Microsoft Customer Service

Phone Number

0344 800 2400
UK Operation Hours
Monday-Friday: 08:00AM - 07:00PM
Saturday: 09:00AM - 07:00PM

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Vision of the Microsoft UK
In the United Kingdom, Microsoft Customer Service has a global vision to invest every individual and organization to succeed more in education, in business driven to succeed and in the society of committed people with the widest range of products, services and programmes that will help a more accessible change in learning, such as, Computer Science in the Curriculum, Cloud in education, devices in the classroom and a professional development. The Microsoft is responsible and committed to working and considering the environment with its verified global standards, reducing carbon as a strategy and engaging with partners, stakeholders, investors and organizations touching the business.

Microsoft Store and Products
The Microsoft Customer Services offers the widest range of Store and Products for different devices. In Store, different Devices, Software, Apps, Games, Entertainment, Business & Education and Sales are covered. The Products of the Microsoft Customer Service include Software & Services for your desktop, laptop or mobile phones; Devices & Xbox for all Microsoft devices, surface, all Windows PC & Tablets, PC Accessories, Xbox & games, Microsoft Band and the Lumia; Software, Platform, Surface and Solutions for Business; For developers & IT pros are software for programming; and Shop PCs and tablets and Microsoft for Education for students & educators.

Microsoft groups

Keeping in Touch with Microsoft
Microsoft users who need an urgent assistance or general enquiries may contact the Microsoft Customer Service through their phone number in the United Kingdom at +44 0344 800 2400. Those who prefer to send a fax may connect to +44 0870 60 20 100. For users who would like to write to the Microsoft Customer Service may post their mails at Microsoft Campus, Thames Valley Park, Reading, Berkshire, RG6 1WG, United Kingdom. For more information about the Microsoft, you may visit their official website at For other questions, you may refer to the Contact Us page of their website to seek help from the Answer Desk.

Recap for Microsoft Users
When it comes to your questions regarding the Microsoft products, the Microsoft Customer Service is always ready to answer you. All you need to do is to first check the possible answers to your questions through the Contact Us pages, especially if it has something to do with your Accounts & billing, Services & Apps, Device, Phone or Xbox and the Microsoft Store. Support for business and IT professionals are also entertained by the Answer Desk of the Microsoft Customer Service. Aside from finding out the solutions on their official website, you may also seek for help via Live Chat.

Microsoft Complaints

Microsoft Full Address: Thames Valley Park, Sonning, Reading, West Berkshire RG6 1WA, United Kingdom
Contact: Microsoft Official

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Microsoft Customer Service

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7 comments on “Microsoft Customer Service

  1. Felix Furman says:

    I’m a Hotmail user since 1998
    I’ve received an email stating that I’m a lucky winner in this years annual promotion held in London.
    Winner Nimber: 23
    I’m curious,
    Is that not joke?

  2. frank says:

    hi there ; i have lost my microsft works 8 programme from my desktop my old disk will not reinstall it; is there any way which i can get it back or update to another wersion , thank you for your consideration and assistance.

  3. Isobel Swinbourne says:

    Good Morning

    I have received a message saying i have spent £122.55. I have now got £128 showing for things I have supposedly purchased from microsoft store.
    The payments have gone through on my mobile phone account.
    I have not purchased these and am very concerned that my account has been hacked. Please are you able to put a stop on my account and be able to let me know more about the transactions.

  4. Darren says:

    Hello, I have got a Microsoft surface 2 which I bought in Sept 2014. I have been really happy with it until a few weeks ago the touch screen stopped working and now I can’t use it as a tablet. I’m aware the warranty has just run out as well. Are these products designed to last just 2 years?. I have as well just received an e mail about a possible upgrade!. Very disappointed at what has happened as this seemed to be the ideal pc\tablet for what I needed.

  5. Elizabeth McNie says:

    Have now been waiting an hour for you to phone me back (supposed to be 2 minutes) I am unable to get into my e-mails. A blue circle keeps going round the FOCUSED box. Will not let me click on it to open it. Have been trying since 7am. Need to get into them as there at a few important ones I need to deal with.

  6. eugene mcmenamin says:

    I bought your Office professional 2010 back in 2010 and I have the Critical Error Message that people keep having when you go to shut down.So I was advise to reset windows and I now don’t have my office package anymore can I get this back please. This is the order that was placed as I work for Bracknell Forest Council and got it at a special price and I do still work there.

  7. lisa says:

    are you open today, I have been hanging on for 10 mins and no one is answering?