Mothercare Customer Service

Phone Number

0344 875 5222
UK Operation Hours
Monday-Friday: 08:00AM - 08:00PM
Saturday: 09:00AM - 06:00PM
Sunday: 09:00AM - 05:00PM

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At a Glance
Mothercare PLC is a global retailer for parents and young children. The iconic brands have a long history as specialist retailers in the United Kingdom. The Mothercare Customer Service started to open their first store in 1961 and in 1974 opened an Early Learning Centre. Both brands resonate well with the customers of the Mothercare. Now, they have opened 1,500 stores in more than 60 countries, offering a range of products from both Mothercare and Early Learning Centre, which are sold in the United Kingdom through the Group’s multi-channel in-store and online store retail operations and including the smaller wholesale operations.

The brand
At Mothercare Customer Service, they aim to be able to be the prominent mother and baby specialist in the shops of the world to which they operate. The Mothercare products are intended to meet the needs to the mothers-to-be, babies, and children up to the age of eight. The product offering of the Mothercare Customer Service includes clothing & footwear with children’s ranges from entry price offering mothers daily value of the more premium Little Bird and Baby K ranges and Blooming Marvellous, the maternity range; Home & Travel that includes pushchairs, car seats, furniture, bedding, feeding and bathing equipment; and toys mainly for babies.


How to contact Mothercare
One of the simplest way of connecting to the Mothercare Customer Service is by typing your question on the Help page of the official website of the Mothercare at You may also send the Customer Care an email through the link found on their website. If still, you did not get an answer to your question, then feel free to call and talk to the Mothercare Customer Service representatives at 0344 875 5222. Customers who would like to write to the Customer Care of the Mothercare may post their mails at Customer Care, Mothercare, Cherry Tree road, Watford, Hertfordshire, WD24 6SH.

Some Tips
An Online service of the Customer Care is always available 24 hours a day, so your questions will surely be heard and given appropriate actions. For your emails, you have to wait at least 24 hours for the Mothercare team to respond to your queries. Please, be aware about the calling rates of your network provider because calls cost no more than a national standard rate call. And for the helpline of the Mothercare Customer Service, they are open from Monday to Friday at 8am to 8pm, on Saturdays at 9am to 6pm and on Sundays at 9am to 5pm. Another way to track Mothercare is by tweeting them at @mothercarehelp between 9am to 5pm.

Mothercare Complaints

Mothercare Full Address: Cherry Tree Road ,Watford, Hertfordshire, WD24 6SH, UK
Contact: Mothercare Official

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Mothercare Customer Service

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3 comments on “Mothercare Customer Service

  1. Martin smith says:

    My wife and I recently purchased a Car Seat from the Kirkaldy Store on 2nd of June. (This is a second seat for spare car) We have already purchased Car seats in the past.

    This weekend we used it with our Child on 1 journey only and she did not settle , and struggled in the seat. on checking we noted that whilst it was in an upright position that it wasn’t upright enough in the car in the same way that our other seat (Maxi Cosy recently purchased) is upright and comfortable for our daughter. As result our Child will not settle in the seat and it is not suitable for use.

    On Saturday the 8th of July we returned to the Kirkaldy store in an attempt to swap this for a more upright Seat at greater cost if necessary. We were advised by the sales assistant that due to this having been used that it is not Policy to return the chair. The Manager of the store was called and reiterated the no return policy that the sales assistant had just advised further explaining safety concerns driving this policy, which we can completely understand reasoning of this.

    I tried to explain to the Manager that at no point during demonstration or at the Till point during the transaction of sale did the member of staff who sold us the Car seat advise us that there was a no returns policy, we were simply asked if we would like a fitting , or would we like to waver the fitting. I explained that as we were comfortable with the Demo we had thus agreed to waver the demonstration which the Manager advised was now advising was our accepting liability for suitability for out car. I reiterate here, at no point prior to or at the time of sale was the returns policy and relationship of that policy to any the fitment or waver of this ever explained to us.

    Due to the circumstance where necessary information regarding the returns policy was not provided , also the fitting waver not properly explained we were not provided a ‘fair and reasonable’ opportunity to make the correct decision on a definitive choice of product the Product purchase as is the obligation of the store.

    I explained tried to explain this to the Manager ands she continued to repeat her apology that the product could not be returned and that she was sorry. I found completely cornered in the discussion, patronised and very undervalued as a regular customer of Mothercare.

    Therefore I conclude it is our position that we have been miss sold this product and it is our intention to pursue return and a full refund. I would kindly request that someone call me to discuss the way forward with a swift solution to this unacceptable situation.

    Mr Martin Smith

  2. Lynne Walmsley says:

    I received an email stating my parcel was left in my back porch. It was not, I do not have a back porch and the only way to my back garden is through my house. It was obvious my parcel had been left somewhere else, yet your delivery driver did not leave a card letting me know where he had left it. I rang Yodel, they told me my parcel was with a neighbour they could not tell me a house number as the photo taken did not have a number on it. I was told to look for a black car on the drive! Yodel told me my parcel was only 3 doors away. I went three doors to my left but no parcel, then three doors to the right but no parcel. I was lucky my parcel had been left on the back doorstep of number 24 and the lady was honest and delivered it for you. I live at number 36, Not really three doors away. I don’t understand why your driver did not leave my parcel on my next door neighbours back doorstep, but had to go down the street to leave it. Not very good service from your driver. I have put a complaint into Yodel too.JD0002257271694762 was the tracking number. I think you should know this as it was not a very good service. Lynne Walmsley

  3. Sharon says:

    Can’t believe if you can’t find your receipt if your pushchair is only 4 months old and breaking they won’t even fix it I know and a 4 month old baby with no pushchair not happy at all