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0207 138 8330
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About the Wonga Group
Wonga Group Limited is made up of various international financial services businesses and had been best known for their Wonga short term loan offered. People around the world need assistance with their finances to deal with sudden expenses and because the Wonga Customer Service understands the customers’ financial needs, new and flexible solution was essential. This is why the Wonga online was launched. Being a pioneer in the business, the Wonga has learned from the past, so it is their main goal to do their best and put the customer first by firming the lending criteria to ensure that they will loan to people who can afford to pay.

What Wonga do
The loans are intended to provide a responsible solution for the financial needs of every individual who can manage to pay. Wonga loans help people cope up with their short term cash flow in South Africa, Canada, Spain and Poland. Wonga Customer Service reinvented short term, unsecured loans by giving the customers who wish to apply the ability to choose exactly how much cash they wanted to borrow and then showing a clear price grounded on the length of time the money is needed for. Automated decisions are provided based on the information applicant has provided. Applicants are checked and needs to pass the lending criteria.

Wonga Loans

Getting Connected
Customers who need help and assistance regarding the Wonga loans or if you would like to talk to the Customer Care to report your complaints, then you may contact the helpline of the Wonga Customer Service via phone call at 0207 138 8330. You may also write down your queries and send to the Wonga Customer Services at their email address at [email protected] If you would like to write to the Wonga for them to know your complaints, then post your mail at To the Complaints Manager, Wonga.com, Sheffield, S95 1AR. Applicants who would like to know more information about how Wonga loans work may visit the official website of the Wonga Customer Service at https://www.wonga.com/.

Keep Informed
Please be informed that customers who are calling the helpline of the Wonga Customer Service must be aware about their open hours at 7am to 10pm 7 days in a week and calls are charged at standard rates depending on your phone network service provider. You may also file your complaints to the Wonga Customer Service via email at [email protected], and if you are filing a complaint, always remember to include your important details, such as your name, the email address associated with your account, a description of your complaint with the supporting documentation and what the Wonga can do put things right.

Wonga Complaints

Wonga Full Address: 3 Prince Albert Rd, London NW1 7SN, United Kingdom
Contact: Wonga Official

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Wonga Customer Service

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  1. Caron lowman says:

    I have been trying to get my new card details as primary card. That I did weeks ago as you say payment has been declined. I don’t want to in cure extra charges. What do I do? have tried chat & it keeps freezing on me.