Tesco Customer Service

Phone Number

0800 323 4060
UK Operation Hours
Monday-Friday: 09:00AM - 08:00PM
Saturday: 09:00AM - 09:00PM
Sunday: 10:00AM - 06:00PM

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Key facts
Tesco is one of the world’s largest retailers founded in 1919 by Jack Cohen, having more than 530,000 people employed in 12 countries, serving over 80 million shopping trips every week online and instore in 6,814 stores including franchises. In the United Kingdom alone, there were more than 310,000 colleagues and 3,535 stores including the franchises. There are 250 in Tesco Extra, 479 in Tesco, 178 in Tesco Metro, 1,713 with Tesco Express, 873 in One Stop and 36 in Dobbies.com. The Tesco Customer Service is managed by the Board and the Executive Committee, headed by John Allan, the Chairman and Dave Lewis, the Group Chief Executive Officer.

Online Store
There is much to offer when it comes to shopping online at Tesco. Groceries includes fresh, baked, frozen and drinks. Tesco Direct shop with numerous offers and packages. You will also find affordable F&F clothing for all the family members. Wine by the Case will help you get special offers for your wine. Tesco Mobile provides a one-stop shop for monthly payments and pay as you go phones with mobile accessories. A Clubcard, where you can earn points and convert to vouchers. For Online Services, the Tesco Customer Service will be there to help you with the Technical Support, Tesco Bank and Travel.

Tesco store

Tesco Stores Service Team Connection
Customers who would like to connect with the Tesco Customer Service for their queries about any online or instore service may contact their phone number at 0800 50 5555 or 0330 123 4055 and if the customers wish to write to the Customer Care, they may post their mails at the Tesco Customer Service Centre, Baird Avenue, Dundee, DD1 9NF. For a more detailed information regarding the products of the Tesco, you may go online and visit their official website at www.tesco.com/. For technical support, dial 0800 323 4060 or 0330 123 4060 from Monday to Friday at 9am to 8pm, on Saturdays at 9am to 9pm and on Sundays at 10am to 6pm.

More Things to Know
You must be aware that all the contacts made to and from the customers via the Tesco Customer Service centers may be recorded for training and quality purposes of the services offered. Please be informed that calling the 0800 numbers mean free of charge from the BT landlines and calls to the 03 numbers mean that all calls from private telephones and mobiles will be charged only at local rates provided by your phone network service operators. If you will call the helpline on the Tesco Customer Service, you have to contact them from Monday to Saturday at 8am to 8pm and on Sundays at 9am to 6pm.

Tesco Complaints

Tesco Full Address: Dovecot Rd, Peebles, Lothian EH45 8EQ, United Kingdom
Contact: Tesco Official

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Tesco Customer Service

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5 comments on “Tesco Customer Service

  1. Elizabeth Watson says:

    Hello, I recently used one of your large plasters on my arm. When I removed the plaster skin came off with it, leaving a scar which I still have. It has been very painful and doesn’t look very nice. Could you please let me know where I need to send the plaster to and make a compensation claim. Thank you.

  2. Mr John Bateman says:

    Case ID: 1648810
    We recently had the misfortune to open a pack of Tesco Green Beans from one of your stores.
    When trimming the end of one of the beans my wife was extremely, and I mean seriously, upset to find a caterpillar emerging from inside, still wriggling and very much alive.
    I sent you photos of the creature, and returned the pack to your Bradford store.
    You have sent us a £5 voucher which rather gives the impression that you think that this is rather trivial. Well it wasn’t trivial to us. We’d already eaten half the pack the previous day, and needless to say, we weren’t overly happy about it.
    Perhaps we should have bypassed your Customer Service Dept and referred the matter directly to the FSA instead.
    J Bateman

  3. Carole Douglas says:

    I had a grocery order booked for 22nd December between 3 and 4 when it didn’t turn up I contacted you. you could not tell me anything about my order I was told to call back which I did at 5.30 I was then told that I would be contacted by the store manager which I was at 5.45 who was very rude I hasten to add he said I must wait if I could not get my order today then it will be reschedualed for tomorrow it was xmas and I was supposed to be going out yes you gave me some coupons to help off my next shop my shopping was 28 hours late so I waited 28 hours for shopping included in my order was frozen dinners for over xmas when my shopping arrived it had no frozen after all that what would make u think I would want to shop at Tesco again asda arrived on time also a direct order from you did not turn up when I called the lady said the driver left it in the porch she reordered it as I live in sheltered housing there is no porch that took 2 attemps to get to me I keep telling you my address you still only have it as 134 sandway road it is a block of flats can provide more info if required I do not find it acceptable being without xmas dinner due to incompintence I do not want vouchers I require my money back

  4. christopher ward says:

    Afternoon all I have just driven over 500 miles home from holiday and stopped at kidsgrove Tesco store to pick up basics and a pack of custard doughnuts as a quick treat for myself and son on returning home the doughnuts were raw through the middle, one had not even been cooked on 1 side and the 1 that was cooked seemed like it was a day old as it was a dry as dust. As you can appreciate I am not in the mood to travel back to the shop after a long journey. Whats going on in the kidsgrove store every time I go there is something wrong. I have pictures should you require them as I would be most interested on how a doughnut makes it into the pack only half cooked does no one check these before being bagged up???

  5. mr Gerald Robinson says:

    Why is the offer on Yorkshire teabags as advertised in to days daily mirror not available inn Tesco WREXHAM?