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What to know about the Thomson
In 1962, Thomson Airways was set up and it is also called Britannia with the aim of making foreign travels accessible to everybody. The Thomson Customer Service has grown and is now the largest charter airline in the United Kingdom based at Luton Airport, having 77 planes to fly around the world in more than 80 destinations, 23 UK airports and employed 18,000 people. Having 650 stores and being the largest travel website in the United Kingdom, you will find more than 2,000 hotels and destination videos. You are in safe hands with the Thomson because they are a part of the TUI Group.

There are many travelers who are always looking for cheap holiday flights and that is why the Thomson Customer Service has pulled deals to showcase the best bargains for every passenger and traveler looking for the best destination for their holiday trip. You may browse the wide range of categories to find a holiday that that will guarantee you the best at an affordable price, last-minute getaways are also included and so with the All Inclusive escapes. For a full holiday package, the Thomson Customer Service has a low-cost flight only deals. You may also search for a season to get the best value getaways.

Thomson Airways

Customer Service Teams
You may contact the Customer Care teams of the Thomson Customer Service for questions and assistance. Call 0203 451 2688 for package holidays and flights and you may also contact +4433 33 365 147 for the 24/7 holiday line; dial 0871 971 0578 for the Thomson Ski services; call 0203 451 2585 for Cruise special assistance; call 020 8939 0467 for the Thomson Lakes and Mountains enquiries; and contact 0844 800 0749 for the Thomson Worldwide queries. For other Help that you may need from the Thomson Customer Service, you may connect to their phone number at 0871 231 4691.

Calling Time
Package Holidays and Flights and Cruise queries’ welfare line are open from Monday to Friday at 8am to 8pm, on Saturdays at 9am to 6pm and on Sundays at 10am to 5pm. Thomson Ski line is open from Monday to Thursday at 9am to 9pm, on Friday and Saturday at 9am to 7pm and on Sunday at 10am to 5pm. Enquiries for the Thomson Lakes and Mountains service is open from Monday to Friday at 9am to 5:30pm. Assistance team regarding the Worldwide services of the Thomson Customer Service is available from Monday to Saturday at 9am to 8pm and on Sundays at 10am to 7pm.

Thomson Complaints

Thomson Full Address: 49, Connswater Shopping Centre, Bloomfield Ave, Belfast BT5 5LP, United Kingdom
Contact: Thomson Official

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Thomson Customer Service

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10 comments on “Thomson Customer Service

  1. gary says:

    hi i am unable to log my details on the API as i am told by the local office once the flight is 80% full, as in the seats have been pre booked, it will not allow anymore to register. i have further been told just to report to the check in desk as usual. I fly on Thursday morning from Manchester. however the paperwork i have received says failure to complete with the API 24 hours before traveling will result in you not being allowed to travel? can you advise please?

    many thanks

  2. Lorna John says:

    Do you still have a matching any other company price policy? I was offered a cheaper price on a cruise that interested me but a local Thomson shop could not match it.

    Looking forward to your reply


  3. SANDRA TWIST says:

    I have emailed the hotel but had no reply, could you please help me obtain the following info….
    I have requested a price list for the spa and treatments so I can plan our holiday.
    I have also requested info on the room. We would prefer to be by the pool in either the TOP floor or Bottom Floor. (not the middle).
    Also what terminal do we fly from?
    Hoping you can help, regards Sandra

  4. F.Noble says:

    I had to cancell my holiday with you this year owing to my wifes health and now you wont let me on line to look at other holidays despite using Thomson for many years can you please help

  5. Mrs. E J Hares says:

    I wish to write to you regarding your representative at the Contijo Blanco Hotel at San Pedro,Costa del Sol. Please let me have address to which I can send my comments.

  6. john mustard says:

    I have just arrived back from Florida today on flight TOM867 Having paid for premium club I feel very disappointed.On the outward journey all my party agreed it was the only way to travel. The return journey unfortunately was more of a disaster, first problem was the forward toilet was unusable from take off as the first person to attempt to use it found the sink wasn’t draining ,it was therefore closed which left only one toilet for the whole cabin and the customers from economy, after informing the stewardesses an announcement was made to stop this. The next problem was three hours from landing the entertainment system on the seats occupied by my party failed (row 4d,e,f. & row 5d ,e ,f) ,after going to the galley and asking if there was anything that could be done I was told that they would try a system reset which would take around 3 minutes. After returning to my seat and waiting 15 minutes nothing happened. I again returned to the gallery and asked if another reset could be tried and was told it would take 6 minutes after another 15 minutes still no system working. I was then told that I would have to look at a blank screen for the next three hours as nothing could be done. The worst thing is that never did anyone come and ask if the reset had worked until the stewardess in charge of the flight asked me when she was collecting the finished meal trays just before landing. It did make for a disappointing end to our holiday. Both the damaged toilet from the start of the flight and the system failure three hours from the end of the flight all considering the extra cost of premium club

  7. Jon East says:

    We have booked and paid to go on a cruise on the 26th December 2017. Booking Ref 5573050
    At the time of the booking I asked if the price of the cruise would be reduced before we depart? I was informed that it would not, having just looked online the price has been reduced by about a £1000. My question is why can I not benefit from this reduction and have a percentage of the cost of the holiday be paid back to me or can I get some excursions free of charge?
    What I would like to do is cancel my holiday and rebook it at the lower cost if possible? Can you please advise me on the best way to proceed. Thanks Jon East

  8. Joanne Mills says:

    contacting you on behalf of my parents whose flight from Alicante was delayed on 20th January 2018. flight number TOM2217 holiday booking reference3161552 in the lead passenger name of Raymond Mills. My parents were unable to confirm the reason for flight delay, as their was a lack of communication from the overseas Thomson rep.

  9. Adrian Glazier says:

    Booking Ref No 5958164
    Mr & Mrs A Glazier.
    Dear Tui
    I am writing to you regarding our last holiday we had with you.
    We were not satisfied with the normal excellent service we had from you.
    Our plane was diverted due to flooding at Puerto Plata Airport Dominican Republic.
    We were told an hour before we were landing that there was an incident at the airport and we were not able to land.
    We were diverted to La Romana on the south of the island. Before we got off the plane the pilot said someone would be at the airport to give us more details.
    We we taken in to the airport lounge area and waited. There was no TUI rep around.
    Some of the passengers found out that the airport runway had been closed due to freak storms in the Atlantic Ocean.
    We waited for information from you, we was sent a text message to say you are rearranging onward transport and would provide a refreshment voucher but this was four hours later.
    We were told we would get a 20$ food & drink voucher, People started to queue up and the airport staff had to take down everybody’s passport number.
    By the time it was our turn we were told the coaches had arrived and had to go through passport & customs control before being led out to the coach so we had no time to use our voucher.
    There was another 45minute delay to get everyone through. Then when we were boarding the coach a TUI rep turned up. Many passengers were upset that they were having to travel to Puerto Plata Airport as being regulars to the Island knew that there was a six hour coach ride to the airport and then another two hours journey onwards to their resort. They wanted to organise the passengers going to their hotel on one coach but they were refused. This was another 45 mins before we set off.
    Our coach was of poor standard, one minute it being boiling hot where some were on the verge of passing out, then it got too cold. It wasn’t a pleasant six hour journey.
    We were then on reaching the airport put on to our coaches and taken to the resort. From taking off at Gatwick to get to our resort took 22hours.
    I’m not complaining about the diversion or the six hour coach ride, this was unavoidable.
    When speaking to other tourist that came the evening before, they had problems landing, others who were due in, in the morning had to be diverted to a closer airport so by the time we took off at Gatwick you were aware of the problem.
    We would like to know why you didn’t then send the coaches down or organised transport by the time we landed as it was a nine hour flight.
    There was no Tui rep or anyone to advise us a the pilot had promised at La Romana. Surely one of the aircraft hostesses could of stayed with us to give us some sort of information rather than leave us stranded without a clue what was going on.
    The baggage was left on the aeroplane so were thought that the “incident ” was going to be sorted out and would fly back up there but was told nothing.
    As for the refreshment voucher. It was a nice gesture but two hours too late. We should of gone through customs when the coaches were half an hour away to avoid more delays.
    The rest of my holiday was fantastic thanks but obviously tired for the first couple of days.
    Adrian & Mandy Glazier
    2 Ditchling Drive
    East Sussex
    TN35 5EX

  10. ivor brown says:

    Please can you help me, later this month my son and his partner are going to mexico cancun with your firm to get married, myself and my wife are unable to go,I was wondering hoping if it is possible for a member of the crew to speak over the tannoy to wish them all the best or on way the back please