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TSB as a part
A Spanish banking group called, the Sabadell is now with the TSB Customer Service. Two banking companies made a stronger banking group and still remaining the name TSB with the aim to take more competition in the United Kingdom market. The Sabadell and the TSB share a lot of things in common. They are both passionate about the local banking in Britain and the TSB will still continue whatever what was started in Britain and in the United Kingdom. Joining the Sabadell will not only continue serving the customers, but will work for a better service in the local banking to more people in the community and in the business.

Support to Customers
The TSB Customer Service provides the widest variety of support to their customers online, mobile and through phone. With the TSB Customer Service, you may report a card loss or a suspicious email; you may order cards, PINs and cheque books; you may get help with current accounts, mortgages, savings, loans, credit cards, insurance, general enquiries and accessibility; easy way of managing your money online through the online banking by simply registering your account, login and start using the services; and a mobile banking app that is an easier way of accessing your bank account quick and secure from your mobile device.


Get in Touch with the TSB for enquiries
Customers in the United Kingdom who needed help and support from the TSB Customer Service for their general enquiries may call 0345 975 8785 and if the customer is abroad, he may connect to +44 (0) 203 1575. A Textphone is also available for customers in the United Kingdom at 0345 835 3843 and if the customer is outside the United Kingdom, he may text +44 (0) 1733 286 352. The best way to get in touch with the TSB Customer Service is to log into the official website of the TSB at www.tsb.co.uk, where you can find the Help and Support page made available for customers who needs assistance online.

Just letting you know
For general enquiries, the helpline of the TSB Customer Service is available 24/7. You may bank online 24/7 at the Internet Banking website or the mobile app of the TSB. For those customers who would like to find the nearest branch or cash machine of the TSB may visit the Branch locator tool that is provided on the official website of the TSB. The Contact Us page and the Help & Support page found on the website is a big help for Internet Banking, Fraud & Lost or stolen cards, current accounts, savings accounts, mortgages, credit cards, personal loans, insurance, travel, feedback and complaints topics.

TSB Complaints

TSB Full Address: 119 The Headrow, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS1 5HF, United Kingdom
Contact: TSB Official

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TSB Customer Service

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4 comments on “TSB Customer Service

  1. Mrs Sandra Thornley says:

    I have tried twice to apply for TSB Classic Plus A?c as detailed by Martin Lewis. On Sunday I was declined and frozen out. This I think due to an error on my part when filling out the money questions. I rang your internet services dept and was advised it was a technical fault and to leave 24 hours then reapply. I attempted again last night as advised and the same happened again.
    Please can you advise. I do not have the time to keep phoning for advise. Many Thanks, Mrs thornley

  2. Diana Higgs says:

    After working all week I do my banking on a weekend and do not open my online account until then. I did not receive any emails or texts to say any work was being carried out. I heard from family members that work was being carried out and I have patiently waited until Sunday evening to do my banking. However it is disgusting that I am still waiting after many attempts at 23.45pm on Monday. I regularly transfer money to my Barclays business account, this was critically needed today as I had staff and bills to pay. How is a person suppose to run a business. I am also more importantly a single parent and I had just transferred my maintenance payment into my TSB account on Friday to buy food and other necessities. How am I suppose to live and feed my child? I was also suppose to pay my council tax today so I can expect a letter and demand from them about the missed payment. I am appalled that there has been no notification or updates. When is this going to be up and running and is my information/data safe??

  3. Arlene Hunter says:

    I am keen to share with you a very unnecessarily unpleasant experience I had in your Milngavie branch this afternoon. I had worked a busy morning and before going to collect my children from school I dropped in to this, my local branch. On entering the premises I could see there were no other customers and two tellers. Surprisingly one of them immediately stood up and left her position so I headed directly to the other position. On approaching her station I was met by, not a friendly smile or any vocal exchange, but instead an aggressive blocking hand thrust up towards the glass in front of my face gesturing that I remove myself from her register.

    Initially I felt belittled and deflated, having entered your bank in good spirits. I then went to the other position available, who had now re-taken her seat. I felt I needed to express to her how her colleague had made me feel and also alert her to the fact that this was well below the standard of customer service expected from a local TSB branch, a bank in which my husband and I have been loyal customers for approximately 25 years. On overhearing my concerns she added to the upset by advising me that I should have waited to be called and there was a sign stating this. This may be the case and I had in no way meant to be intrusive however she appeared to be free and there had been no previous customer, also it’s forgivable to miss a sign and I’m sure she has probably done so in the past.
    My objection is to the way she halted me in my tracks with this rude and condescending gesture: I had not demanded anything or been unreasonable, in fact I had not even spoken at that point.

    Feeling further undermined by her I decided that now was the time to consider making you aware of her conduct towards your customers and I enquired from her colleage her name. Again, without my requesting dialogue with her directly, she shouted from her position, in a most disrespectful and confrontational manner, that her name was Margaret, as if challenging me to argue or letting me know that she didn’t care if I complained.

    This whole experience has been very disappointing and in fact disrupted what would otherwise have been a pleasant afternoon. As this is my local branch I also feel upset that future visits will be uncomfortable and that, as she showed no respect even when she realised she was faced with an upset customer, I will not receive the sort of service expected by an average customer. This has led me to consider a move of our accounts to a different bank as I do require to use the branch from time to time, as well as on-line services. We are both busy professionals and do not have time to travel to alternative TSB branches, so being able to use our local branch without fear of another unpleasant experience means that I will need to think carefully how I proceed from this experience.

  4. Mrs Potter-Wood says:

    Since April I have tried to do online banking – change SOs and make other changes – when I wanted to try to TF money from my current ac to another savings ac (Halifax) I was thrown out and closed down online for a “fraudulent” transaction – after ringing the given number each time, waiting between 20 & 38 mins to answer then being told I would be rung back (and NOT or just left a VM as no one can call at a given time yet I’m at work!) So I decided to use the “switch service”& after 20+yrs with TSB move to another bank – but they cant even do that properly – my ac is not closed: so I rang up: guess what? the staff and branch have a “computer error” and can’t access ANY accounts: SAYS IT ALL I THINK!!!& WHY CAN’T I CHANGE THE RATING ON THIS SITE????