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0343 222 1234
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08:00AM - 08:00PM

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How TFL Works
Transport for London is a local government organization that is responsible for most features of the transport system in London. The role of the TFL Customer Service is to manage how people get around the cities in London. The TFL work with organizations and elected representatives that speak to the customers. The income and funding of the TFL comes from different sources, such as, the fares, congestion charge, government grant and borrowing. To invest is what the TFL needs to change the transport network by improving the suburban railways, cycling infrastructure, undertaking vehicle emissions, aviation, line extension and the overground.

Transport Strategy Proposal
It is a key part of a strategic rule agenda of the TFL Customer Service to support and shape the social and economic development in London. Due to the expected growth of population and jobs some strategies were proposed to support the growth of London. The key proposals include, transforming the tube, enhancing the rail, improving interchanges, smoothing traffic flow, encouraging a cycling revolution, making walking count, improving buses, better information, better street environment, improved access to the transport system, reducing carbon dioxide emissions, new river crossings, removing western extension of the congestion charging zone and deferring the extension of the LEZ.

Transport for London train

Help and Contacts
Customers who would like to ask for help and assistance from the TFL Customer Service may dial the phone number 0343 222 1234, you may also send a fax at 0343 222 7000 or send a message via their Textphone at 0800 112 3456. More information about the TFL Customer Service, you may visit their official website at you may also follow the TFL via Twitter @Tfl to get news and information about the transport system of London. If you wish to write your enquiries, may post your mails at the TFL Customer Service, 4th Floor, 14 Pier Walk, London SE10 0ES.

Other Information for Customers
On the official website of the TFL Customer Service, you may find news articles and TFL services. You may also find answers to many questions on the Help & Contacts page provided on the website of the TFL, and it is also on the same page where you can find the contact numbers and help that you may need if you will report a complaint about the services of the TFL. if you would like to download a PDF copy of the TFL Contract Centre Operations Customer Promise and the Unreasonable Complaints Policy, you will also find the links to download on the Help & Contacts page of the official website.

TFL Refund

To get more information about how to get TFL refund you should: Claim TFL refund.

TFL Complaints

TFL Full Address: PO Box 4782, Worthing BN11 9PS, United Kingdom
Contact: TFL Official

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TFL Customer Service

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13 comments on “TFL Customer Service

  1. David Grice says:

    1. I find this box too small to encourage any dialogue.2. My complaint is about the removal of the electronic info boards particularly in East Sheen ( and I am sure many other places. 3. This is not acceptable since you cannot expect every old person to be able use your text facility either at all at their cost or in inclement weather. 4 Lack of info is contrary to your charter. 5 I am concerned re the apparent reduction in buses and that no timetables are being adhered to. This is excluding buses with Hammersmith bridge problems.
    Please advise whether the electronic boards are going to be replaced by other than the text system which is not acceptable for the reasons given

  2. Sue Ireland says:

    Please could someone tell me why the buses are not stopping at the bus stop outside CITY THAMESLINK STATION heading towards FLEET STREET, constantly driving past without looking at passengers at the stop waiting to board the bus !!


    I applied for an 18+Student Discount oyster photo card and was successful on 13th Dec.2016.A £20 payment was applicable and an additional request for the photocard to arrive with pay as you go credit. My application Ref is;70104955362.
    Unfortunately however, your message subsequently informed me that my university could not approve of the application. This has been confirmed.
    Do I get a refund in view of this development?

  4. John Kelly says:

    Hi, i have a problem that hopefully you will be able to help with. My Sister-in-Law who was 35 died last week leaving 3 young children behind. She lived in the flats off of Preston Close SE1 4NY. Its a tiny little drive which is just for entrance into the underground car park for the private flats joined onto her flats.
    Her funeral is on Thursday 29th and the hearse and two family cars will be the only cars able to fit into that little drive. Anyone else wanting to follow the procession will have to stop on the Old Kent road by Preston close which has single red lines on it.
    So what im asking is can some dispensation for people wanting to follow the hearse be allowed on that part of the Old Kent road . One hour should cover between 0845 and 0945 .
    There are 3 lanes on this part of the road and being during the holidays should inconvenience anyone.

    Kind Regards

    John Kelly

  5. Ria Barrett says:

    Hi TFL,
    I am emailing you as I would like to purchase some bus tickets for our residents. Our clients are ex homeless and have very high support needs, they use the saver tickets to attend medical appointments etc. I know that in the past we have purchased them from you and we really need some more as soon as possible. Please could you email me back to inform me as to how we can purchase these.

  6. Mrs A Jennings says:

    Dear Sirs/Madam
    As a frequent user of the buses could you please look into the possibility of incorporating a section on the buses for Push baskets or Trolleys. The buses I normally use are the 69, 241, 262 etc., in East London. Push baskets are usually used by many female senior citizens like myself who are finding it difficult to be able to accommodate their Push baskets when they are full which means taking up the gangways or aisles of the buses which can cause a lot of fuss, as I have recently witnessed. I have noticed that there can be a space made available for Push baskets and this is on the right hand side at the entrance of the bus. At present that area is used to put free newspapers and Laptops on but I feel with careful thought and ingenuity a space can be made available for people with Push baskets. Could you please pass this on to your internal bus designers for them to consider elderly people as they do with people that are disabled and mothers with children in Push chairs. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you

  7. Priscilla Phiri says:

    I topped up my oyster card on Tuesday the 4th of April with £20 cash. I will have to produce a receipt to claim a refund from my company, is it possible to send me a receipt of this transaction.

  8. Rebecca Greenwood says:


    I have a query about my gold member card. I have the paper form but not an official card.

    When will I receive an official card?

  9. Marie Richardson says:

    Your ref 19/000135
    When is something going to be done about the lights changing along Cray Avenue, Orpington. The Nugent shopping mall becomes gridlocked everyday because the traffic light change is too short at 10 seconds for vehicles to exit. Emergency Services would not be able to enter the Nugent because of this. I personally was stuck for over an hour yesterday and I find this totally unacceptable. God forbid if a fatality occurred because the emergency services could not enter the site. You are responsible for the traffic lights on site so do something about it.

  10. Olga Dan says:


    I’ve been trying to get a refund for my Oyster card as I touched in and out at the same station, last Thursday 1st March. I haven’t been able to do it online, or at the tube station. Can you please help?
    Thank you.

  11. Celia Jones says:

    Because of a considerable delay this morning around 08.15 owing to a points failure outside Parsons Green station, I missed my 09.28 train from Liverpool Street to Cambridge. I believe that as the delay was over 20 minutes I can claim a refund on my train ticket. I should add that I allowed one and a half hours for what should have been an hours journey from Southfields. My train ticket (return) cost £15.55. I hope to hear from you. I see no reason why I should need to open an online account with you for this purpose.
    Celia Jones

  12. Alan Peill says:

    I shall travel to London from Eastbourne using a one day travelcard (zones 1-6). I then wish to continue to Broxbourne paying by Oyster. How/where do I pay the excess fare from Enfield Lock to Broxbourne? I have been unable to find the answer to this question on the tfl website.

  13. jennifer diaf (mrs) says:

    my daughter has gold card /annual season purched 2 tickets hers was elondon boundary zone 4 retun and her friend on her gold card as well was 2 single tickets there plane isnow coming in 2 heathrow instead of Gatwick in june can I get a refund when she comes back as she took her credit card with her what she paid on as these tickets are of no use she returns on 2nd june I await to hear from you