Waitrose Customer Service

Phone Number

0800 188 884
UK Operation Hours
Monday-Friday: 08:00AM - 10:00PM
Saturday: 08:00AM - 09:00PM
Sunday: 09:00AM - 07:00PM

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Waitrose Inspiration
Freshness and quality food is at the heart of what the Waitrose Customer Service do. As Waitrose partners, they want customers to know where their food is coming from and how it has been produced and what it contains. It all starts with a long-term relationship with the farmers and suppliers, and continues with the Waitrose beliefs in being a British product champion, supporting an accountable source, treating every individual fairly and treading lightly on the environment. That is the way Waitrose does things. Everything doesn’t stop there because the Waitrose believes that eating well should be enjoyable and foods are supplied to inspire customers a healthy meal.

The Waitrose Way
With the Waitrose, you are sure that you will have healthy choices of food that the Waitrose Customer Service would like to make even better. The Waitrose is giving something back and sharing more fairly traded food between the suppliers, customers and partners. At Waitrose, you may start shopping online and in-store. You may start exploring the Groceries, Entertainment, Cellar, Florist, Garden, pet, Gifts and Kitchen. You may also pick your own offers on up to 10 products every time you shop. Check the nearest branch of Waitrose Groceries in your area to avail the free delivery service of the Waitrose.

Waitrose Customer Service

Contact the Teams
Every customer has the right to be heard and for your questions, you may voice them out to the Waitrose Customer Service by calling their helpline on 0800 188 884 if you are in the United Kingdom and if you are abroad, you may reach out the Waitrose Customer Service by dialing +44 (0) 1344 5232. Customers may also send the Waitrose a fax at 01344 824 978. If you wish to write to the Waitrose teams through email, then you may send it at [email protected], but for your myWaitrose card enquiries, you have to send your message at [email protected]

Need to Know
The helpline of the Waitrose Customer Service is open from Monday to Friday at 8am to 10pm, on Saturdays at 8am to 9pm and on Sundays at 9am to 7pm. Customers who would like to write to the Waitrose Customer Service office, then feel free to post your mail at Customer Service, Waitrose Ltd., Doncastle Road, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 8YA. More lines from the Waitrose is available for the customer assistance, and you can find other contacts for Waitrose Cellar, Flowers, Kitchen and Gifts on the Help and Support page of the Waitrose official website that you may browse at www.waitrose.com/

Waitrose Complaints

Waitrose Fax: 01344 824 978
Waitrose Email: [email protected]
Waitrose Full Address: 373 Byres Rd, Glasgow G12 8AU, UK
Contact: Waitrose Official

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Waitrose Customer Service

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9 comments on “Waitrose Customer Service

  1. Linda Hodges says:

    When I visited the store today the check out operator had difficulty scanning my waitrose card and had to use the hand held scanner instead. He said that the card was wearing out and that I needed to contact you regarding a replacement. Can you arrange this for me please.

  2. Margaret Black says:

    I am writing to say how much I have enjoyed shopping at the Leek stores since it opened. It is not just the quality and variety of the food, which is excellent, or the pleasant, helpful staff. The whole experience gives an added dimension to shopping, which can best be summed up by one word, “enjoyment” which cannot be equated to profit. I very much hope you will reconsider the decision to close Waitrose in Leek, bearing in mind that quality of life is a little extra something the Company has the opportunity to continue to distribute along with its “Essential” range.

  3. helenor gibson says:

    I went into your Bedford store this morning (10 mile round trip)specifically to buy 4 Nos Heyford Wholemeal large loaves. I got 1!
    I then tried to order 4Nos of same for next Wednesday and was helped very ably by Helen.
    Helen has just telephoned me to say she and her manager have been unable to place this order. I can try next Wednesday but it is not a lot of help if they only get 1 loaf of this type!
    Why is there such a problem ordering this bread?

  4. James Hunter says:

    I recently received your mail informing me of the free coffee change. Please take it from me the people who queue up at my nearest Waitrose(Canary Wharf) are the type of people who 1) Can afford to buy their own coffee 2) Have taken advantage of your generosity for so long now that they have built it into their morning routine of getting out of work and not paying a penny whilst out there. You should have done this a long tome ago.

  5. Glyn Gormley says:

    I am a big fan of filetti washing powder. Do Waitrose have any plane to stock it in the bigger 22 wash size or the 1.5l liquid? A quick look on line rates filetti one of the best for sensitive skins but is so difficult to buy. The 10 wash size is just too small for a family.

  6. JENNIFER KING says:

    I tried this and ended up paying £8 more than the £10 advertised price. In the past week I have 2 more times had to complain about charges : £1 pineapples being charged at £1.15, cat food advertised as 2 for £5 being charged at more than £7. This at the Saxmundham store. I have complained to them and they will re-fund but this is simply not good enough.

    For heavens sake get our act together!

  7. Colin Smith says:

    I have bought Cafe Imperial coffee from Droitwich branch of Waitrose
    for many years. There has not been any on the shelves for several
    weeks. I enquried why this was the case of one of the very helpful staff who stacks shelves and told that she hadn’t seen any for some time but there were many new TAYLORS OF HARROWGATE blends
    on the shelfs. That is correct but Imperial is the same blend as served
    in Betty’s Cafes in York and Harrowgate. There is not a substitute. I tried Hot Lava Java. I invite you to open the packet and smell this and
    Imperial. The latter smells of coffee the former does not! The Imperial
    tastes of coffee, the Hot java does not relate to coffee and was horrible. Sorry about the printing it has all just shifted.

  8. Mrs Denise Thomas says:

    Thank you for the 10% money off vouchers which I received on 11th August. Can you please explain to me why 6 vouchers to be used by September 10th each one being £15 off if I spend £150 are in any way relevant to my shopping expenditure? This is predicting that I might spend £900 in 4 weeks – my average weekly spend so far this year is £75 per week as it was last year. Of course, I do not religiously spend this amount every week and I have spent £150 in one go but only in a third of my shops this year – even that statistic can’t assume that I would spend £900 in a month! I have queried this voucher issue twice before and not had a sensible response. My next move will be to write directly to The Marketing Manager as I just cannot understand why you seem to be ignoring what I feel is a valid comment. And after all, JLP does pride itself on customer satisfaction. I look forward to hearing from you. Mrs Denise Thomas.

  9. JANE WILSON says:

    Ihave been shopping at Waitrose for some time and use it regularly. I have discovered that friends who also shop there receive money voucher . Only today a friend received a £10 voucher , having received a £12 one last time she shopped. She has received a lot over the last year. Someone else gets a %age off all her shopping. So understandably I am a little upset as I do most of my shopping in your store. I would like to know why I have not received any On my last shop my bill was £90+ and received nothing , yet today a friend bought some flowers and received a voucher for £10 off a £50 spend.
    Jane Wilson