T-Mobile Customer Service

Phone Number

0170 731 5000
UK Operation Hours
8:00AM - 10:00PM

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Quick Facts
In a world full of busy and fragmented lives, the T-Mobile Customer Service have the idea that the wireless communications can help. The value of the T-Mobile plans, the breadth of the coverage, the reliability of the network service, and the quality of the products and services are meant to do one thing and that is to help people stick together with the people they love. The T-Mobile headquarters is located in Bellevue, Washington, having approximately 45,000 people employed. The T-Mobile US, Inc. or TMUS is a publicly traded company and the Deutsche Telekom AG maintains approximately 66% of its ownership.

T-Mobile Offer
When it comes to your billing information, customers can avoid potential bill shocks with the T-Mobile Customer Service, overage alerts can help you with unexpected bills, customers can pay-per-use data plans, free message blocking, free web guard to restrict access to adult-oriented content, content blocking from downloads to your handset, Family allowances that help parents control their wireless account, international usage alerts, you can check your account usage at any time of day for free, free T-Mobile MyAccount Android app with free minutes usage alerts, third party service provider billing and T-Mobile network will not work for reported stolen devices.

Access Numbers
All customers who need assistance from the T-Mobile Customer Service may connect to the T-Mobile lines. When it comes to enquiries about Shopping at T-Mobile, dial 1-877-413-5903 for personal services and 1-844-4AT-WORK for business purposes. From your T-Mobile phone, you may call 611 or 1-877-453-1304 with other phones for General Customer Care & Technical Support. International lines of the T-Mobile Customer Service is open at 1-505-998-3793. TTY service is also available at 1-877-296-1018. Short codes are also provided for quick access, #225# for account balance and last payment received information, #646# for minute used and #674# for your message use.

Additional Information
If you are asking for assistance about technical issues with your T-Mobile service, please connect to the T-Mobile Customer Service and use a different phone so that the Customer Care can help you troubleshoot. All International calls made from a T-Mobil handset is charged free from roaming, airtime or long distance, but charged calls made to International call from landlines and other phone network service provider are applied. T-Mobile Customer Service lines are open every day from 3am to 10pm. You may also get more information and assistance about the T-Mobile products and services through their official website at http://www.t-mobile.com/.

T-Mobile Complaints

Contact: T-Mobile Official

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T-Mobile Customer Service

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