartengerate
    Have tried on line with no luck
    Hope you can help me

  8. Heather Pook says:

    I am disgusted by your staff at the Dorchester shop. I bought 14 of your beautiful healthy lavender plants a couple of days after they arrived and they are growing well in my garden. As for the remaining plants displayed outside the shop they are all either already dead, or dying through lack of water, together with sad looking bedding plants. What a disgrace the front of the shop looks with these on display!!

  9. Steve Butler says:

    Reference to Burton on Trent Store, Derby Road.

    Dear Sir.

    I am a regular customer to the above store and with that it is with regret that I feel I must contact you to express my disgust with the condition of fruit and vegetables offered in this store. This is not a one off but would appear to be every week I see numerous produce rotting and or mould ridden.

    Lettuce, probably the first item you will see as you enter the store. Bruised and rotting in full display. Now this is not a discount item, in fact its the same price in Tesco’s’.

    Mouldy oranges

    Peaches that are so mouldy the soft puss is leaking from the packaging. Also twice the price of the Tesco product.

    Loose cherries, now these nearly made me vomit. They were mouldy brown and de-composing and some wrapped around a chain . I attempted to take a picture of these to show you as evidence but I think a member of staff working next to the cherries must have heard my disgust removed them from display. Great, you might think! not at all the staff member replaced said items with more. Not nice fresh ones, but more of the same rubbish.

    I have pointed this problem out to staff before with very little effect. I now do not buy this type of compost from Lidl any more, but buy from other sources.

    Please don’t mistake my complaint as reflection on the rest of the store as I still shop there I just find that I have to be extra vigilant as to check all the produce before buying it.

    Please note I find most of the staff helpful and pleasant, except the “security person” who appears to follow you around the store making for an uncomfortable shop.

    Thank you for your patience with my issues and I hope you have time to look into it.

    Kind regards

  10. Lyn Boot says:

    Can you tell me why you have discontinued selling the small cooked ham joints. It has been a favourite of ours for a long time. Thanks

  11. ROBERT SMITH says:

    just like to tell you that the new line in yoghurts are absolutely gorgeous


    Feedback on shopping experience in your Llandaff North Store in Cardiff. I brought a reduced item as it had a sticker with a 30% discount but when I checked my receipt when I got home I had been charged the full price so I was not happy as I only brought the item as it was reduced.

  13. Robin bygrave says:

    Can you please explained why you have changed you shopping baskets from the nice normal size to the stupid ones that I found in your Hinckley store today. They are so big they get in the way. If you only come in for a few items why do I have to use a basket which will hold more than you shopping trolleys. A number of people in the store we’re say that they are far to big.

  14. Mark Court says:

    Visited the Hawkinge store today and was very impressed with the new lay out. When unpacking we noticed 2 out of 4 peaches were bad and 2 out of 5 nectarines were bad so we phoned customer service as the store is some distance from us. Very helpful with an apology and a promise of a letter and refund.

  15. peter newton says:

    I have just bought one of you silvercrest rotary shavers srd 600 a1 model and in the manual page 15 it mentions replacement heads but the website mentioned has nothing about this model on it. How can I find out how much they are and where to get them from?

  16. Diane O'Dowd says:

    purchased breaded cod at lidl plympton today. It was reduced to 88p but I was charged £1.18p not worth returning to store as I’d pay more in petrol to complain and also I don’t have time!! but I’d like to note my complaint as this was reduced because of date so I paid more for not so fresh, not happy, expect better from Lidl!!

  17. Hannah Asiamah says:

    I would like to ask if the Lidl head office will give me a space to put a kios for our restaurant business please.
    The space is at the side of main road before Iceland shop Dagenham HeathWay Essex.