Virgin Media Customer Service

Phone Number

0844 995 1218
UK Operation Hours
08:00AM - Midnight

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Goals of the Virgin Media
Virgin Media’s five sustainability goals are focused uniting and helping the people in delivering the right goods and services. The Virgin Media Customer Service would like to nurture an engaged workforce between the customers and the community; to progress the sustainability performance of the products; to grow the business without growing the carbon footprint; to create the opportunities for small businesses to develop in the United Kingdom; and to change the lives of the lacking people in the United Kingdom through digital technology. Working towards these goals will help the Virgin Media to attain their vision in providing the best in digital world.

Products and Facilities
The Virgin Media Customer Service has the widest range of products available for their customers. They offer Broadband, TV, Mobile and Phone Services. You may also manage your Virgin Media account online, such as, Billing and Payments, Virgin Media email, installing your service, changing your package and moving home. Troubleshooting of your broadband, TV, mobile, phone and check service status is also available. For more Help and Support, you check My Virgin Media, community forums, blogs and the Contact Us pages. A problem solver assistant is also made possible for customers to have a step-by-step guides in diagnosing and fixing problems.

Virgin Media

Helping Hands
Asking for help from the Customer Care of the Virgin Media Customer Service is always available. Existing customers with a contract at Virgin Media may reach out for help by contacting their phone number at 0844 995 1218 or you may also get in touch with the Virgin Media on 0800 052 0422 for general enquiries. You may also get connected with the Customer Support via Live Chat that is provided on the website of the Virgin Media. If you would like the Virgin Media Customer Service to come and visit you to discuss your queries, you may visit their website where you can find the link to book a home visit online.

Other Support
For customers who would like to know more about the variety of products offered by the Virgin Media Customer Service may visit their official website at It is also through the official website of the Virgin Media Customer Service, where you can find the Help and Support page and the Contact Us page, where you can find numerous options for topics that you may find helpful for the assistance that you need from the Virgin Media. You may also search for a store near your place by checking out the Store Locator page provided on the website of the Virgin Media.

Virgin Media Live Chat

Virgin Media have human team can help you with live chat technology, to start Virgin Media live chat go to Virgin Media Chatting page.

Virgin Media Complaints

Virgin Media Full Address: Hartstone Rd, Glasgow, Glasgow City G53 6AS, UK
Contact: Virgin Media Official

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Virgin Media Customer Service

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28 comments on “Virgin Media Customer Service

  1. Elizabeth Ely says:

    I have lost all your recent communications including my account no.
    The owner of the mobile is now Colin,so he will be the new account holder.

  2. Sarah Allen says:

    I would like to set up a direct dedit .becuse I have changed my bank.

    1. CustomerServiceNumber says:

      Hi Sarah, We recommend that you check the page How to set up your Direct Debit on “My Virgin Media” support area.

  3. Leslie Gott says:

    Just received a letter stating they will be a price increase to my services from virgin media this will be the third increase this year not happy at all with this i have no alternative but to take my cusom elsewhere yours mr les gott

  4. Susan Donovan says:

    Been trying to contact Someone about my account. My partner was unable to access broadband for just over a week whilst I was away in Germany. I had to twice contact Virgin whilst in Germany to try and fix the problem. Virgin guaranteed that they would contact my partner to try solve the problem. After a non return of phone call from virgin and my second call to them they finally contacted my partner and was found they needed to send out a new router. The router arrived last Wednesday after I had returned from Germany. Tried to set this up but was a problem so had to contact virgin again to sort this out. All my calls to virgin both from Germany and the U.K. Was made by my mobile so you can imagine the cost it has incurred to contact virgin. The gentleman from Virgin agreed to compensate me for the loss of service and said he would make a note on my account to give me a refund on my broadband. I looked at my bill today and I have been credited with £1.59!! Surely this is not my refund that you gave given me for this. This is surely incorrect. The time it took me waiting on the other end of the phone, the length of time I spent on the phone talking to Virgin and the cost of calls etc from Germany to Virgin plus the loss of Broadband Services for over a week unable to access anything is worth more than a refund of £1.59?
    I await your reply

  5. Natalie says:

    Can my dad upgrade his tv to include broadband?

  6. andrew says:

    to whom this may concern

    we currently on 70mb broadband package customer , we recieved a letter stating our package will go up by £2.99/month ontop of £30..25 for vivid 200mb, my question is , am i expected to pay the price of this package or is that already for that package?

  7. Richard Slater says:

    My Sky sports app tells me I do not have a subscription to Sky sports, when I have. I can watch them on TV no problem. All Sky sports channels are greyed out on the SS app.

    Please advise

  8. Janet davies says:

    Im moving house and need some help whether to cancel

  9. upen says:

    hi i received all my hub but don’t have virgin media acc number

  10. David Clayton says:

    I would like to be able to register a complaint via email, how do I do this please?

  11. David says:

    Coming up to the end of my 18 month contract (Nov 2016) and looking around for best options available. Cost is a factor and I would like to discus options with a Virgin representative.

  12. ANITA SHARP says:

    Im writing in regards to your response letter dated 5 October reference number KANA 81206685 about wanting to cancel my contract you explained in your letter about why prices have increased it also say that if I still wish to cancel I can do just by letting you know ,the first letter I had from you said I can cancel without cancelation fees so I’m requesting that you cancel my contract,I’m not happy with the service your providing please cancel has of now look forward to hearing from you ,many thanks ANITA

  13. Roman says:

    I need information about my used virgin account num. 841394306…

  14. Dawn Booth says:

    Who do I contact about a voucher that was part of my deal when joining virgin

  15. Mrs Mary giles says:

    We are experienced alot broadband connection with virgin media post coad hp21 8nx we not had Internet since last Saturday ridiculous now my contract end’s in two weeks and I’m not renewing disappointed in ur services my full address is 221 prebendal Ave Aylesbury bucks my virgin media account number is 845049701 for 3days loss of broadband connection I want credit back in my bank account prompt i will be leaving u in November 2016 end of my contract get it

  16. rositsa ivanova says:

    Hi,Im internet customer and just want to ask about my account.I move home begining of october from BB1 9TL 201 whalley new road to BB1 2AQ accrington Question is why my account number is different,also today i receive letter,that i get gredit limit 180 pound on my account.what mean this,when my contract is for unlimited broadband for 30.25 pound/month.THANK YOU

  17. Bettina Balga says:

    I cancelled my contract in your cancellation form letter on 30/09/2016. The 30 days is over and you took a monthly fee which I didn’t want. It’s not possible to contact with you.

  18. Amatelemowei says:

    The lowest tarriff on virgin please on internet wifi

  19. angie says:

    my laptop has been in for repairs and i can’t remember my password to log into my email?i went to the reset page but forgot my memerable word answer, then it ask for my account number which i carn’t remember either plz help

  20. Pat Stowell says:

    You have tried to contact me by mobile phone. We have terrible reception here. Sometimes cannot get an outside call at all. I was just chatting to someone from virgin media and we we lost contact

  21. anne wilding says:

    We are thinking of cancelling our TV package and just having phone and broadband off you as we are not happy with the cost and choice what do I need to do

  22. Nicola says:

    Hi need help with Samsung galaxy s6 . My messages keep converting to mms even when they are quite short. I have googled and set it to restricted plus put it on Unicode which it says but still converting . I don’t want to be charged extra . Can u please help ?

  23. Mrs a m betts says:

    Please can you help. My phone only rings out for a very short time is there any way this can be changed for it to just ring until it is Answered as 9 times out of 10 I cannot get to the phone in time.

    Thanking you

  24. Carol Stevenson says:

    For some reason my Virgin email will not forward my mail to OUTLOOK EXPRESS I have tried changing my password but to no avail can you please help

  25. Jessie Bauchope Young says:

    Phone is not working. This morning it said out of range ,now power up base. Tried to book an engineer, to be told you were too busy to take bookings that way, and you advised phoning. I have no phone.Your live chat keeps going down. And the help site is useless. My phone is linked to an alarm system, so If I become ill or whatever, I can call for help. But not if the phone is not working. Why is it so difficult to contact you? I hope this does not lead to another 6 week block of patchy services from you. Please advise what I am supposed to do ? A swift response,which actually helps solve the problem, would be appreciated.

  26. george says:

    I have been a customer for the past 6 years and I have great difficulty signing in to my on line account
    I would like to reset my account details so that I can sign into my account easier.
    I do go to your web chat (as I have been doing every MONTH for the the last 6 years , they are very helpful but without success , can you please assist

  27. Raymond Cree says:

    Worst customer service from all the mobile phone coompanies I have dealt with. Stay away from them. You have been warned