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+44 (0)20 7937 8111
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Why choose Visa
Visa is a technology and payment business. Whenever, wherever and however you pay, Visa Customer Service can help. No other payment brand is more widely accepted around the world than the Visa and no other brand is more trusted to provide you the simplest, secured and cashless payments. Being a top consumer payment brand in the United Kingdom is something to be proud of. Visa gives an easy access to your money in person or online via devices. Visa is reliable with the systems always available and secured with the rules that will protect you from loss, fraud and theft.

Visa Products
The vision of the Visa Customer Service in Europe is to allow customers to pay and be paid using the Visa suitably and securely anytime, anywhere and using any device with a mobile or premium. This is the reason why the Visa established an innovative payment service such as the Card Payments, Visa contactless, the Visa mobile contactless, the Visa Personal Payments, premium Card Payments and other Visa digital payment services that will become always accessible at different speeds in different countries and diverse ways according to the local regulations, the participation of the local banks and other Visa Customer Service partners.

Visa card

Seeking for Help
Customers who need assistance from the Visa Customer Service for general enquiries may contact the phone number +44 (0) 20 7795 5777 and +44 (0) 20 7937 8111 for the switchboard. You may also write your enquiries and send to the email of the Visa Customer Service at [email protected] and for the Visa members, send your emails at [email protected] If you would like to know more about the products and services of the Visa, you may check out their official website at You may also check the Frequently Asked Questions Page for other information that you may find helpful.

For your Information
Various teams of the Visa Customer Service across Europe are provided for customer help and assistance. They have teams for Questions about Visa Cards, Lost, Verified by Visa, Visa Personal Payments, Retailers and Business, Journalist enquiries, members, jobseekers and corporate responsibility, which you may find available through the links found on the Contact Page of the official website of the Visa. Please note that all consumer enquiries are handled by the Consumer Queries Team based in the US. For security reasons, please do not include full card numbers in your communications through emails. Always provide your Card details, such as, name, issuing country and the card type.

Visa Complaints

Visa Full Address: 41 Cessnock St, Glasgow, Glasgow City G51 1AP, United Kingdom
Contact: Visa Official

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Visa Customer Service

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  1. Greg says:

    How do I dispute a payment with a Visa vendor? Greg

  2. dimi vermin says:

    hello we have a credit card from pay2day now we have ordered a camera for the birthday of my daughter the product would be shipped within 24 hours, but unfortunately nothing shipped, we have already several times the message sent when it would be sent, also asked to refund the money but we get no response, we had contact with pay2day and told that we should contact you and you can get the money back?