PlayStation Customer Service

Phone Number

0203 538 2665
UK Operation Hours
Monday-Friday: 10:30AM - 07:00PM
Saturday: 10:30AM - 07:00PM
Sunday: Close

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PlayStation as a Game-changer
At Sony Computer Entertainment in Europe, the PlayStation is for the players. Since 1995, the PlayStation has bought unbelievable experiences, incredible adventures and a cast of thousands into the homes of every gamers around the world. The PlayStation has sent players out into the world with the whole universe in their hands. Today, the PlayStation Customer Service was raging a path into the future of entertainment systems, games and apps with the PS 4, PS 3 and PS Vita. With the aim to connect the players to the services of the PlayStation such as the PS Plus and the PS Network.

Explore the Products and Services
The PlayStation Customer Service offers a huge variety of products, the Games includes the PS4, PS3 and PS Vita; Consoles for PS4, PS3, PS Vita and PS TV. Services are offered on the PS Network, where you need to register and sign in to your accounts; the PS Plus to join and renew membership; Sign in and connect to My PSN service; Inside PlayStation is composed of the PS Blog and the PS Community; Get Help online with the Help Library, PSN Status, Grief Reporting and Console Repair; and the PlayStation Store, which covers the featured products and games to discover.


Getting in Touch
Get help and support from the PlayStation Customer Service by calling them, you may reach the Customer Care through their phone number at 0203 538 2665. You may also get in touch with the PlayStation Customer Service by writing down your questions and post them to their address at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Limited, 10 Great Marlborough Street, London, W1F 7LP, United Kingdom. Customers who would like to seek help online may visit the official website of the PlayStation at and you may send them an email through the link found on the Contact Us page of the website.

Please be reminded about the availability of the PlayStation Customer Service helpline, you can reach out for help and assistance from Monday to Saturday at 10:30am to 5pm. Before connecting to the PlayStation Customer Service, make sure that you have access to your PlayStation system and that you have written down the serial number because it will help the technical support answer your questions as fast as possible. Aside from calling, you may also send your questions and find answers through Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. Lastly, you may find the Contact Us Page from their website, where you can find links to the PlayStation Community, Grief Reporting, Fix & Replace, FAQ and Twitter Support.

PS Customer Service

PlayStation Complaints

Contact: PlayStation Official

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PlayStation Customer Service

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6 comments on “PlayStation Customer Service

  1. Kenneth says:

    Hello I was going on to my account which is alexhunter42 and it got banned when I didn’t do anything so I was wondering can you please unbanned it

  2. Ashleigh Pettinger says:

    Hi I’m needing help as my x partner has a PlayStation account and is using it to take money from my bank account I need my bank details removing from your systems can you help me xx

  3. Martin Evans says:

    Hi , please help, we had a poercut the other night whilst my PS4 was on rest mode the result is my charger that was plugged in now doesnt work, tried the rest button the back of the controller, and unplugging the charger and replugging in, which causes a two second yellow light to appear on the back of my controller, so disappointed as ive only had my console 18 months and ive hardly used it,

  4. Hilary Carter says:

    My 12 year old grandson has without my consent used my bank account to get over£500 worth of orders from your network .He did have a message to say you have cancelled his orders but I have not had the money put back into my account.My bank has advised me to contact you to see what is happening thank you

  5. Jacqueline Sylvester says:

    I was charged £49.99 for the online renewal service when it was £40 last year. Apparently my son may have ticked the box for automatic renewal. I was not aware of this and queried it as no information as to what was actually bought showed on payment. My sons account is now not active and I have a very distressed child. You could as a company have sent out a reminder and also inform of the price increase. If this was done I would have been aware and my sons account would still be active. Would you kindly address the matter please. Mistakes are made.

  6. jack rudge says:

    i forgot my password for my account called FudgeEU. I have followeed the steps and it tells me to put it the date of birth in order to reset my change my password. but i forgot what i made my date of birth on this account so can u help me.