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0844 995 1217
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Talk Talk Strategy
Dido Harding, the Chief Executive Officer of the Talk Talk Customer Service had been busy with the return of the business into its normal state after a challenging cyber-attack. The Talk Talk had been operating the UK’s most extensive Next Generation network with the strategy rotating around five principles that will enable the business to continue growing and developing products and services for the customers. First, the addition of customers gained through the purchase. Second, refining the operating competence and effectiveness. Third, up bringing value for money and quad play services. Fourth, growing the variety of data services for businesses. Lastly, offering fibre access.

Talk Talk Markets
Talk Talk Customer Service is one of the most competitive and advanced in technology in the United Kingdom and it is presenting the best value offers for essential household and business services. The Talk Talk is committed to provide broadband and voice services, quad play strategy, mobile handset and ISM only contracts for residential customers, television service, YouView, a mass TV platform, blinkbox Movies service and customer propositions on SimplyBroadband that offers a totally unlimited broadband, phone, essentials TV delivering a great value broadband, plus TV with a high-performance broadband and mobile service packages, where you may add extra services for your personal needs.

Talk Talk

Talk Talk Help
Calls to 0345 172 0088 for your bill reviews, making payments, updates on your orders and advices from the Talk Talk Customer Service are free from your Talk Talk landline and national rate charges are applied to 0203 441 5550. You may dial the phone number +44 (0) 800 049 1402 of the Sales helpline for SimplyBroadband, Superfast Fibre Broadband and the Essentials TV with Sky Movies, broadband and calls packages. You may also find it comfortable to chat with the Talk Talk Customer Service online through their official website at that is available 7 days a week at 8am to 10pm.

Letting you know
The Sales hotline of the Talk Talk Customer Service is open from Monday to Thursday at 8am to 10pm, on Fridays at 8am to 9pm and on Saturday and Sunday at 9am to 8pm. You may also find the latest updates available through the official website of the Talk Talk Customer Service, so feel free to visit their website from time to time for your convenience. You may also find it helpful to check out the Contact Us page provided for your Account & Billing, Order, Technical Help, Moving Home and Products to get in touch with the right team to assist you.

Talk Talk Live Chat

Talk Talk have human team can help you with live chat technology, to start Talk Talk live chat go to Talk Talk Chatting page.

Talk Talk Complaints

Talk Talk Full Address: Cameron House, Metrocentre, Gateshead NE11 9XW, United Kingdom
Contact: Talk Talk Official

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Talk Talk Customer Service

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49 comments on “Talk Talk Customer Service

  1. Iulian Fodor says:

    What’s happening with the internet connection? Nothing works.. I have enough… You waste my time and my money…

  2. Kim says:

    Just want 2 know if my bill is payed

  3. Ryan hedges says:

    Hello my name is Ryan hedges and I would like to put in a complaint, as talktalk have taken a payment out of my account without authorisation. Which I think is very unfair.

  4. Fowsia says:

    My line and Internet is not working for 8 days and I am still waiting for you.

  5. Fowsia says:

    Plz can you cancel calling free for mobile phones in don’t want free mobile phone calls

  6. mike says:

    my talktalk isnt working

  7. Antonio says:

    After standard broadband thanks

  8. Samuel woodside says:

    My internet speed is only 19 when it d be 39 this has been. On going I was told there was a network fault but this stall hasn’t been. Fixed weeks later

  9. MISS LYNCH says:


  10. Lee says:

    How do I help a friend to pay a bit off her bill so it’s working. When see pay 51 pound this Saturday with in less than 24 for hours. You guys restricted her. Phone even though she pay all the bill. Every month. By stressing her out could lead to self harming. Which is not good .none of the . Person on the other end of the phone was very helpful.poor customer service. Was very rude.

  11. Jeanette St John says:

    I reported alandline fault yesterday. Can you please update me. You said it would soon be fixed at 6pm but so far nothing’s changed. Thanks

  12. Chris bowley says:

    Hi, I’ve just received my you view box – part of the deal to sign up to fibre, but it doesn’t include the power line adapters which I need as my tv is in a different room to my router

  13. Giuseppe Podella says:

    Hello, I am contacting you because we were expecting an engineer today in our flat from 8 am to 1 pm, however nobody came
    would you mind please double chacking it for me? The address is 141 Pilton Avenue Edinburgh EH5 2HP, the contract is under the name of Giuseppe Podella. Thanks

  14. HAYLEY says:

    Hi, just thought i would let you know that i have recently started having a few prank/abusive calls from what i believe to be a couple of girls ( i guess bored in the school hols) calling me/has left a message swearing etc/name calling. I called back and its a talk talk mobile They only sound about age 10/12 being silly and giggling and whilst i am not bothered, have blocked the number etc ( i have it if you need it). I didn’t know if you wanted to make a log in-case they do it to someone who is more sensitive. thanks

  15. Roger says:

    I have a new talktalk account with 18 months contract, how much more would it be to add fibre to the current package ?

  16. mostafa fdili balloute says:

    Hi, today i had appointement from 8 to 13 he came at 15.15 the engeneer said that its not possible to make connection.

  17. ella esslemont says:



  18. Hala says:

    I called talktalk customer service yesterday evening at 18.14 to ask for change of ownership as am moving out this month but the customer service team wa not listening to my request and kept forcing me to take up talktalk services to where am moving to as she was chatting and laughing to someone next to her showing no respect to me as a customer and un progessioncy. I however, asked for her name when she kept saying it unclearly. The service i received has put me off and disappointed me . I needed to have a clear explanation on the charges on my account but she kept ignoring me and carried on chatting and laughing to her coalleage paying no attention to the conversation.

  19. Hala says:

    I need an email address for talk talk where i can write my request for change of ownership as i need to get this sorted sooner. Am moving out in 3 days. The telephone contact is useless as the customer service team can simply disconnect the call when they have no answer to your queries and never call back again.

  20. Monika says:

    Hi, Our landline does not give a line when we lift the receiver , only the engaged tone. When I call it from another phone, it says that we are on the phone and switches to answering machine.
    I checked all connections, they are all properly plugged in.
    Can you help, please?

  21. David Burl says:

    I keep getting an error on my emails
    Error checking mail for [email protected]. Details Dismiss
    this means that I have not had any mail for 2days. Help please

  22. Kanagasabai Thuvakaran says:

    Hello, i am a sky customer and i am wanting to know how much unlimited broadband costs monthly?

  23. Esmat says:

    My landline is not working

  24. Kirsty says:

    For weeks now i have nothing but trouble with my router.. it is always connected but i can not use the internet on my phone/ laptop.. cannot even connect to the internet on our tv.. why is this!

  25. ashish says:

    Broad band speed is too slow

  26. Mr A coyle says:

    Having received what has been proven a scam call stating that the caller of either Indian or Pakistan origin, I attempted to report but was passed from pillar to post through your website and each operative on the automated voice stated the office was closed at 4.15 pm . However I found another to which your operative having been told what had happened confirmed a scam .
    The number called from was 01856418157. This caller apparently knew we had problems with our line and asked for me to turn our computor on so as to show where the fault was and how to rectify. Talk talk seems to have a problem with their security somewhere and needs to be addressed.
    Regards Mr A Coyle

  27. Graham Dick says:

    SInce reporting a slow and unstable broadband signal last week, I have been left without a dial tone on my telephone

  28. Maureen Stevenson says:

    I am sorry to bother you once again , but why do I keep getting calls from talk. It is always somebody foreign and I cannot understand them I am 72 years old and a bit deaf. If it is important can you please write to me or send me an email.

  29. Ray Thompson says:

    2/3 weeks ago a telephone call was made by my daughter putting us on a new package to include all calls totalling a monthly amount of £32.70. Today I discover this has not taken place and for the past few weeks I have been paying for many calls in addition to the normal package. I have rectified this today but I am not happy that this was not done previously.

  30. KATE says:


  31. Julie Marsh says:

    Please stop inundating me with phone calls. I left talk talk on July 19th this year the calls are coming from overseas I have had a minimum of 20 calls in the last few days. Please stop this or I will have to refer to the ombudsman. Thank you Julie Marsh

  32. Thomas Heaney says:

    No dailing tone since Friday (though could have been before that as away on holiday). When you ring the number you can hear it rining, but does on ring on the landline. No way or receiving or making calls.

  33. david mcwhirter says:

    hello im having problems with my internet going of and on every few minutes, i do not know my account number or indeed my phone number as i dont use house phone, so i cant telephone yous to try get this fixed.

  34. Chris James says:

    We do not have a phone connection (can’t make calls .. no dialling tone…and calls go to voicemail). I have for the time being diverted my calls to a mobile. The last update on 23 Sept was that Open Reach were asking the Essex County Council for permission to dig up the road to report.

  35. Sipanu denis says:

    One month ago I purchased talk talk broad band and in 27 of September gone live . My talk talk broadband still not works .. if I will not be contacted in next 2 days I will delete my direct debit with you

  36. William says:

    I put my talktalk SIM back in from holiday and the data now doesnt seem to want to connect, can you help

  37. Carl Du Bruin says:

    Hi guys, someone has logged my e-mail address down incorrectly, I am not able to access my account neither can I seem to correct this error.
    Kind regards Carl.

  38. Alex Thurlow says:

    My account has been compromised, i was made aware of this at 12:03 when i received an email from your support of a live chat interaction with your staff, one in which I had not had and not authorized, Im hoping this can be resolved asap, as your staff has aided someone into accessing my account

  39. Robert Woodrow says:

    I can neither make or receive calls on my landline. I”ve requested a line check but all of my messages have to date been ignored. I can ONLY be contacted on email.

    If I do not receive a satisfactory response in a short time,
    I intend to cancel my account and seek legal advice.
    Does TalkTalk actually have ANY contact at all with their customers? It would appear not.

  40. Robert Woodrow says:

    I would like some kind of response to my messages. Does anyone actually have any respect at all for the customers in this “company”. I guess not. Further bad publicity on its way.

  41. Liam Snazel says:

    Hello, i would like to finish my contract as i believe i am on a rolling contract now.

    if you can contact me on this issue you can use my email above. thank you

  42. Michael Mullen says:


    I have been trying to contact you on chat for the last few days about my recent bill I have received from you. But it keeps coming up connection unavailable, As I can not speak too well on the phone at the present time, the problem is that I believe you have overcharged me on the recent bill which is over £12 for this month and over £9 for last month, I have an 18 month contact with you for 18 months free broadband and 12 months half price line rental. I was paying you around £8 a month but you have charged me over £9 for October and over £12 for November. Can you please resolve this matter as soon as possible and resolve the problem with the chat issue.

    Thank you.

    Michael Mullen.

  43. Jackie says:

    I am moving to another broadband provider can you tell me if I get to keep me email address

  44. John Lee says:

    My new Internet/Broadband with you went live 2 weeks ago. I have had nothing but problems with it and have suffered long periods of down time. An Open reach engineer called today, the 3rd engineer to visit, and has managed to get the system working but with a download speed well below your guaranteed minimum.
    I should be grateful if you would call to discuss as I have been paying for a service that has not been provided and it appears I will be expected to continue to do so.
    Please review the situation.
    Thank you.

  45. Pauline King says:

    Problems with TV reception. Have retuned and reset box.

  46. Michael doran says:

    My internet has not been put back on you took 58 pounds and when i rang you said you would take restrictions off still waiting fourth day now i got told four days ago it would be back on within 5-7 hours but still nothing im paying for Internet your not giving me not happy at all

  47. Susan Duckworth says:

    I have rec’d an email saying I you cannot process my bill as my some of my billing details need to be updated is this from you at talk talk or is it a scam?

  48. Miss Jennifer McGrath says:

    I have emailed TalkTalk several times, and tried to phone.
    I have an ongoing problem of slow internet and it is really stressing me out as it has been going on for some time now.
    It is vital that I have ineternet to communicate via email as I have a severely disabled child and am currently going through a difficult time.
    I always make my payments on time but feel I am receiving a very poor service and have been for some time.
    Last time it was an outside (external) fault and the problem was rectified.
    It has happened again and I feel as though I am getting nowhere with it.
    I just want my broadband to work to enable me to stay in touch with people.
    It is having an impact on my emotional health as I feel cut off and just want to cry.
    Last time it was easily solved by Open Reach as it was an outside fault.
    Many Thanks

    Jennifer McGrath

  49. Imogen says:

    Hello my father is unable to pay his bill this wednesday but is able to pay his bill on the following saturday is it possible to change his direct debit to saturday the 21st