Sky Customer Service

Phone Number

0844 995 1317
UK Operation Hours
7:00AM - 11:00PM

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Sky at a Glance
Rupert Murdock, the Chairman; Jeremy Darroch, the Chief Executive Officer; and Martin Gilbert, the Deputy Chairman, are the key people of the Sky Customer Service that was formed on November 2, 1990 with the Sky Television and British Satellite merged, which is one of the leading entertainment companies in Europe, serving 21 million customers across Italy, Germany, Austria, the United Kingdom and Ireland, employing 30,000 people, investing £4.9 billion, having a revenue of £11.3 billion, offering the best and the broadest contents, delivering a market-leading customer service and using the innovative new technology for the customers to have a better TV experience.

Sky Shop
Aside from the Digital terrestrial T, Video on demand, Game consoles and Broadband served; and Digibox, Personal video recorder, High Definition, 3D and a Sky Q & UHD produced via Sky Customer Service, you may find it interesting to browse the Sky Shop that offers a wide range of choices, such as, TV bundles offered with free items; setting your TV with Sky Q; unlimited broadband and talk packages, such as the Sky Fibre Unlimited or the Sky Broadband Unlimited, where you can download all the music, videos and photos you like; and you may choose the right bundle for you TV and broadband availability.

Sky TV

Call a Sky Expert
There are so many ways on how you are going to connect to the Sky Customer Service and one of those numerous ways is to call in the experts of the Sky via phone call. You may speak with the Sky Customer Service for your worries regarding your Sky TV, Account & Billing, Sky Broadband, Sky Talk, Sky TV Apps and Sky ID or if you would like to make a complaint and move home at 03442 411 653. You may also call the automated self-service phone line of the Sky at 0333 202 2133, if you have questions with your Bills & Payments.

Remember This
Customers of the Sky Talk are charged free when they are contacting the helpline of the Sky Customer Service. Those who are calling and not with a Sky Talk, your calls to 03 has the same charges with your calls to 01 or 02 numbers that are included with your call packages, but without a call package, the charges vary on your network service providers. Do not forget to check the official website of the Sky Customer Service at to learn more about their products and services, and for other topics about your enquiries, visit the Help page provided on their website.

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  1. Sky TV
  2. Account & billing
  3. Sky Broadband
  4. Sky Talk
  5. Make a complaint
  6. Moving home
  7. Sky TV Apps
  8. Sky iD

Useful Links

  1. Help Articles – Solve your issues and find information about Sky services.
  2. Sky Help Forum – Share & get tips with the Sky community.
  3. Service Status – Network issues in your area.

Sky Live Chat

Sky have human team can help you with live chat technology, to start Sky live chat go to Sky Chatting page.

Sky Complaints

Sky Full Address: Digital Campus, Harmer Ln, Sheffield, South Yorkshire S1 2BP, UK
Contact: Sky Official

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Sky Customer Service

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4 comments on “Sky Customer Service

  1. Daniel Johnson says:

    Great helpline! I talked with agent named Barbara and she served me very well, told me how to fix my problem and she was very polite.


    I have recently returned to Sky TV following a period of time away.One of the issues that caused me to cancel my subscription was due to regular technical problems. This still appears to be an ongoing problem for Sky as within less than a month of rejoining I have lost the internet connection to the TV.I have followed the ‘trouble shooting’ advice but with no success. I therefore require an engineer to restore the connection. Please advise when this will be. A prompt reply would be appreciated.

  3. Steven says:

    My landline is dead. No ringtone or dialogue. My broadband is working and I’ve done all the diagrams that was shown to me on sky tv website and still nothing. I’m lost without the landline as I use it for work. Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

  4. Mrs Miriam Clark says:

    The telephone junction box outside my house is broken can I have it replaced