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0345 611 6111
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Every week, 11 million customers and households are passing through Morrisons and around 117,000 people are employed to meet the people’s needs from the Morrisons Customer Service. With the huge number of customers, the Morrisons would like to define and grow stronger by being more competitive and investing £300 million in the offers; by serving customers better by recruiting more employees; by finding local solutions with the store’s raging, pricing, promotional offers and services; by introducing popular and useful services, having 400 cafes, 142 dry cleaners, 120 pharmacies and more than 300 petrol stations; to simplify and speed up teams; and to make an improved supermarket.

The Brands
With Morissons Cellar, you will find the most exclusive range of wines that has won 80 awards in the year, in mixed cases and special offers. With the M Kitchen, you will find fresh and ready Italian, British, French, Indian and Chinese meals for a single person, for two or for the whole family. Side dishes, pizza & Pasta, Desserts, Soups & Sauces and other foods are also available. In the Nu Me section of the Morrisons Customer Services, you can get all fresh meat & Poultry items. Just for Kids department provides fresh foods and meals for kids and the M Signature has fresh ready meals.

Morrisons Customer service

Customer Service Desk
To deliver great services to millions of customer is the pride of the Morrisons Customer Service. For customers who have questions and need assistance from the Customer Care of the Morrisons, then feel free to give them a call at 0345 611 6111 for service enquiries and the Match & More deal; dial 0345 322 0000 for your Online Shopping help; 0845 611 5000 for the General and Corporate demands; and call 0845 611 5710 for the Investor enquiries. You may also find the Enquiry form provided on the official website of the Morrisons on the Contact Us page on

Other Care
If you wish to write to the Morrisons Customer Service for your concerns and issues, you may post your mails at Customer Service Department, Wm Morrison Supermarkets PLC, Hilmore House, Gain Lane, Bradford, BD3 7DL. If you do not find it convenient and comfortable to call the Morrisons Customer Service, then you may go online and browse the Help & Information page located on the official website of the Morrisons Customer Service, where you can find links to Useful Information, Store Services and Store Finder that may help you with what you want to know. For your claims, check out the list of stores or sites provided on the official website of the Morrisons.

Morrisons Complaints

Morrisons Full Address: Hilmore House, Gain Lane, Bradford, BD3 7DL, UK
Contact: Morrisons Official

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Morrisons Customer service

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3 comments on “Morrisons Customer service

  1. Pat Dreggs says:

    I recently bought your own brand of special flakes red fruit and whilst eating my breakfast this morning bit onto a cherry stone. Luckily I didn’t swallow it or give it to my granddaughter. Hopefully this is a one off but I’m very wary of eating anymore from this pack.

  2. Marian horn says:

    Please will you enable me to reset my password to enter your online shopping

  3. Val Strathdee says:

    I live in Cambuslang, Near Glasgow. I visited your store yesterday and was most disappointed with the lack of Scottish produce and products. As an example Gin. Scotland has many many Gin Distilleries far more than England yet you only stock a few. There is lots of cheese made in Scotland. There were a few packs of Scottish mince but lots with Union Jacks. In fact I was extremely disappointed to see so little Scottish produce but lots and lots of Union Jacks all over the shop. I might not be the only person to object to this situation. For a while you were making an effort but things seem to have changed. I would appreciate your thoughts.