Universal Credit Customer Service

Phone Number

0345 600 0723
UK Operation Hours
Monday-Friday: 8:00AM - 6:00PM

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You may be able to claim Universal Credit from the Universal Credit Customer Service, instead of certain benefits, if you are on a low income or if you are out of work. The Universal Credit Customer Service allows you or your partner to end your tax credits claim if you or your partner are claiming Universal Credit, even if you just moved in with a partner who is getting a Universal Credit. A Universal Credit is presented in stages, where you live and your conditions will identify you, if you can claim a Universal credit or not. You may start applying for Universal Credit online and it will take you 20-40minutes to complete your claim.

What you will get
There is a waiting period of 7 days from submitting your claim before your Universal Credit will start. Universal Credit is paid differently from current benefits. It will be paid once a month, and it is usually into your bank accounts, building society or credit union accounts. The amount that you will get from the Universal Credit Customer Service will depend on your circumstances and your income. It can include support for your housing, for your children and child care, if you are disabled or if you have a health condition and if you care for somebody with a disability.

Universal Credit Customer Services

Contacting the Helpline
You may claim your Universal Credit online, but if you need some help, if you have questions or if your circumstances change and you are already getting Universal Credit, then you may contact the Universal Credit Customer Service through their phone number at 0345 600 0723. If you are speaking in Welsh language and wish to claim your Universal Credit, then dial 0800 012 1888 and 0345 600 3018 to report changes. You may also contact the Universal Credit Customer Service via Textphone on 0345 600 0743. If you need more information about the Universal Credit, then check them out on their official website at https://www.gov.uk/universal-credit/overview.

More Information
If you want to get Universal Credit, then you will have to accept a Claimant Commitment, which is an agreement that you will complete certain tasks in order to claim the Universal Credit and what you will agree to do will depend on your health, your responsibilities at home and how much help you need to get work or to increase your income. The Universal Credit will replace your jobseeker’s allowance, housing benefit, working tax credit, child tax credit, employment and support allowance and the income support, so it is also good if you will seek an advice from the Universal Credit Customer Service.

Universal Credit

Universal Credit Complaints

Contact: Universal Credit Official

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Universal Credit Customer Service

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3 comments on “Universal Credit Customer Service

  1. patrick sweeney says:

    I was due to receive a payment today I haven’t received it. I am without gas electric and food please could you rectify the problem for me. It was due on the 23rd of November as well I am in rent arrears with my landlord. I have no phone at the moment so I cant ring anyone up

  2. Margaret Allen says:

    I have just started a 15 hours a week job, I would like to know how it affects my universal credit income please.

  3. Fiona McCormick says:

    I have been on Universal Credit for 2 years Now and have struggled to feed myself every single month. I have been living on Jam sandwiches for around 10 days. I have recently turned 60 I am a single person with No Savings or private pension. We were told we were going to get an interim payment until we got our state pension? When am I going to get it? How much will it be? I have had a retirement statement which was wrong it said I only worked 29 years. I lived and worked in Cyprus 5 years before I went there I wrote to the Pensions office about my stamp they said as I already had 30 years in the kitty so to speak I did not need to worry about it. I worked 4 and half years in Cyprus after that before I was made redundant due to the company going bankrupt. I went to the Job Centre in Cyprus for 6 months who stamped a card every 2 weeks. I did not receive any unemployment pay at all despite us going over to the Euro in January 2008. When I returned to Britain I took all the papers to The Job Centre. I have done intermittent agency work since coming back. I have recently had my retirement statement stating I only have 29 years. I do believe the DWP lost a lot of records when one of their computer systems broke down a few years ago when I spoke to the DWP about another problem. I am really struggling and I need my Pension Now?